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[CS:GO] AS_Evac & VIP mode (WIP)

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5 hours ago, blackdog said:

Yeah that makes sense, I just thought might be boring for the VIP player as they might spend lots of time in spectator.

 Cant really talk without trying. You clearly have given lots of thought to this so best of luck in debugging it and getting it out :)

Not sure if I understand exactly what you mean, because if anything I think the VIP might be the person who gets to spectate less in a round in most situations. You see, if the VIP gets downed (loses all his 150HP) other CTs will have 30 sec to pick him up or VIP will bleed out and the round will end. Whereas another random CT when he dies he'll have to spectate however long the round lasts because him dieing doesn't change anything.

Apreciate your comments @blackdog, thanks!

5 hours ago, fewseb said:

One would assume the VIP is randomly selected every round, would suck to be the gimped player every round.

Yes, the VIP is selected at random at the begining of each round.


We also included a little extra QoL thing, that allows a CT to claim VIP from a bot if one happens to be select to be VIP, similar to how you can take a bomb from a bot in Bomb Defusal maps. Thought about doing this because we can't possibly teach bots how to play the mode, and even tho there's things that can be done optimize their play, ultimately bots are random, and if there's no bombsites or hostages they just do w/e the F they want. So instead of wasting time trying to pretend bots know how to play, we just accepted this is a mode, and somethings just can't be done without propper tools so we just focused on making the player experience better. Both of these features (being able to pickup the VIPs body and being able to claim VIP from bots) work towards making playing with bots still an enjoyable experience, even if they don't really know what to do.


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