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Quake 4 Map Pack work


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Tremors is spotlight stuff :)

Agreed :)

Can we get some more shots please?

I'll post when matt gets around to posting the base areas. They're way better than any of my work on it. :)

and seriously, this has no business being stickied here. I'd unsticky it myself, but don't have access in this forum. :P

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Argh, just got started with Radiant, second day using it and I question myself why my maps don't look like that? :o

Stop making me want to give up... :>

Your maps are so damn good that you feel there is no point making maps when yours just pwn whatever you make!

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It's not like I turned these out in two days. ;) Every map shown here took a long time to put together and went through multiple revisions and drastic changes. And all of that after spending a year and a half working on the game itself.

You wouldn't want to see what I usually end up with after two days, especially my first two days with the editor after I got hired. It all takes time... Keep pushing at it; you'll get there. :)

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    • [CS:GO] Shore
      One of the projects I worked on after I made de_austria.

      Yeah, I know the timing is really bad (CS2!), but can't change it... 🙁

      In general a lot went wrong during this project. Had a lot of problems with the layout, but I think I found a good compromise in the end. Also learned many new things. Maybe I would even be ready to create a really good map now after all, but I think that it's gonna be the final one. I really like making maps, but it has become too time consuming over the years for just being a hobby. Unfortunately I never managed to get a job in the games industry. So that's it. I hope it's a worthy ending of 20 years of making maps for me. 🙂

      Shore is a bomb defusal map for CS:GO that takes place on Lofoten Islands, Norway. (Also have a Hostage version of this that works well imo)

      Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2955084102

      I took some inspiration from this place in Norway:


      Some pictures:
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