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Cobblestone Changes

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9 hours ago, Byron said:

Overpass was the shittest of shit maps in 2013, now it's one of the best. Any map can be fixed, and I think a map as unique and well themed as cobble should be reworked

Overpass hasn't been around since 1999. People have been trying to fix this layout longer than you've most likely been alive. Core structure needs changes.

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I used to really like cobble across different iterations. In casual was fine. It left or was perma banned in pro rotation when I started following the pro tournaments.

I do like the changes seen there judging by what you posted.

Then I can agree with Vaya about making core changes to Cobble… just as well as other maps like D2. They’ve been around for so long it’s just boring to see them, I’ve played D2 a handful since was remastered.

Im really curious to find out if Valve has been working on rebuilding Cobble for competitive, given they did some radical changes last time.

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On 10/27/2019 at 9:54 AM, Byron said:


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Ignore the trash visuals, did a fast compile and didn't focus on making it look visually appealing at all. These are the gameplay changes:



-          Changed the back of site raised area

-          Raised the wall on site

-          Added staircase from CT to A

-          Lowered CT and added a pit

-          Added boxes on the site

-          Moved hut closer to ramp and rotated it 30 degrees

-          Added separating the ramp and long entrances


-          Raised the wall at top of ramp to block visibility

-          Added door between water and ramp

-          Added connector between ramp and drop

-          Added a raised section to the side


-          Brought the wall separating long and outside out a bit to block a long sightline


-          Blocked off the back area

-          Removed snipers nest

-          Added a wall to patio


-          Drop now comes out around the corner

-          Added connector between ramp and drop

-          Blocked off flowerbed with bars


-          Slight change to cover on long


-          Blocked off upper area

-          Blocked off snipers nest


-          Changed sun angle

-          Added ability to nade from outside to A

-          Made it easier to nade long from outside

-          Slightly moved spawns

The goal of the project is not to make a 100% functioning remake, but to test ways to make cobble great again. Suggest anything you think would be beneficial!

The video is pure pain to watch, but the changes itself are pretty thoughtful! I like it! Good Luck with this project!

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- Big changes to A

- Changes to T mid

- Changes angle in danger so you cant see from long to water

- Blocked off a bit of T spawn (Not shown)


Getting into territory where A site is losing it's character. No longer a big open courtyard, and feeling a bit claustrophobic. Anyhow, I do think the changes are an improvement on old A, and I think the windows will be interesting for firefights. 

The changes in T mid were to decrease angles Ts had while also giving CTs an easier path to flank now that the connector is gone. 

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