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  1. underwear are also clothes. I would die of agony if i had no foreskin
  2. If you werent circumcised Duffy, you wouldnt choose to be later in life when you can actually choose. Unless ofcourse you live in a society that gags on uncircumcised pleasure rods. Its just impossible for circumcized men to miss something they have never experienced. So this argument, that you dont miss anything and you dont understand the big deal, is eotic. Anybody that has the choice, chooses NOT to do it, because it is like cutting off part of your body that feels splendid. You dont cut off a finger either, but if you did at birth, the child wouldnt miss it. Its basically identical to female circumcision in Somalia, its just part of culture. All women there do it to their children because it was done to themselves, and they dont miss their lips either. Ofcourse medically it is a bit worse for women and they cant feel any pleasure at all, while circumcized men can still feel a little sparkle sometimes. But circumcised men also cant feel any pleasure at all in their foreskin and reduced sensitivity in the rest.
  3. I would rather be blind and deaf than miss this piece of skin which protects my ability to feel pure pleasure. Ofcourse you never experienced this KT so you wont miss it
  4. Like religion its chosen for you as a child. So its not really a choice, even for the family, since it was also forced into this medieaval ritual since birth. Just like religion. Excellente topic h2o
  5. stars never leave their position thirk It could be that my light just didnt reach you
  6. Btw Mazy i did make suicidebomber for css but i never released it But hmmm i played it with you didnt i??
  7. Ok sounds good then. Just try keep it simple for players cuz it sounds a little mathematic, and doing math while shooting peeps isnt fun Isnt the simplest way of balancing mimicking real life? In the old west ppl didnt get experience points, they just aimed fast. Such experience is automatically done by playing alot of FPS. Balancing the chances a noob has against an experienced gunman is just giving out handicaps, so you punish experienced ppl and reward noobs. Besides all that i think Day of Defeat has such a system?
  8. honestly dont think this makes shooting other peeps more fun
  9. this topic is also in the wrong forum :wink:
  10. this topic is in the wrong forum
  11. Seems like alot of work has gone into that site. A damn pity its so confusing. I think its trying to do evrything
  12. This topic is in the wrong forum
  13. :roll: Hope it was a joke, 5000 is ashamingly few considering the number of players wow has. This one sounds like a useful plugin tho
  14. Plz make it daylight map Night maps get depressive, frustrating & boring
  15. RD

    hogsatra movie

    I liked the music. It sux but its funny Video effects were a bit slow tho
  16. RD

    classic fanboism :)

    I think you didnt get the joke
  17. ppl that speak their opinion are refreshing
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