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  1. I’ve been working on this for the last 2 years :) So glad it’s finally announced!
  2. I'm gonna miss the AI team mates I thought they were really cool to have despite being buggy sometimes in Wildlands.
  3. So, E3 is coming up next month... what are everyone's hopes/wishes/expectations going into this year's show?
  4. you going to CDProjekt Red?
  5. loved this series. I hope they do many more. every episode was a new adventure, it was super creative!!
  6. kleinluka

    The Walking Dead

    The season finale was pretty awesome in my opinion. Looking forward to the next season!
  7. kleinluka

    Altered Carbon

    It took me a few episodes to really get into this but I am glad I did. I really enjoyed it and it ended too soon
  8. his old guy partner is a more interesting character actually.
  9. Level artist who else from mapcore is at UbiTO?
  10. Merry Christmas!!! Ahh crap I'm too late. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
  11. After being absent for nearly 4 years, I am going to rejoin the industry in April. Can't effin wait. I needed this break but I am ready to go back in now. Working a different and completely unrelated job for these last years has given me a new appreciation for how nice it is to work in games, surrounded by talented people passionate about the same thing. So yay! I am back and hopefully this means I will be back on Mapcore more often too. Also, the amount of Hurgs in future videogames should therefore increase drastically. I have missed you all!
  12. yeah but isn't that just like one extra chapter, kind of like what they did with The Last of Us after it came out?
  13. Cant fucking wait for this. I loved the first one. I would really love to see an other Uncharted game but I know thats probably not gonna happen. ;/
  14. kleinluka

    The Witch

    Man I've been waiting forever for a good new horror movie. They are hard to find. This one looks very promising. Can't wait!!
  15. That was awesome I love Neil de Grasse Tyson!
  16. Small update, not a whole lot new, just starting to add some props to the kitchen Have to hide Hurg somewhere....hmm..
  17. Thanks I'll post more updates soon!
  18. Hehe thanks! Actually, the kitchen is still empty. I'm gonna start making detail props for it today (glasses, breakfast cooking in the pan, cutting board, dirty dishes, etc.) I want it to be nicely cluttered once it's done. That doll head will find its way into the scene for sure
  19. working on the ktichen... changed it to sunrise now...
  20. Still working on this, it's been going quite slowly since I only ever managed to work on it for an hour or two at a time every few days or so due to my job...some weeks not at all...but starting next month I'll be reducing my hours at work to really focus on pushing this. That said, despite the slow pace I am quite happy with the direction I am headed. What you see here is a first pass of pretty much everything. I have concentrated on just adding the main props and objects to the place first. The texturing is a rough first pass,.. with the exception of a few props I really only slapped some placeholder textures on things for now. I am pretty much done adding the main objects to the scene, so the next step will be to start really texturing things and then adding detail props and clutter. I want to add a story element to the scene as well...(thanks for the idea Jobye), nail down the mood and lighting, yadda yadda yadda... Anyway, I know I haven't updated much but I expect things to start moving more steadily come August.
  21. Hey guys I figured it was time I created something new. I have been taking a bit of a break which has been refreshing but my fingers are itching again, so here we are I've started a little UE4 project, which is to create Dexter Morgan's apartment in UE4. The goal is to have it as close as possible to the original from the series, with lots of clutter, lots of different material types and different lighting scenarios (day/night)... I have just done the blockout so far, modeled and textured the sofa and made a first pass on the floor texture. Anyway, I know it's early but here are couple of shots... I'll keep updating this as I go along Good to be back!
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