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  1. Hopefully you can work with the organisers to set this system up before the next competition then, because I'm sure it would be appreciated. Hang on, are you saying they're clear or unclear? Look clearly everything's open to interpretation, especially on the internet where there are language barriers to negotiate for some people. We can agree on that and it's unfortunate that your interpretation was wrong, but I think considering 100 entrants managed to follow the rules without a problem there isn't really much wrong with how they were written. Personally I didn't get even close to making the deadline, but in my mind there was no doubt whatsoever about the meaning of the rules when I read them. It just makes sense to me that they would ask us not to update our workshop files after the deadline, and I don't know why anybody would assume that they have a system in place to download the submissions in one go.
  2. Portal 2

    My brain tells me this is a cynical cashgrab, but my heart tells me it's at least a sign of life in one of Valve's beloved IP's. My brain is winning at the moment, especially in light of the "Pre-order" announcement.
  3. Without wishing to sound mean, I feel like just a tiny amount of convergent thinking would have avoided your disappointment. Put yourself in the contest organisers shoes for just a split second. How are a bunch of people completely unaffiliated to Steam supposed to instantly download/backup 100 submissions? Hell, consider the fact that they had no idea how many submissions there would actually be and you have something that just can't be planned for. I guess ultimately in future you just have to assume full responsibility for every stage of your submission and if you're in any doubt whatsoever about the rules, question them before the deadline. Most importantly, always remember that these competitions are organised/run largely by volunteers trying to do something good for the community, so they don't have a big magic "Download all the maps now" button built in to their Steam account.

    Dear Valve, WTF is this happy horseshit!?
  5. 'Grats to all the finalists. To those who didn't get selected, better luck next time. I suggest looking to the community for feedback rather than the judges. Looking at it purely as a numbers game, it's just unrealistic to expect them to provide any kind of meaningful comment on 100 submissions. Seriously @MikeGon ? How are they going to judge the version you've overwritten with an update?
  6. [CSGO][SOLVED] Is it possible to deactivate hints and arealportals in-game?

    Probably not. Hint brushes tell the compiler how to cut vis leafs, so there's nothing dynamic about them. With a bit of tweaking of scale and camera location you can normally get everything to show up, but it can be time consuming. FYI, you should put these questions in your WIP thread or in the 3D forum rather than "Gaming Discussion".
  7. Making Doors and Windows in Maya

    It's probably best to take them from whatever game you intend to create models for, to get an idea of what that game engine is capable of. So if you're looking to model for CS:GO, I would start by Googling something like "Extract Source Models for Use in Maya" or something. An added bonus of doing this is that you'll become familiar with the directory structure and naming conventions of the game you're modding, which is going to be very useful when you're ready to start importing your own creations.
  8. Making Doors and Windows in Maya

    Are there supposed to be images in your post @Mark Karhan? Either way, it sounds like you really need to import some professional models in to MAYA and study them, to get an idea of best practices.
  9. Site Changes and Feedback

    The main reason I suggested it is because recently a couple of bots got through whatever anti-bot measures you have in place. Mods did a characteristically good job deleting a spammy thread I saw, but this post necroed a legit thread over the weekend and it's clearly just a bot C&P'ing an earlier comment with a dodgy link hidden in it. It's harder for mods to keep track of this kind of bot. It's not a life & death issue obviously and if your experience of a similar system is that it scared new users off I guess it's probably best avoided.
  10. Site Changes and Feedback

    Can we please re-enable(? - I'm pretty sure it used to exist?) the requirement for new users to post in the introduction thread before they have posting privileges in the rest of the forum?
  11. Presumably people who enjoy watching esports and want to see it get more global recognition. I can't say I was one of the people pushing for it myself, but I have always longed for the day that I can walk in to a pub and watch a CSGO tournament on the screen, so if this helps raise esports' profile I think that's a good thing!
  12. I've always found paintball modes in FPS games to be quite silly and unsatisfying. It's difficult to link the concept of being hit by a bit of paint to any compelling narrative consequences. It's also something that could very easily just be incorporated to the Olympics in a non-video game form. I think for e-sports to get a real foothold in the Olympics they need to be able to offer something that a real-life version of the same game couldn't (at least safely).
  13. Maybe Valve will put a bit more work in to their low violence mode? IIRC at the moment 'dead' enemies lie down with their hands behind their heads and there's no blood. It's quite funny to watch really. Or maybe the core needs to step up and create a non-violent tactical shooter that isn't silly day-glo splatoon-style paintball? Here, I'll throw a design in to the hat: SUPER-DUPER-TAG-TEAM-TAGGING Team-based FPS, where guns shoot "tags" instead of bullets. Instead of killing or hurting the player, tags simply remain on their avatar accumulating points for the other team. Team-mates can de-tag each other simply by approaching their team-mate and holding "use" until the tags are gone. Once a tagged player accrues 100 points for the other team they're 'frozen' and can't shoot any more, until their team-mate fully de-tags them. In amongst all the tagging there would be some sort of asymmetrical objective such as capture points or a one-flag CTF mode, to provide interesting map strategies and give us a reason to develop new maps for it. The end Now we just need to sell it to the Olympics for $£$£$£$£'s.
  14. What happens after matchmaking ends? [BUG]

    Here you go.
  15. Didn't we used to have some sort of vetting system whereby new members have to make a post in the introduction thread before they can start a topic? This and the "Modify" thing posted earlier may be interesting products in their own right, but the posts come across a little spammy if you ask me.