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  1. He means the gap between starting and getting the crowbar (the train ride, train station, barney, etc.) that is all before kleiners lab you dont get the crowbar until you leave the lab
  2. Polaris

    C&C 3

    People dont like Generels because it barely deserves the CnC name what with the worker units (gasp) and campy current events setting. It should of been a campy alternate history or future
  3. Co-op doesnt involve taking on player controlled enemies Snipa Neat but sounds a bit clunky to me overall ;o
  4. Looks very good. Just a nitpick, between the garage and those generator things it doesn't look as if there would be enough room for a truck or anything to park though of course that has no effect on gameplay or anything ;o
  5. I play WoW casually (wheres its faster to level up by just doing the right quests then to grind), theres no way I'd commit to the grind-a-thon that is FFXI. Take the warcraft out of WoW and you still have a fun game. Take the FF away from FFXI and you have something that looks like dozens of other MMOs
  6. Final Fantasy V and VI are the best ones imo. I still believe to this day that pokemon is a rip off of the "trainer" class from FFV that thew silver balls at monsters to capture them and release them as attacks.
  7. Polaris

    Now playing

    Dabbling in World of Warcraft again, still gets boring too soon tho D: Needs more patching for multiplayer perfection D:
  8. looks cool, will try wow d3 made a thread that was actually worth reading
  9. Yes, they licensed an engine from id wich is a competitor and are releasing for the Xbox360 wich is owned by another competitor, Microsoft.
  10. Wasnt there something called Triton or soemthing, I think Prey was released on that first.
  11. Hmm, If I remember correctly its possible to make your own tile sets
  12. What are the new features?
  13. Thing is though, part of the allure of distrbuting through Steam are the associated names of Valve, Half-Life and Counter-Strike wich by themselves attract a huge audience. lol edit: btw does anyone know if I can register my old retail copy of Call of Duty with Steam? The games on the front page are randomized. Sure when Episode 2 comes out it will get a spot in that large news thing, but then so does every other game released on Steam.
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