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  1. ZIPLINE Simple Titanfall / Apex Legends style VScript ziplines for CS:GO GIF of ziplines in action. Features: Simple usage, make a move_rope, name it with '_s' as a postfix, make another, name it the same but with '_e' as the postfix, you've got a zipline. Can choose if they work in both directions or only one ('_e' for both ways, '_ee' for one way). Ability to instantiate ziplines on the fly (if you know what you're vscripting, check main.nut). Can be configured (speed, height, func_button distance, jumping off / dropping manually). Ability to Jump off the zipline or Detach (Crouch) like in Titanfall/Apex. Quadratic movement for rope slacking (thanks ficool). Template zipline pole and arm models. Uses existing Danger Zone sounds. Very lite game string table impact. Anti player stuck. Example map Usage: Unzip to the location of your choice (CS:GO folder or Project folder) Insert the zipline_core.vmt instance in your map, set the Entity Name Fix Up to None Create a zipline with two move_rope, one named yourzipline_s, the other yourzipline_e or yourzipline_ee Turn off SmartEdit on the '_s' and add a KeyValue named health with a value corresponding to your curvature Test it in-game You can test new health curve values with this console command until it's right: script zip_setCurve("yourzipline", X) Assign the new health value Make more ziplines Pack your BSP How does it works? The VScript will find every move_rope corresponding to the start of a zipline ('_s' suffix) and will find its exit ('_e'), then will spawn func_buttons along that rope. It gets the direction of each starting move_rope, their curvature value, etc.. then stores them afterwards. Once a player press Use on a spawned func_button, that button will retrieve its zipline parameters and make the player move toward their desired direction (forward or backwards) in a loop until they press Jump / Crouch or arrive at their destination. Players that were on a zipline check if there's a player inside them until there isn't, if there is, they'll be pushed backwards on the zipline to get unstuck. Tips: Be careful where you put ziplines, players are 32 HU large and 72 HU high, if they're placed too low they'll get stuck inside the floor.. ziplines have a height offset too, then there's the curvature on top of that. You can change the speed and other settings in scripts/vscripts/zool/zipline/config.nut Issues: There's no animations for players on a zipline, they'll just float bellow them. No clue if hitboxes are correct while being teleported but they're likely fine. It's possible to miss the zipline if you're inside the func_button you're trying to press. Enjoy! Zipline.zip
  2. It'd make the readme quite long at some point.. I'm not really willing to document every fix.. it's mostly missing properties, outputs, inputs or keys that shouldn't be there that break the entity since hammer forces them. Additions are simply ports from HL2 / Portal2 that are already supported by the game but not in the FGD.
  3. Enhanced CS:GO FGD I've made a bunch of enhancements, fixes and additions to the CS:GO FGD (The config file Hammer reads to know what entities do) Link to the GitHub page This is a small project I'm working on when I notice something wrong, missing or misleading while mapping, hopefully it should make your life easier. It's more targeted at people making fun maps or gamemodes as it mostly fixes obscure entities that wouldn't used in a competitive environment. Enjoy!
  4. They're both planned for CO's release, they only need a second pass.
  5. LadderBar This is a pack I've created to replace ladders causing issues related to bullets getting stopped/reduced damage, but also Grenades and other kinds of physic objects bouncing off them. Features: Model based ladder "bars" which exploit on how climbing works. Comes with easy to use Instances and an example showcasing them. Has 32/64/128 variants. Two solutions: Dynamic: enables collisions while close to the ladder segment Static: always has collisions on. Has two possible modes: One way: Players can only climb from the facing side of the ladder + its left and right sides. Two way: Players can climb from anywhere. No VScripts, this is purely entity based, prop_dynamic and trigger_multiple. How does it works? When climbing (same rules as when being on the ground).. if an object is smaller than a unit, you'll be able to move on it. I've made a blank model with the collisionmodel so thin that the game doesn't register for bullet impacts, yet does for collisions. It is possible to apply the Ladder surfaceprop to models, therefore make climbable models. Models are way easier to handle when it comes to enabling/disabling collisions, making those two weird quirks perfect for this. Advantages: Dropped Weapons and Grenades will pass through while using the Dynamic solution if no one is standing where you threw. They'll clip on Static but it is less likely than with standard ladders. Bullets WONT GET BLOCKED AT ALL. Disadvantages (kind of): Harder to use than just drawing a block with the ladder texture on. 2 entities per instance for the static solution, 3 for the dynamic solution. You'll need to pack the models you've used. Not as reliable if you try to do something weird with them... Just don't go weird and use the instances. Only works with the standard ladder width. Tips: Be sure to disable collisions on your ladder models.. else it destroys the purpose of this. Don't use the Dynamic solution if you don't really need to as they are expensive in prop and entity count.. Only use it for problematic ladders! Enjoy! ladderbar.zip
  6. Thanks! Yeah it's because the arms aren't preached. I could fix that but it's kinda pointless, it's not the goal of the script.
  7. I've made a script to easily swap playermodels through the list of all the current models available in the game. Simply add bots, exec the cfg and you're all set! Features: You can easily add and remove models you don't want to test by editing a file. Doesn't require to be added in the map, a simple command will load it and will take care of everything. You can't load it more than once per map, and it can be used between rounds, see it as a Singleton. Carefully precache each model one by one, it doesn't generate more than one entity at once. Don't worry about your edicts. Issues: The initial precache takes a bit of time... About a few seconds... I don't see how to make it faster for now. If an update comes out, you'll have to add the models that get added. You can't do it if you're not the server. Use it locally. Installation and usage: Unzip the file inside your csgo folder. Load your map Type in the console: exec PlayerModelChecker Once it's done precaching, you can place bots wherever you want to check playermodel visibility with bot_place or pmc_place Use pmc_next and pmc_prev to load playermodels from the list If you want to add or remove playermodels, edit "scripts/vscripts/zool/PlayerModelChecker/PlayerModelList.nut" >> DOWNLOAD <<
  8. WARNING: There's an issue due to memory, this was present in the first version of the pack as well and before it... The map will crash after around 20-90 minutes depending on the amount of entities... further development is halted until the issue is resolved. The message the game outputs is: "Engine Error - CUtlRBTree Overflow!". This is due to stringpools getting bigger and bigger due to a vscript bug where it adds the pointer + entity class as a new string every round. Introduction: After working on my latest map "Plumbing" a Super Mario Bros. inspired Wingman map. I thought it'd be a good idea to release a full pack containing all the scripts and blocks I've made for it so anybody can make Super Leet Bros maps. I've simplified their use and made sure that they're reliable, flexible and easy to use. Models, Materials, Sounds, Scripts, Instances and an example map are included. What it contains: Base Instance for config and spawning base.vmf Question Block question.vmf Hidden and Invisible Block hiddenblock.vmf and invisblock.vmf Brick Block brick.vmf Coin Brick Block brick_coin.vmf Coin coin.vmf Solid Block prop_static Pipes (32, 64, 128, top, angle, manhole) prop_statics Pipe Entrance + Pipe Entrance Sided pipe_entrance.vmf, pipe_entrance_sided.vmf Pipe Exit pipe_exit.vmf Jump Approximation Fixer jump_approximation_fixer.vmf Floor, ground and underground materials Lava for the castle materials Falling triggers trigger_bomb_reset Instances Usage: PIPES: use instances/superleetmaker/pipe_entrance.vmf if your entrance is going down, instances/superleetmaker/pipe_entrance_sided.vmf if it's sided. Fix Up Name The name of the pipe, used to find the exit. $color The color of the pipe $dir The direction of the pipe using this format: [ENTRANCE MOVE DIRECTION] _ [EXIT MOVE DIRECTION][EXIT ANGLE FACING DIRECTION] Example: d_uf - Pipes are currently only one way. ITEM BLOCKS: Those include: question.vmf, hiddenblock.vmf, invisblock.vmf, brick_coin.vmf $item 0. Coin 1. Coin x10 2. Mushroom 3. Wingman 1UP hiddenblock.vmf is a translucent question block which is hardly visible depending on the environment, invisblock.vmf is identical but a lot less visible / almost impossible to see. brick_coin.vmf is a block always containing 10 Coin. JUMP APPROXIMATION FIXER: Simply place this bellow anything. It'll slightly move any player risking to hit the edge of the trigger. This is already used on every block in instances. Media: Configuration: You'll find all your needs inside scripts\vscripts\zool\superleetmaker\config.nut Here's what it includes: Playermodels Enabling/Disabling Replacements for each teams Refresh Delays Replacing KV playermodels with custom ones. DO NOT USE A STANDALONE PLAYERMODEL REPLACER! Features Enabling/Disabling Stomp Enabling/Disabling Block Fragging Enabling/Disabling Movement Enhancements Enabling/Disabling Coin sharing with teammates/brothers Enabling/Disabling Automatic Autokick disabling (you get kicked for suiciding too many times) Objects Coin Value Coin Healing Mushroom HP Mushroom Disappearing Time Maximum Player Health The default empty block model Themes Setting the theme height ranges: ground, underground, underwater, castle. Replacing prop_physics and prop_dynamic related objects to be affected by theme changes. Next Version: Castle Fire Bars 2D textures of the blocks such as the brick block, solid block (real underwater ground left) Fixing scripts along the way when big issues are reported. Download: I'll be keeping the pack on Google Drive for an easier access and updates. Be sure to give proper credit and to link to this page. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ISFuPadn_yhcjnQkjEeEke0rpmYLpN9j ENJOY!
  9. Hey, We're looking for mappers who'd like to join us making Classic Offensive a reality for everybody to enjoy on Steam. If you like the old 2000s CS style, have free time, looking to improve, layouts aren't your thing, or contests aren't for you yet... Then this might be for you. What's Classic Offensive? Classic Offensive is a free mod for CS:GO I've started as a test about four years ago and attracted more attention than I expected, ending up as a full fledged mod in the end. I've released it in Beta on Christmas 2016. The mod aims to restore the classic feeling of Counter-Strike while taking most of the improvements Global Offensive added as long as they don't break that classic feel. You can see footage of that original version from various people: Since the release the team has been expending and we've been working on it for about a year. Shortly after the mod release, we went for Steam Greenlight and we've got Greenlit. We've changed directions for a quality similar to what CS:GO has to offer due to the team wanting to push the boundaries for the steam release, needing us to scrap the CS:S assets and ported maps since it wouldn't fit the new fresh quality we wanted. It is available on ModDB in its original fixed version: https://www.moddb.com/mods/counter-strike-classic-offensive And here we are about less than three years after the initial release. What's the goal on maps? We've planned a few maps for release (which isn't near set yet): Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Train and Nuke, with Inferno being the furthest map in development by poLemin, and Train by Quoting currently getting a face-lift by Grillus. Dust2 has just started, Slimek was on it right before the exotic contest. Nuke was being worked on by Quoting and stopped a year ago. In addition Quoting did a few classic fight/yard maps such as fy_poolday and fy_iceworld which look very good and are almost done. Additionally Cache has been worked on by Bezimienny aiming for it's classic CS:S theme. He's the man doing the work on bots which are to be honest better than ever on CO. Needless to say that things have moved since a year and people have been busy. Some had to step down due to life complications, less free time and contests getting in the way leading to a slower development. Still the most important for us is having a good time, improving and pleasing the community, that's all that matters. Here's a preview of the said maps: What's the goal on weapons? We're also looking for modelers even though Ordanicu does a great job, he's overwhelmed by the 27 weapons he needs to remake on his free time. With the USP, Glock 17c, AK-47, P228, and AWP done at this time, I guess he could use some help. If you're a modeler, want to improve, have some free time, and want to give a shot at reviving the classics and you feel like CS:GO didn't do them justice in both look and feel, we beg you to contact us ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) On my side I'm currently the animator for the team, I started not so long ago and I'm still learning, I tend to tweak them from time to time when I think they feel wrong the more I improve. Again, we're all here to improve, and make the best CS in both feel and balance which we all think we can achieve and is already feeling better than GO on some aspects. Here's some of Ordanicu's models on my animations in action: The whole "feeling" of the mod we're going for? Classic for sure, we want to hit sharper than CS:GO. Weapons feels too smooth in a bad way in GO. We want the players to feel powerful with just the right dose of "Action Movie" kind of DNA that the original had and of course... Nostalgia. We value the attention for detail for weapons as well which is something often neglected. CS:GO's weapons for instance all feel the same, specially pistols. We want to fix all that and give all weapons a purpose and their own unique feel. Don't get me wrong though, CS:GO is the best version of CS... but only until CO releases. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Examples: What's next? Well here I am asking for mappers and weapon modelers. And hopefully soon new devlogs on our Twitter https://twitter.com/csco_dev as our team is working on the mod. This is the part where you come in. If you want to join us, either reply to the thread, PM me on Mapcore or on discord (ZooL#4200) we'll see what you're capable of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We're everyday impressed by the work we see on Mapcore and we really wish some of you guys would be interested in sharing the passion of developing Classic Offensive with us, giving the community and CS what it really deserves even though Global Offensive is already perfect. PS: some users have asked for how much we pay and I must sadly say that it isn't much or not at all. We do this mostly by passion and money wouldn't impact our work. We're sharing Patreon money which at the end of the month isn't much for each active developer. Here's some of our links: https://twitter.com/csco_dev https://discordapp.com/invite/HRWRv7c https://steamcommunity.com/groups/classicoffensive https://www.moddb.com/mods/counter-strike-classic-offensive https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCspq-yxRK1uUuEJcw59JgOQ https://www.patreon.com/ClassicOffensive Have a great summer!
  10. Don't you have anything better to do? this is pointless...
  11. Blender, used parts of other playermodels to make him.
  12. Hey, here's a old VIP model I've made a year ago, hopefully it can help making your gamemode fresher VIP_fbi_based.zip
  13. Berret is from L4D's Bill, pants from the Separatists, the head is indeed FBI C, same for the chest it's the phoenix's and the arms are the Pirate's. By custom it means it's not an "existing" model in the game, it is "customized" and is loaded using a script. FMPONE's arctic avengers are still based off the SAS, Phoenix and a bit of the Balkans too.
  14. Here's a script I've made that allows you to replace kv playermodels in your map with custom ones you've made without getting error boxes in Panorama! Features: Easily configurable Runs on map spawn then refreshes every 2s by default The script precache the models for you As every script, "mp_restartgame 1" will refresh it Issues: A non existing model may crash the game The Panorama team selection screen wont use the right models... this can't be fixed since Panorama loads before the map and isn't serversided. >> DOWNLOAD << Place playermodelreplacer.nut inside scripts/vscripts/ it then needs to be packed in your map when you release it What you need to do in order to get perfectly working playermodels: Custom playermodels MUST use a valid prefix in order to receive the voicelines and gloves [+ sleeves] from their original model they're based on. You can't have custom arm models, they're now hardcoded inside client.dll along with skin colors For instance: If you want to use the FBI voicelines and Arms you'll name your playermodel like so: ctm_fbimodelname.mdl If you want a... Leet based model you'll name it like this: tm_leetmodelname.mdl Examples: tm_leet_jap.mdl ctm_sas_kidotaiD.mdl ctm_swat_spetsnazA.mdl Here's a complete list of the available prefixes including what they use: Models can only have a limited number of characters before the game can't load them, be sure to keep your suffixes short, specially for the long ones. Setup: Set your KV corresponding to what playermodel your custom playermodel is based on, it must match else the sleeves or gloves wont be loaded. ct_arms and t_arms are obsolete since the glove update if you're wondering why they're not here. Open playermodelreplacer.nut and edit the following as you wish: set (c)tm_replace to 1 if you want to disable replacements for the team, 0 if not. refresh_delay is the time in seconds between each refresh to check if a player spawned with the model from the KV in order to replace it tm_old and ctm_old are the spots where you put your models used in the KV file tm_new and ctm_new are the ones where you put your custom models. (c)tm_new must have the same number of lines as (c)tm_old In this example with the KV and this configuration, only the first ctm_fbi will be replaced with ctm_sas_variant_test PRO TIP: If you want to remove the sleeves from CTs, use a different CT prefix with the same gloves as your original model. For instance: put "ctm_fbi" in the KV and in ctm_old<- make your model use ctm_sas_variant as a prefix and put it in ctm_new<- as usual. Since the game wont precache the right sleeves, they'll be invisible but since they use the same gloves, they'll be precached correctly! Go wild, Enhance the theme of your maps! You can now reload the game to update the KV (kv files are loaded on game start with the gamemodes.txt) and enjoy your playermodels! Enjoy!
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