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    Woohoo! Tinsy winsy itsy bitsy Quality of life update: I had plenty of stuff I completely forgot to do, so they thought I was completely incompetent lmao Changes: - Updated clipping around doors/props - A site roof balanced to be more exposed - Decals for bombsite and routing help - Added prop railings and fences where appropriate - New ladder from pool up to sniper perch Some Screanshots, not much has changed.
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2296801425 Here's a look at my first CS:GO map being published. It's intended theme is a water treatment complex, hence the name. I would've liked to add more water into the layout, but that can be for an alternate version at a later date. I haven't had any tests with actual players yet, just bots so far. I'll be submitting this to be playtested, and feel free to play it yourself to give me some feed back.
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