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  1. quick, let's put together a relief package to send them. if we each pee into a jar we could send them a few hundred litres to keep them going through these difficult times.
  2. oh shit, Kneel Cuckman BTFO! he'll never recover! maaan, stop watching videos and footage, it's gonna taint everything seeing it through the lens of someone else playing. i'm as big a fan of the first game as you are, own it on both ps3 and ps4, multiple playthroughs, and the second game is brilliant and totally worth playing. all the shit espoused about how the story is destroying characters or betraying memories or a complete failure.. it's all bullshit, and it all comes from a crazy predictable space. just buy it, dedicate an hour to it and see if it doesn't completely grip you. i give you the RICK'S SPECIAL GUARANTEE you'll enjoy it and it won't depress the shit out of you, much.
  3. Man that video was painful. Seems to have missed the point of what the game was trying to do, and when you play the game you notice that the stuff that was in the first game is in this game, but it's just that Ellie isn't the one doing it because Joel isn't there as a guide, she's what 19 or 20 in this, she's a kid, an angry confused kid. There's a level of unrelenting psychological horror that permeates through every encounter, every hand-scrawled note, every vista. There's sadness, a melancholy, that's hard to deal with and if people wanna get angry at a lack of new gadgets then maybe they are approaching the game from the wrong angle. The fact that that guy in the video said the story was the biggest let-down is such a telling thing that it's hard to put in to words just how sad I feel for him. The story is exactly what needed to happen after the events of the first game, they even cover how she feels about in this game and why she is letting revenge drive her. The fact that you glimpse into the lives of other people trapped in this nightmare world shows her growing up as a person, as opposed to the colourful "happiness" that was in the first game, she was with Joel, they had a purpose, there was something to look forward to at the end. Here, and now? It's just dark, what point is there to keep going unless you find something to keep going FOR? The gameplay is non-stop horror, and I don't mean jump-scares and monsters and buckets of blood, it's horror at a primal level, the screams of the "enemies" are death-rattles from our ancestors, it's horrifying killing people, the violence is disgusting, un-called for, over-the-top and every single moment is reminding you that you'd rather be anywhere else but here, but you ARE here and you have to keep going and for what, revenge? Why? At what cost? It's the worst game I've ever played and simultaneously the best, the humanity shines through everywhere and if the lack of a new crowbar or carrying a box to climb into a window ruins the experience then you need to look deeper because it's worth playing and will be talked about in a decade as a high-watermark for the medium. Naughty Dog could shut down tomorrow and they'd still be relevant for a long time to come. All the bullshit about trans people, big muscley girls, AGENDA and oh-god-muh-politics is transparent as fuck and I hope one day for the planet earth to be renamed Fashbash Centriumius Prime. Fuck the haters, don't forget to like and subscribe, and follow me on TikTok @slimDickBallsThick
  4. >Also, sexually ambiguous characters in post-apocalyptic setting make very little sense awww diddums, did da widdle peepee or jayjay make it all uncomftabibble :((( > (or even Trans but I'm not sure if Abby is one, because how the fuck you do that? Who prescribes & produces the hormones?). tyst. "is one", disgusting.. don't ignore the fact that the WLF are still driving tons of vehicles around, where'd they get all the gas? refineries can't still be functioning? are they just .. scavenging and finding usable gasoline out in the world? hmmmm maybe they're doing that with medicine too, and animals, and all the other stuff that still exists. and EVEN IF the ENTIRE CAST of characters were trans, what difference would it EVEN MAKE for the story that is told? or is it, could it just possibly be, no surely not, there's no way at all that you are being a little bit disingenuous with your reasoning. >They should've reserved that for some other title where it makes sense setting-wise. Uncharted maybe? yeah for sure i totally agree, much better to wait with stuff until everyone is comfortable and accepting, like how now-a-days nobody is offended by the dirty gays. we, the straight, white, moral majority opened our hearts and our minds and decided that yes, we can tolerate them. not accept them or stop beating them up in the street, i mean that'd be crazy right, gotta keep those subhumans in their place or the world would go crazy. imagine if i had to look at a penis other than my own, i think i'd vomit. in fact i don't even wash my asshole because that would be gay, imagine, those slippery lathered fingers accidentally.. teasingly.. work their way into my boy-pussy, oh no, i can't quite.. seem to work them free no matter how much i struggle, the water is pouring over my head and still i struggle, it's hard to breathe, the air is so steamy and lithe, the waterfalling droplets of the showers caressing my glistening body as they pitter patter onto the tiles below, yet still.. i struggle. >Bring back Amy Hennig. yeah for sure, she was a great writer and the projects she worked on at ND were truly phenomenal, uncharted 2 is a masterpiece. druckmann wrote the first 'last of us'.
  5. bullshit. ds2 is a decent game, but it's not a game to start with. ds3 is a fantastic game, but it's very much like a 'greatest hits' of all the souls games. i would personally recommend ds1, get dsfix, get rekt. there's a reason the souls games took off as well as they did and i think ds1 is the biggest reason, it's absolutely the right game to play first.
  6. I actually really enjoyed the game; hated it at first, felt really sluggish and shitty and weird pacing and so on, then I got super pissed off at the "TV Show" like why am I watching a low budget 24 and why is it going on for so long. However I found myself going back to it constantly, super addictive, I wanted to see where the story went, how they would wrap it all up, I got into the combat, the exploring and the reading, using the powers and coming across different enemies, the locations and time jumps were awesome. By the time it ended (fuck the final boss, if you make it hard don't make me sit through dialogue before I get another chance, dickheads), I was pretty bummed out, because you could see this would never get a sequel. I would honestly recommend this to anyone who hasn't played it yet, just keep an open mind and don't expect an action shooter but more of a story with the microsoft-required shooting elements. Like, go buy it now.
  7. it was drunken racism, you didn't miss out on much. see: the next 4 years of trump's pesidency
  8. played about 3 hours, just got to a nice outdoor area and framerate dropped to 10. fuck off if it looks anywhere near good enough to warrant 10fps. i really want to know WHY it's so shitty overall, because there's not a whole lot going on, it just looks like they aren't using any LODs or occlusion, and that's just fucking retarded. it looks nice, in terms of art direction, but not in terms of actual graphical quality; except for Trico who looks and behaves great. it's an interesting feeling being in the world with an AI that doesn't do what you want it to, or takes 5 minutes to do what you know it should be doing, or accidentally climbing the inside of it's leg instead of moving up the hind quarters, or trying to control the flaccid abortion that is the camera, even just trying to move about in the world trying not to bump into every fucking pebble. there's a million things wrong with this piece of shit and everyone involved should be fucking ashamed it took 9 years to shit out such a broken steaming turd; but i can't seem to stop playing it.
  9. Well done Bethesda and Arkane! A digital turd plopped out of steam's servers and landed on my hard drive yesterday morning. The stench of a rushed PC launch and incompetency hangs in the air, sticking to the back of my throat like a tankard of whale-oil. DISCLAIMER: I am the biggest fanboy of Dishonored and played through the first game so many times I even uploaded a "speed run" of one of the levels. NERD ALERT NERD ALERT HA HA! Dishonored 2 is fucked. The performance took me by surprise when I stepped out onto the roofs of Dunwall and dropped down to 30fps. "How odd" I proclaimed to myself as I took in the slideshow; maybe it's a new type of interactive storytelling like a 3d comic book or a gloryhole where instead of a penis poking through the hole an overly large turd is crammed through, squeezed and mushed out like play-dough, with an extra centimeter being exposed every second, at the apex of encounter when you think it can't possibly get worse a single straw is poked through the log by the pervert on the other side of the wall, you peer closer to see what's inside - wiping away the tears - and from the other side a tortured voice whispers: "mouse smoothing" Fuck me I feel like I am controlling a robot with narcolepsy. The mouse settings don't do shit except make it more annoying. The patch better change the text from "Sensitivity" to "Rage Meter". So this morning I was looking around to see if there was something the PC plebs could do to actually be able to play the game, some kind of human sacrifice or similar, and I found an article that linked to a Bethesda site where they were apparently espousing their deep knowledge by encouraging you to reformat your PC and double check your asshole to make sure it's gaped wide enough for the thorough dicking you were about to receive. I mean, I am guessing at this point because I couldn't reach the article, I accidentally, with my fat rage-filled fingers, pressed the Enter key before hitting the final number of my year of birth to pass the age gate, and their wonderfully coded website accepted that I was born in the year 198, and then refused to give me access to the site, apparently immortal demigods aren't welcome at the Bethesda webportal. Well, go suck a turd through a gloryhole, Bethesda. Arkane can give you a reach-around.
  10. Rick_D

    EU Referendum

    hey lads. fuck leave voters i would write a big long post about why everything is shit and all arguments in favour of it are retarded but it wouldn't change anybody's mind, let's just hope england and wales break off and fall into the sea. sure some good people will drown but at least those dirty immigrant foreigners will drown as well eh! sieg heil!!!
  11. agree entirely Paul, I wasn't paying enough attention and it completely took me by surprise that this was the big event. left me more confused than anything. that being said i would totally recommend it to people, it's short, it's pretty in it's own way, it has enough going to keep you interested, and it's not like it costs AAA price.
  12. Casual play along with deathmatch is a much larger portion of the game than people who post on reddit want to believe. People buy the passes to have fun completing missions, playing casual, and having fun. What you are reading on places like reddit is a vocal minority of players who represent a small fraction of the playerbase. You also find comments that directly contradict each other such as "a map should be completely readable" but at the same time "could be prettied up". If it were up to players every map would be fy_iceworld and arms race wallhack would be on everyone except themselves. Levels also play vastly differently in casual and competitive; levels play vastly differently at different skill groups as well. What one player finds intuitive another will find confusing, what one player deems "too much clutter" another player will think it doesn't look pretty enough. All you can really do is try different things and keep it as balanced as you can and hope it plays out alright. Look at overpass and cobble, two maps that have received massive changes that only came after they were played by thousands (millions?) of people and professional teams at competitions where thousands of money were at stake. We play test maps with a much smaller pool of players and do our best. I don't think anyone should get hung up on the words, but rather try and look for feedback within the posts - if any can be found at all - and apply it to either patching the level or towards the next map!
  13. Having some troubles getting website back up and restored, apologies my friends. Thank you Squad for the mirror - much appreciated!
  14. Rick_D


    Some nice suggestions from Single, contrasted lighting and wetness always looks nice. One thing I would note, is that there is a lack of smaller objects that help ground the level in reality - Valve's levels often have small props like flowerpots, buckets, brooms, pots and pans, hosepipes etc - things that help the player get an idea of the scale of an environment at a glance. Your level, probably through design choice, has a lot of large chunky shapes, so instead of suggesting you change the entire map, simply placing a few electrical sockets, switches, and using more reasonably scaled dirt decals in corners would help to give the level an accurate scale. crits aside, I really love the level. i wish valve would add Arms Race maps to operations ro provide a separate avenue to add them into the game!
  15. love the idea. the precedent is there from cs_office - in the old days if my memory isn't failing me it used to be openable only from the CT side of the garage but was later changed. there is nothing wrong with the idea but be prepared to move the button based on playtests: - perhaps putting the button next to the B site entrance would work, perhaps putting the button right next to the door in Mid works best - perhaps players don't make the connection between the button and the door, etc. As long as you can approach it with an open mind. and be prepared to make the timer shorter: - 10 seconds is a long time in-game, maybe the door simply opening slowly so after 1 second you can throw flashes and smokes through the gap, and after 3 seconds you can begin crouching to get underneath it, but your movement is slowed because of this, and by 5 seconds you can just run straight in. and be prepared to not go down the route of global countdowns: - global sounds in CSGO are a bit overpowering, if you are trying to listen to someone on the other side of the map and there is a lot of ambient noise it will interfere with the gameplay, if the sound of the door opening just happens to be quite loud and audible from 2048 units then sure, it gives audio cues to players nearby - and if the button is pressed randomly by a player then they would need to communicate that they have done so instead of letting the map tell them, further increasing the need for communication between teams. personally i think it's neat to have these kind of things, they are just extensions of doors or breakable windows or metal panels that can be broken. this is just another tool to add variety and a unique flavour to a map, and like i said it's been done before in official maps and players learn to deal with the gameplay it offers. don't be put off by 'pro players' who only want a static map with zero props and fullbright lighting,
  16. Rick_D


    why is there a black cock on a generator?
  17. Agency chair? Just move the model down into the ground so it looks like there aren't any wheels! If you want the source content - 3dsmax files - then throw me a PM and I can sort it out, or I can export a version without the wheels
  18. ​haha wow so edgy man! somebody should send her some pizzas she didn't order lmao!
  19. ​It would be fascinating to see how frustrated Puddy was during development. His story is pretty inspirational surrounding the development of Agency so +1 from me.
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