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  1. Nysuatro

    lara croft and the temple of osiris

    I got it for xboxOne, but then lend my console to a friend. Can't wait to try it though, the previous one was awesome
  2. Yeah, I would have guessed he would build his own house then this kind of place. But whatever makes him happy I cannot imagine having to look at a wall of candy every day, lol
  3. Just check it out, you will know why I shared this https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/godatplay/that-dragon-cancer/
  4. Nysuatro

    Far Cry 4

    I might pick this one up
  5. Nysuatro

    Playstation 4

    That is pretty cool
  6. Nysuatro

    Sunset Overdrive

    i might pick this up soon. I got a free XboxOne, so I better make use of it.
  7. Nysuatro

    Long timers and new comers, your Mapcore history

    I have no idea how I got on Mapcore. I still see it as a magical awakening. 9 years, shit I am getting old. Its good to know now you can actually professionally make games now though. I would have thought that 9 years ago ... I do have to say I still feel like the stranger here. Even though I was able to stalk Hp for one time. Its a sad story I was never the first Belgian guy here. Thanks Peris! Thanks for ruining my mapcore glory
  8. Nysuatro


    Looks like warsow ... http://www.warsow.net/
  9. Nysuatro

    Managing one's time to better enjoy life and learnings

    Found out which habits you, you wan to have and the ones you want to get rid of. Work on this every day around 15 minutes. Keep it as simple as possible for you. You will quickly evolve in a week. Imagine a month ...
  10. Nysuatro


    I just saw it with Audio. Big difference ... I want to play it
  11. wohow ,2.5 BILLION dollars
  12. Sure thing. But that is no really the point. They buy Minecraft, not notch. So they do not only buy a game, they buy an IP. There are enough clones of Minecraft
  13. It would be a good product to enter the education games sector, which is growing rapidly. They are mainly buying the name and the userbase behind it. There is a good positive vibe behind the community, so that is worth a lot, but easy to destroy. And looking at previous experiences of Microsoft, i don't have too much faith. Not sure what their goal is, but it would make sense for them to try to pivot their reputation by buying Moyang and make it even bigger. I am not surprised at this deal looking at previous collaborations they made. The sense of Moyang being a small Indie company is long gone for me, so this cooperative move makes all sense.
  14. Nysuatro

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Awesome, just awesome. I want to see it again
  15. Nysuatro

    What's going on with your life?

    What is wrong with a part time job?