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  1. If anyone is playing on Xbox One hit me up (NeoNautica). Level 30 and working on getting high-end (gold) gear. Northern dark zone is a lot harder without my console commands... heh.
  2. A heads up to anyone who missed the closed beta. The open beta is coming up soon with a new story mission, bug fixes, and other updates: More information can be found here New Factions video to check out as well:
  3. Step 3 on the registration site (this webpage) allows you to enter up to 3 friend's email addresses. Those who got codes can begin pre-loading the closed beta now
  4. All codes have been claimed! I'll update this post if I am able to get more.
  5. I'm not sure since I have a higher end PC. The PC version has lots of options to adjust and tweak so it should run (maybe... lol)
  6. Not at all! The Closed Beta has some single player and then some Dark Zone, so you can play at your own pace. It's better with a group of course! It can be a bit tough to find the time on the weekend I'll be playing on PC, so if you want to group up add me to your Uplay friends list: NeoNautica
  7. All codes have been claimed! They are good for any platform (Xbox One, PS4, or PC) and have to be redeemed through this webpage. Bonus: You can invite 3 friends to join the closed beta as well when you redeem your code by entering their email address. So if members want to work together you can get up to 24 players into the closed beta. I'll PM a code to the first 6 replies saying they want one. Additional Notes: I might be getting 5 more access codes this week. I'll post an update if I do.You will need a Uplay accountPC specs can be found hereThe Beta FAQ can be found hereSee you in the dark zone!
  8. Update: I’ve continued to make progress on the lobby vertical slice at a decent pace over the last week. The list of textures and objects I want to put in it is getting shorter (and they will be used in other parts of the level as well). Starting to get that grandiose feel I want to achieve when the player comes through the front doors. Picked up substance designer and I’ve started to make materials in it for the map. I’ve made a new drywall, metals, and a metal trim piece in it with more on the way. The thought is that if CS:GO is ported to Source 2 I’ll be able to boost the resolution of all textures made in substance quickly (Plus its a lot of fun to use!)
  9. Been a little while since I posted an update, but there has been some progress made on the map! Update: After wondering why my envcubemaps weren't working a figured out my shader setttings in game were set too low. After fixing the video settings I quickly learned everything was a mirror and corrected the spec masks on almost all of the textures. That was some really shiny wood. Been learning the Wall Worm tools to get custom 3D models into the game from Max. I've got a decent workflow going with it now After finish a pass on 95% of the brushes throughout the level I've shifted my focus to completing the lobby. This is an effort to make a vertical slice of the quality I want to bring the level up to. It has also proven to be very valuable to learn many aspects of the source engine! Still needs a bit of work at the moment. Note: The workshop item has not been updated at this time. Having some touble with VIDE tonight.
  10. Updates: Reworked the port-conchere area completely adding in a fountain, awning, more pronouced entrance, etc. Paired with the hotel towers that will be placed in the skybox it should make for an impressive first impression for spawning CTs. Gutted and rebuilt the lobby within the same footprint. Pushed back and reduced the number of pillars to open up the space. The front desk will get some more love when I texture the area. Next Steps: Working on the hallways flanking the lobby and then completing the initial texture pass for the map brushes. Additional Notes: The port-conchere awning will become a static mesh due to brush precision not being high enough for the shape I want. It ends up looking cracked on the curved sections even after snapping all the verts Edit: Updated the steam workshop with the latest version of the map!
  11. @kinggambit - The rescue zones will be outside in the porte-conchere area. The exact placement and size is yet to be finalized due to the area being incomplete.
  12. Updates: The Restaurant/Bar has its first pass complete although it’s a bit too brown for my taste at the moment. The casino is in progress and has some significant changes to make combat more interesting. The high limits area is now a diamond shape while the stairs on the CT side have been given a similar treatment to create a more memorable chokepoint. This also fixed a sightline from the CT side that could see the T entrance which will (hopefully) encourage more combat within the casino. Materials for this area are incomplete! I’m starting to toy around with ideas for the CT spawn area while figuring out the next steps for the main lobby and supporting hallways. Additional Notes: I've been moved to a new project at work which has pushed all dev time for the map to home (which will be slower). I'll just have to make more bite sized goals!
  13. @Gooby - Its based off some reference I found, but I made the lines a bit too thin after scaling down the texture. It will be adjusted or replaced on the next pass of that area
  14. TheGuma - I checked out de_nightfever_beta on the workshop and feel it's quite a bit different from what I'm aiming to achieve with this map. Update for the week: Fleshed out the office, security room, and hotel atrium to get a better look/feel for these areas. No significant layout changes to these rooms, but I've been optimizing the brushes and changed some elements to instances to make it easier to work with the map as it grows in complexity. The Workshop Page has been updated with a new version of the map.
  15. I'll definitely schedule a playtest when the map is in a less exploitable state. Update for the week: Been experimenting with the look and feel of the office area. Just brush work and adding custom materials at the moment while planning out custom prop needs. The break room has the biggest changes layout wise, but it hasn't affected the timings of choke points. Office and security room haven't been touched yet. I made a pass at the atrium, but dislike it and will not be showing it until a better version is made.
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