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  1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    That's like, one of the most iconic parts of dust 2? The mid doors allow T's to try and ascertain how many CT's are going B and it allows CT to cover suicide so that T's can't rush mid. It's a near perfect bit of map balancing.
  2. Site Changes and Feedback

    I realise it's all WIP, but just wanna say I don't like the massive "Our Picks" thing on the front page now. Personally, I want to be able to see the sub-forums front and centre as soon as the page loads. If you want a more editorialised front-page, maybe mapcore.org/forums could lead to the old stripped-down version for those of us who can find stuff ourselves?
  3. AoE IV

    I think it should cover 8 ages, basically smooshing together the four from AoE 1&2. I guess if Microsoft still want to pretend they didn't fuck up with AoEIII they can throw some boring New World shit in somewhere, but Stoneage to Imperial is where its at for me.
  4. Quake Champions

    I'd rather they didn't release any kind of editor than put me through that soulless bastardisation of hobbyist level design.
  5. Quake Champions

    I dunno. I kinda assumed the move away from idTech was because everyone complains mega-textures are too hard for the community to make. That might be a bad assumption though, I have been known to make them on an almost daily basis. To be honest, if they released some maya plugins and a bit of documentation I wouldn't mind learning to use Maya. It's obviously important for devs to support modding communities, but we also have a duty to ourselves to keep up with modern level design standards.
  6. This is where I see them coming undone actually. HL2 was pretty much the catalyst to Steam's success and they may come to a point where Blizzard or Bethesda are in a position to release a platform exclusive game big enough to start tempting people away from Steam. Hell, Blizzard have already bitten a chunk out of the CS:GO and TF2 community with Overwatch. With giant IPs like TES, Fallout, DOOM and Quake Bethesda are surely only a few years away from being in a good position to go it alone as well. Valve need AAA games to keep Steam's stranglehold over the PC market and the big producers aren't going to keep sending Valve a healthy chunk of their profits if they don't have to.
  7. Hah. Top of the front page on reddit. Love it. Who's gonna make a mod out of this then? As I was reading, I was trying to imagine how it would feel as a game. Visually it would be really impressive certainly, but it needs a gameplay hook. All I can think is that maybe there are time-portals that the player can see through but can't safely traverse without being ripped apart, so you have to use the gravity gun to move objects between times and solve puzzles/fight enemies. I think Laidlaw missed out on a huge emotional hook, which would be Alyx trying to find a way to use the time loops to save Eli. Perhaps discovering that this is impossible is the moment which drives her mad enough to kill Judith.
  8. Doom (4)

    Actually I sort of disagree with the well-paced thing. As you're nearing the end I'll hide my thoughts:
  9. Quake Champions

    Initial impressions Fuckin' lag. I've set my location options to find servers in the EU and Russia, but either due to bugginess or a lack of servers, I always end up connecting to a US server and get ping spikes >500. Normally I'll be hovering at around 50-80, at which point it's a fun blast. Fuckin' UI. I don't know who designs the UI's at ID these days, but they're always an abominable cluster-fuck. It's great that I can click on a big red "Play" button to get right in to the action, but everything else of any value seems to be hidden ten clicks deep. No bots. As soon as the server problem gets fixed this won't bother me so much. I do like bots though. That tutorial level! WTF? Who thought it would be Quakey or even remotely fun and rewarding to kill giant coloured bubbles? And why did I have to connect to a server to play it!? I love the maps I've played so far. I love the movement physics, again when lag permits. I'm not entirely sold on all the guns. The railgun feels a little flakey at the moment and I don't really "get" the one that flings a volley of exploding darts. Why is there no grenade launcher? The rocket launcher needs to feel a bit more meaty too. Pink quad damage? Really? Did that come from the same person who brought us big fluffy tutorial bubbles? I'm probably being a bit harsh because of point #1. All in all I think it's on the right track to render Quake Live redundant, as long as they release a solid level editor.
  10. Quake Champions

    Awwww yiss. Day 1 purchases are a rarity for me these days. Update: Wow, only 11.2 gigs? The last few ID/Beth games have thoroughly ravaged my hdd. Hope this doesn't mean I'm going to have to download the premium content as I go.
  11. AoE IV

    I'd say a huge part of learning any kind of lesson is acknowledging mistakes in the first place. Unfortunately Microsoft have completely glazed over the rubbishness of AoEIII in the video below, but hopefully that's a case of the marketing department being typically cowardly and pathetic rather than the developers being ignorant.
  12. AoE IV

    PleaseDon'tBeShitPleaseDon'tBeShitPleaseDon'tBeShitx1000000 Things I want: -Complete freedom of building placement, none of that shitty AoEIII town center crap. -Markets & trade units. -Crappy voice acting. -Large maps. -Proper Black Forest RMS. -More complex espionage techs/units. -Trees that grow back. -Wololoooo. Things I don't want or can very happily live without: -Cards. -Home Cities. -3D. -Heroes.
  13. Doom (4)

    Oooh, I found a somewhat game-breaking bug on this level: I did a finishing move on a monster that was standing on top of a crate and afterwards I spawned inside the crate with no escape! It was quite amusing really, but only because it was very near the beginning of the battle. I'd have been annoyed if it happened a few minutes later. Anyway, just thought I'd post about it here incase @BJA wants to flag it up with someone. I imagine a simple fix would be to replace the hollow crate assets with solid ones, would save a few precious poly's too.
  14. It's difficult to tell without a player model for reference, but your scales look a bit funny, and not just in a 1.6 way. If that tiny little door at the back is big enough for a player to walk through, everything else is going to feel giant. Either way, it's giving me nostalgic feels, so good work!
  15. [CSGO] De_Angels (WiP)

    I think the flags would probably just confuse people more, personally. If there's a really good reason to set a map in a Venetian themed hotel in California then by all means go for it, but I can't really see why you would choose that over a simple Venetian setting. If you do decide to keep the Cali Hotel thing, I would suggest creating some new assets that look "mock-Venetian", such as cardboard cutouts of Gondoliers or a much more scaled down plasticy looking version of St Mark's Campanile. Valve's Venice assets were designed to look game-real rather than game-fake-real.