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  1. ? You know... this game isn't even half-decent.
  2. The menu music/theme is _incredible_ in this game. Only one game has had me wait until the music's over before I actually start to play the game and that was Civ4.
  3. Instead of saying you hope they will add more content, shouldn't you say, that it would be very strange if they didn't? This is a game that seems like it's made for DLCs - especially if there's no real multiplayer?
  4. Btw, the old Anarki was way cooler.
  5. We'll have to wait and see. I assume there will be "real" gameplay videos from QC. Apparently they will tourney in it tomorrow.
  6. It's not getting more ballsy than this! Featuring Jon St John as The Duke Nukem and John J Dick as "Serious" Sam Stone.
  7. I love that skybox
  8. I'm not saying it's necessary a bad thing with some of these laws (probably most are good) and I fully agree that legislation surrounding environment and also animal protection, are a very good thing. Living next to one of the most polluted seas in the world, it's at least a start when countries around are trying to work together for some kind of improvement... But, few people really care about that bigger picture and if the EU were, for some reason, to revoke Swedens exception to the snuff ban in the EU, people would get really annoyed and wonder, why are we in this union anyway? I don't care about snuff, they should just ban that shit altogether, sames goes with other forms of tobacco. BUT if they also revoke the exception Sweden has to manufacture and sell salt-liquorish (apparently too much ammonium chloride is toxic?), I would vote us out the day I'm given the possibility to do that.
  9. Maybe a leave of this magnitude was required to trigger some needed change in the union. I understand that people don't like a lot with how the EU works, seems when I read the news, every week there's a EU-law or directive that doesn't fit too well with something here, or feels very unnecessary. In Sweden EU-laws are superior to Swedish national laws, with some few exceptions, it's even written in our constitution that we are a member of the EU and the constitution is in many ways adopted to fit well into the EU and how it works. I read a number, it was quiet some while ago though, that up to 25% of all new laws passed in Sweden is influenced by EU-laws and adopted to work with the EU. As for it being immigration that was the key factor, I'm sure it was, it always is - always will be. Throughout history - everywhere and here. It's an unsolvable issue, cause famine, starvation and war will always happen somewhere and we can't stop famine, starvation and war. I think it's a dissolution to think that immigration is solvable to the extent so that everyone is happy. It's better just to accept and live with it.
  10. The wooden floor on pic 3, the normal map looks inverted =)
  11. It's interesting to read everything you done to promote the game, all your contacts and still "few" people bought the game, compared to how much time you put into all "marketing stuff". I've been thinking a lot about what you said there, that smaller devs should work together more to market each others games, if I understood you correctly. Though each time I start to think of different ways to help each other out, it kinda stops at me starting to "select" projects in my head that I like and people I want to work with. However, sometimes some projects might just not fit with ours very well, even if I like the developers and then there are indie-games that I rather keep at an arm's length, cause I don't like them and don't want our own products connected in any way. Also, btw, I tried doing this once, just a small thing with another developer, just an cross-achievement thing, seems that guy didn't want to develop his game any more or whatever reason and we ended up doing our part but not him.
  12. That was fun until I found out that there's some famous journalist named the same https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonmojica So, I guess I need to change that now... aw
  13. He will never find out
  14. Where do I preview a post before I post it? Where is the appropriate forum section to ask this? Somehow I feel that you guys replaced the "preview" button with "insert other social media" and removed the "site discussion" section to keep us quiet about it. For some reason(?) I'm just gonna click submit now
  15. Obviously Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1