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  1. Every now and then yeah. Right now it's pretty unrecognizable from this version, I ended up scrapping a lot of the layout and starting fresh after the playtests we held. I wanted to move helipad closer to the middle area of the map, but that basicly implied destroying a big chunk of the map. But it was required to make sure helipad isn't completely cornered and T sided. I wanted CTs to be able to aproach the escape zone from more than 2 different angles, and with the previous version I was struggling to force that change. Progress definetely slowed down after I started focusing on actual work that pays bills, but I make sure to open this up every now and then and make sure it still runs. I'm glad to know some people still care about this project, and I do plan to hold a playtest at some point in the future. Thank you!
  2. Hey. Me and @birjolaxew have been working on a project for an e-sports organization called Offset and have just released it to the public. Map is called OFFSET_Challenge, and it's one of those course maps where you run and kill AFK bots and try to get the best time possible and flex on your friends. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1909226147 It's been great working on this, and it gave me an excuse to try things I usually don't have a good enough excuse to work on, like the lobby materialize effect we did: Thanks for checking! Feel free to comment if thats something you like doing.
  3. Hello again. Thought it would be a good idea to report that the playtest happened on friday 13th. It went pretty well I would say, a lot of people joined to play/watch the 8v8 Assassination match. Teams weren't exactly balanced from the start but it became very clear we still have a few balancing problems we need to tackle and some layout issues to solve. We have collected a lot of valuable feedback, mostly related to the level and some related to the gamemode. We have compiled a MASSIVE list of changes that we'll be including in the next update, and we hope to submit it for another playtest some time soon. Won't give ETA as I am an incompetent lazy monkey. Some of the changes might be: 200HP VIP VIP gets riot shield Helicopter has 3 entrances instead of just one in the back Better UI ...along with all the possible level improvements that were suggested. I didn't record this video to post it here, but I figured I might as well show what I've been doing since the playtest. Already edited the helicopter, now has 3 entrances, and we've even made some fancy graphics for entrances (team specific too!) and a pseudo HUD for the VIP (still WIP so if you have any ideas please do share, I'm not a UI designer(yet!!)). And might as well take this oportunity to thank every Mapcore member that joined the playtest, it was great and we loved doing it! We hope to have you again next time for an even better, solid experience!
  4. Aight, life took an unexpected turn again but I'm back at it. Here's the workshop link for the map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1856409981 In the meantime I've made some significant changes that we thought were needed but I'm pretty confortable with where the layout is atm, so I just put it on the Workshop. We're looking to arrange a community playtest next weekend (probably saturday), if you'd like to join HMU. I've also started investing more time into the art department but that is going stay hidden for a little longer.
  5. Hey that looks pretty sweet tbh, think we wouldn't mind using it at all! Thanks @ZooL.
  6. Not sure if I understand exactly what you mean, because if anything I think the VIP might be the person who gets to spectate less in a round in most situations. You see, if the VIP gets downed (loses all his 150HP) other CTs will have 30 sec to pick him up or VIP will bleed out and the round will end. Whereas another random CT when he dies he'll have to spectate however long the round lasts because him dieing doesn't change anything. Apreciate your comments @blackdog, thanks! Yes, the VIP is selected at random at the begining of each round. We also included a little extra QoL thing, that allows a CT to claim VIP from a bot if one happens to be select to be VIP, similar to how you can take a bomb from a bot in Bomb Defusal maps. Thought about doing this because we can't possibly teach bots how to play the mode, and even tho there's things that can be done optimize their play, ultimately bots are random, and if there's no bombsites or hostages they just do w/e the F they want. So instead of wasting time trying to pretend bots know how to play, we just accepted this is a mode, and somethings just can't be done without propper tools so we just focused on making the player experience better. Both of these features (being able to pickup the VIPs body and being able to claim VIP from bots) work towards making playing with bots still an enjoyable experience, even if they don't really know what to do. Thanks!
  7. I have considered this yes, it was my first thought having the VIP laying on the ground when he's "killed", and team mates could help him get up again. But that felt very imbalanced (atleast in my opinion) because it kind of makes CTs have one more man over the Ts. You could literally send the VIP front line just to get info even if he dies, you get the trade and pick the VIP back up. I feel this solution made more sense, and since its already part of CS (kinda with the hostage mechanic) it could be more intuitive. And it doesn't mess with player numbers, VIP dies, now CTs have minus one player and that's the punishment for them being trash. I really just wanted to give a bit of hope even if the VIP is killed that the round isn't over yet, that said it's still pretty hard to get him on your back because he'll usually die exposed.
  8. They're effectively "dead". Spectating the game as a dead player.
  9. Aight guys, so as promissed here's the feature we had been working on until recently. With that the gamemode logic is pretty much done and bug free for the most part. We had about 50 bugs and ways to break the game but I believe we did a good job at catching all of them. So, basicly I thought since we're making this gamemode our own thing, why not try and improve on the concept. I always thought the main issue of VIP mode was team play. You need an extremely communicative team to really have a chance and enjoy the gamemode. I initially thought about giving VIP sort of 2 lives, where if he goes down once, he could be picked up by a team mate and continue playing with no more extra lives. But that seemed a bit too imba. The next best thing I could think of was making the VIP carriable to the Helicopter if he falls down, while having a bleed out timer. Between our friends, everyone seemed to welcome this change. Resulted in rounds not ending in such an anti-climatic manner, and surprisingly(!) made everything feel more CS-. Basicly the VIP kind of acts as a bomb/hostage carrier. Where its not the end of the world if he dies, but it heavily compromises the round. I'd like to hear Mapcores thoughts on this, and also, I'll probably be running some playtests this weekend privately. But I welcome anyone here to join. Add me on Steam if you're interested.
  10. This is pretty insane imo. I spent an unhealthy amount of time playing Dota 2 and CS:GO, now you're telling me I can play both at the same time. Aight xD Good luck with this project!
  11. Update time! Sorry for taking so long. Last 2 weeks I've been mostly taking care of programing, especially focused on fixing bugs related to the new feature we're bringing to this mode (which by the way has been fully implemented), testing went smoothly and players seemed to really like it which is great! I'll probably be revealing what it is someday this week. Also managed to get some more players feedback on the map, so I've tweaked a few things, but I feel good about where the layout is at. It wasn't until 2 days ago that I finally decided it was time to work on the level itself. I'm pretty happy with the direction I took. Some shots: I missed the Source Engine... Thanks for checking this out!
  12. Only the VIP sees it, as he becomes invulnerable to damage and attached to the chopper.
  13. This video from the 90s showcases some of the features. Lower your headphones sound because this shit might damage your ears. Sorry for the pixels! We're currently working on a gameplay feature that didn't exist in the original game mode, but that we believe might change the game for the better, pretty exciting one!
  14. Yep, it's what I'm trying to achieve. Initially I wanted to place as little cover as possible on the pad itself, and what ended up happening was the VIP would get slammed as he was entering the helicopter (that was mostly where rounds were ending) as he had no cover either. The most recent version (not in the screenshots) does a much better job at it, and I'm looking forward to test it next friday possibly to see how it plays. I thought about lowering the pad about 64 units, but I'm trying to stay away from that option if I can as I like how the different heights come into play. You wouldn't be able to recall the name of one of those maps would you? I'd like to check out how they do it.
  15. @fewseb I've been looking into the item_heavyassaultsuit, it's got some limitations from what I can see. It only works if mp_weapons_allow_heavyassaultsuit is set to 1, which is alright, we could turn it on, give the item to the player, and turn it back off in one frame. It also replaces the world model and view model of the VIP, but we can just replace by resetting the model after giving the item. Unfortunately the item changes the players speed (which you can also customize using mp_heavyassaultsuit_speed but that makes the players speed the same regardless of which weapon he is using), makes the footstep sounds very distinctive giving away his position, it also tints the vision to a weird blue color and the voice pitch changes as well. Unless I'm missing something here I don't know what you meant by being able to dynamically change heavy armor, could you elaborate? Thank you for all the suggestions! Yeah, AS_ has always been a bit like that, you wouldn't want to push too far as a Terrorist. Although part of what I think is fun about it, is setting ambushes in different positions, letting an entire CT team go through and focusing down the VIP that usually follows behind. I think the problem is mostly on the Level Design part, just like T's camp CS_Office it's pretty expected they'd do the same here. It comes down to how much space and cover you give T's to work with. I'm going for a single escape zone in this particular map, but as I mentioned in the post and like @ElectroSheep pointed out, we've made it in a way that you could set up a map with multiple escape zones. I wouldn't recommend more than 2 but it's possible. Thanks for all the comments again guys, we're aiming to have a version of the map available on the Workshop this weekend or next week. I'll let you know once it's live.
  16. Thank you for pointing out the heavy armor thing, I was kind of away from CS:GO during the coop operation thingy so I didn't know about that, we'll look into that! About the VIP skin, yeah, we had the professionals body before, but when we decided to add the new head model, we realised the new rigs are different from from older models so it wasn't so simple of a task. So we just went with this for now. But I do plan to bring back a suited VIP with kevlar and helmed with better color scheme. Thank you again!
  17. Hi everyone! Here to show you something me and 2 friends have been up to. Me and my buddy Birjolaxew have had this project sitting in our computers for about 6 years and decided to finally finish it, and it's been looking so promissing I decided to fully commit and make a brand new AS_ map for it instead of adapting an existing one. Another VIP mode, why? I've always loved playing Assassination, probably some of the best times I've had playing Counter-Strike was playing this mode. What makes this one special? Our mode runs entirely on VScripts, that means you won't need any plugins installed on your server. You changelevel, you and your friends are playing VIP mode. Also, almost all VIP modes we came across currently on the workshop seem to be broken or simply don't work. This one will be getting a lot of love and care. We've held multiple 5v5 tests with our friends, and had a blast! The first playtests made it evident that Terrorists were having an easy time, but that's been worked on now, and map seems to be way more balanced. We're looking forward to run some more tests, possibly with Mapcore if anyone here is interested in checking this out, I think you'd like it! Overview: Overview with callouts: The map will be set on a rooftop. Probably an hospital rooftop, No Mercy style. Considering night time, but not thinking too much about that atm. Some angles feel a bit weird, I'm still working on 'em, but overal from the the private playtests I got the idea that balance is almost there, slightly favoring Terrorists as they can opt to camp. Doing my best to punish that playstyle by reducing the amount of cover usable by Ts and keeping corner checks for CTs to a low number. Few screnies, not much to see atm just an orange map: As for how the gamemode plays, me and Birjolaxew have recreated the Assassination gamemode as it was before to a decent stage, but are now tweaking a few rules since CS has changed quite a bit. So this will most likely be our own take of VIP mode. If you're not familiar with the mode here's the rules and what we've taken liberty of changing. Rules: A random CT is selected to be VIP at the begining of the round. The VIP spawns with 150HP (in previous versions the VIP also gets 200 Kevlar, we've had some trouble giving him a number above 100, but we're still looking into it). The VIP can only use pistols and equipment (in the original version he could only use USP, after our play tests we decided to try all pistols instead of just p2000/usp, everyone seemed to like this and gave solo VIP a better chance). CTs need to escort the VIP to the Escape Area (Helicopter) or eliminate all Terrorists to win. Ts have to eliminate the VIP or run down the timer out to win. Our version also includes a few quality of life improvements such as: The VIP being able to carry the primary gun on his back (just not able to use it, meaning if he survives he gets to keep it). VIP HP tracking in hud for CTs. Helicopter actually takes off and VIP goes inside it (doesn't disapear into nothing or freeze in place). Support for multiple escape zones. George Clooney starring as sexy VIP. More soon. Shoutout to Birjolaxew and Sven for working with me on this, without them this wouldn't be possible. Lastly, we want to make this open source so that anyone can make maps for Assassination mode with ease. Birjolaxew has done a tremendous job with the scripts, and making a map for this should be easy as drag n' droping 2 func_instances into the map. All feedback is very apreciated! Thanks for checking this out.
  18. Oh my... I had forgotten this existed. D': My body is ready!
  19. UNREA1

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    You definitely did your homework, I'm from Portugal and that already feels like home to me.
  20. Well.. I'm not really familiar with other "FPS Level Design tools" but I'm pretty sure it can do all the things the current SDK can and more, it's just a diferent interface. It still is Source after all. But I understand what you mean tho, if I were to pick one to map for CS:GO, unless I was making really open nature maps I'd definetely stay with the current one. I think you could always do Brushwork if you got off the Tile Editor, which I think was created specificly for Dota 2 seeing as it uses premade terrain tiles. I don't have it installed atm or I'd check it out.
  21. I think CS:GO will definetely be getting ported soon, and if it is we should expect a second client (CS:GO Reborn LUL) and a good 6 months of bug fixing followed by a massive update. I most play Dota and played through the transition to Source 2 (Dota 2 Reborn), it introduced about 10 billion bugs and some of my friends PC couldn't run the game anymore. But I think VALVE handled the situation very well. Yeah, you can do that, it's preeetty sick, along with some other really cool stuff, such as spraying props around (something I think was in SourceSDK but never really worked properly). I played around with the Dota 2 tools when it came out, the whole interface is much more modern and clean, took some getting used to but I think it's definetely the way to go for CS.
  22. UNREA1


    Yeah, I did that for some, stone wall, stones, etc. A few reference images to show where I got inspiration from, Portugal is a very beautiful country you people should definetely consider visiting us if one day you get the chance to! With this map I tried to go for a mix of all these elements (there were more) but I thought it would be too much. In the end I think those I selected worked well together.
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    Indeed, the colors could be a little less saturated. Could a similar effect be achievable using Color Correction? I never got to play around with it, not even sure if CS:GO supports it. It would just save me time of going through all the textures again, and perhaps make the map art look more consistent. And since we're talking about colors, I should add that in the begining I actually studied this before starting and ran some tests using Adobe Color to figure which ones would really complement each other. I knew I wanted to use those 4 colors (most used in these typical houses), and I actually put a lot of effort in the prep fase to get everything right. xD I'll look into this. Thanks for the comment! Already had a very nice chat with @leplubodeslapin, who recomended me a guide to perfect the maps lighting, and I'll definetely be improving it in the final version eventually! About the textures, yeaaah.. xD I'm definetely not a 2D artist. I do try my best though to do something with what I've got! I hate the contrast between the custom textures and the dirtier ones - specially in the winery area (path to A). I'll be looking to fix this issue as well. Thanks! <3
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