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http://facweb.cs.depaul.edu/JBrzezinski ... rkflow.htm



There is no reason not to learn UE3, knowing UE2 is pretty much entirely useless right now.

thanks man - I was browsing around the udn after clicking the link in the editor and i found all the actor/mesh related stuff, but I'll browse some tut's and try to find some info on how static meshes work in unreal (whether I can texture them in the editor, or how I can go about using a collection of textures (tilables) on various different meshes and make sure the exporter doesn't create a new material for each texture etc).

and the reason I am holding off ut3 is because I want to make a Red Orchestra map to begin with, when ut3 is released properly I'll get stuck into that.

thanks again H

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Useful LD tips: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d7lr9guuCn1ys9Ui_CzUKKtkiPmv3AwX

Collection of Help Sites for Level Design themed Files If you wish to add to this, simply reply and I'll add your link in its appropriate category. Thanks to everyone who contributes! General L

I created .AI and .PDF editable file, with color markup like panorama ui radar. Download

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Im bored on sunday afternoon so here goes:

You cant texture meshes in the editor. Technically, you can, as you could convert them to brushes first, then use BSP texture tools, and convert them back, but this is highly unoptimized and buggy and should be avoided at all costs. All texture work must be done in Max or Maya.

You can however, just assign a different texture ofcourse, as long as you dont want to modify the alignment. Scaling and rotation of the entire UV layout can also be done through a material.

I dont get the other question but you can assign a near unlim amount of different tiling tex to the same mesh, however, the more you add, the worse the perfomance.

The game is out in less than 2 weeks btw.

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thank you again - the maya_workflow link you posted pretty much answered all my questions concerning using textures from the 'game' as it were - an invaluable link :)

do you know how wise it is to build a level almost entirely from static meshes and just use bsp to block vis and assist in portaling? they did this a lot in the later stages of gears of war but i'm wondering how earlier versions of the engine would handle it :x

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Open a ONS map and you will see that it has almost no BSP.

You dont need BSP, its entirely useless if its an outdoor level, and only somewhat useful for indoor levels.

Indoors youd want to zone the thing out as it works better than just placing occluders, for that you do need BSP. Open my DM rrajjigar and youll see that the whole map is mesh based, however theres BSP carved around the cavern mesh, to allow for zoning.

If you model the whole thing, be sure to place as many objects as you can in the editor. If you can place a crate, place the crate mesh in UED and dont attach it to a larger mesh in Maya yet. Keep stuff as seperate objects, and try to reuse objects in the editor.

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":1y5tsjxe]ok, I guess we'll have to wait... :)

In a few weeks, we're gonna put our hands on the official Epic tutorials that come with the collectors edition, so... :cool:

Collectors edition of what? gears?

Nope, UT3.

- Collectible Hard Cover Art Book

- Behind The Scenes DVD

Over 10 hours of Unreal Engine 3 Toolkit Video Tutorials, The History of Unreal Tournament & Behind the Scenes videos

- Limited Edition Collector’s Packaging

Collector's tin with embossing and special printing.

http://www.gogamer.com/Unreal-Tournamen ... ewprod.htm

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TF2 Specific:

http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.ph ... c34&t=6197

Improved FGD - includes new icons for entities missing them, shitload more (check the change log)

http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.ph ... c34&t=6126

Gametype library - every gametype setup, copy + paste into your level

http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.ph ... c34&t=4674

Prop Library, ever TF2 prop in one level, sorted by vis groups for easy finding.

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