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  1. its one of the few challenge maps i actually liked. gj..and nice easter egg
  2. damn i want to suck on those ivy leafs
  3. cruptor

    Cobblestone Changes

    i like the changes but im a bit skeptical about these windows on a
  4. post the workshop link instead of your profile
  5. i think the orange tint from the sun definitely helps your more gray textures.. aslong you have no super dark spots it should be fine
  6. the grass in blacksite just seem like normal old-fashioned detailsprites ..i guess it definitely works but a lot of commands cause errors and my grass doesnt look as good but it could be the quality of the texture im using my vmt: Grass { "$basetexture" "sawmill/detailsprites/detailsprites_sawmill" $alphatest 1 $vertexcolor 1 } "$alphatest" and "$vertexcolor" are the only needed and working commands as i know of(everything else makes it glitch out)
  7. @MTCyclone Yes I've thought about that too but since mid is so easy to smoke off it kinda becomes too powerful in my opinion. I could be totally wrong though. I hope the playtest yields good results.
  8. @Roald Yes I was impatient I thought that B site is easy to take and hard to hold. I want to wait for the playtest first but i already made some changes in the overview to see how it would potentially look like @MTCyclone #fixed
  9. @VIOLATION Thanks. I totally agree with you that the right side of the map can be irritating and I'm already looking for a way to fix it without removing the barn @Roald I appreciate the feedback and i have changed/fixed some parts with dead spaces where i agree with you. Right now, i do think that A needs more room since it's kinda narrow when more players are on the battlefield. It's hard for me to remove the barn and all the other path's attached to it but it's definitely out of place and needs fixing. My idea is to block the path for the CT's and use the barn as some sort of elevated passage to flank the main path. The next step would be to playtest it and see if there really no way of keeping it.
  10. I started this map a long time ago and stopped working on it for quiet some time. It's in a state where it needs more serious testing to be more competitive overall. There is some progress i wanted to show you guys (a bit too much progress at specific areas). Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1540396532 A lot of low quality models will be replaced in the future like trains etc. ________________________________ CT Spawn _______________ A Site _______________ Crates ( T Spawn Area) _______________ Barn(couldnt keep myself from detailing) _______________ Middle _______________ Radar
  11. cruptor


    it looks almost real
  12. this is one of the coolest things ive ever seen
  13. cruptor

    [WIP] de_facility

    Alright...you should make a thumbnail for your loading screen to represent your map better..but thats not important now All these suggestions are obviously just my opinion without a proper playtest. I have more suggestions or ideas but there is no time to make any mayor changes now..and maybe you disagree with me I would block this way for both teams and place a slightly transparent blockade or just remove it because you already have the main path to the B Spot and that big Garage ..i would never want to cover B as a CT on this map My second solution would be to remove the function of your Garage to be openable and just leave it as a wallbangable area. I think that you should add a player clip on all of these objects because i can easily jump on them (solo)..this could destroy the fun on a competitive-based map. I like many areas on your map but i think it could be executed better because there are so many open areas and higher level areas like this one which can give players a headache. I would move that scaffolding a bit to the right side to block this corner entirely from the game. Why? Because it would remove some of that high level areas + this position can be very powerful especially on a small map like this. I really like your A Spot and i love your boost position where i am on the screenshot..but it should only be a position which you can reach with atleast 2 players. I jumped from the Container to this platform in like 3seconds and i would remove that big crate too(behind all of this stuff) Why? Too many corners which can decrease the funfactor and the simplicity of a competitive based map and by the way i would clip nearly all buildings on your middle because once you are on a high level area the chances to see the whole map are really big I really like some ideas like your A Spot, some Middle elements and your Garage Gate but this map is either too small or doesn't include enough cover Keep it up!
  14. cruptor

    [WIP] de_facility

    It looks small but there are some cool ideas! Im waiting for the link
  15. cruptor


    Inspired by dust2 aren't you? i do like some ideas and i know there are some limits which you have with the editor but i highly recommend you to use references for buildings, heights etc. It kinda looks like my very first map ..it rememberes me of de_inferno from 1.6 (not an insult). You should watch some tutorials to learn more possibilities of the engine/editor, i recommend you 3kliksphilip and TopHATTWaffle and don't rush your maps.. if you want to build something and you don't know what or how to do it just google it.
  16. cruptor


    Thanks a lot!
  17. cruptor


    Hello guys i want to show you my late entry for the contest! I started in June and tried my best to finish this piece. __________________ Delta - Workshop Map __________________ Upcoming: - Latest Updates: __ Moving the CT Spawn to the left #done__ Adding cover at A #done__ Removing a barrel which was overpowered for the T's #done__ Fixing a position at B which is overpowered for the CT's #doneFixing clipping issues #done_________________________________________________________
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