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  1. I think it's well made, but as with all such projects they're still just riding Valve's coat tails and relying on the gullibility of fanboys. I guess that's an okay way to get noticed if you're looking to get in to the industry, but it means that if the project progresses at all it will be continually shedding talent and all that will be left is some derp who bought a "lern 2 code unreol in 26 ez stepz!!" off Udemy. Make something original please.
  2. text_fish

    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    I bifurcated your mum. Sorry, I couldn't resist lowering the tone. I still think your fundamental hurdle here is that you don't want to move with the times. It's not necessary in UE4 to seal a space the same way it is in Quake 1 or any of it's derivatives, but visually speaking it's still possible to achieve a similar style if you take the time to learn the tools. I'm sure there are apps that provide a shortcut or approximate 10-20 year old workflows, but they will always have the drawback of obfuscating the way the engine is designed to be used.
  3. text_fish

    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    I've never come across a single piece of modern 3D modelling or level design software (including Blender and UE4) that doesn't allow you to snap to grid. In this regard the only difference between UE4 and Quake 1 is that you now have a much higher resolution grid to work with, but nobody's forcing you to take advantage of that.
  4. text_fish

    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    Zastels it sounds to me like you're trying very hard to justify not learning new tools. That's never going to be a helpful way to approach a problem. The truth is, modern engines and modelling software are all perfectly capable of producing what it sounds like you want to make, you're just unwilling to get your brain around how to use them, therefore nobody but you can solve your problem.
  5. I have so many passive aggressive, brutally sarcastic things to type right now. Instead, I shall just lament the fact that talented artists and programmers are busy remaking (premaking?) stuff.
  6. text_fish

    Quake Champions

    Anyone still playing Quake Champions? I picked it back up recently when my friends got excited about the free release and it's really come a long way. It gives me terrible mapper-frustration though, so I might stop playing it until there's some sort of serious comment from the devs on custom content. I guess I'm a spoiled PC gamer, but a game without an editor just seems like half a product to me, and less worth investing my time in.
  7. text_fish

    Classic Offensive

    Out of interest, has Valve approved the use of CS:GO art assets such as the infernew doors, or is there a plan to replace them before release?
  8. text_fish

    CS:GO Hammer HELP!

    https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Door_creation#Making_double_doors For future reference, you should post questions like this in the 3D subforum. Maybe an admin could create a sticky "Quick Questions" thread for one-liners like this?
  9. text_fish

    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    It is Agency 2.0. That's a well documented fact, even in this very thread. Beyond clean lines and light shades I don't really see the resemblance to Season which a few people have pointed out, but if there were one then I guess that would actually mean Season is Agency 2.0 ::Thinky Emoji:: Tangents aside, 'grats on the release, I look forward to playing it next week!
  10. text_fish

    Snarky Public Service Announcement

    Lighting: Lightning: Lighting: Lightning: Lighting: Lightning: Lighting: Lightning: Lightening: Remember kids: Spelling and grammar don't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but for some reason it's still really bloody annoying when you see people making the same mistakes over and over again. /End PSA
  11. text_fish

    I need an advise.

    If it's 3D post it in the 3D forum with something like "Work Release" at the beginning of the title. If it's 2D, do the same but in the 2D forum.
  12. Trust me, it could be turned in to an issue by somebody who disagreed with a matter of seconds, minutes or hours. I've seen a lot of online community competitions run over the years and there is always at least one contestant who vociferously feels that they were treated unfairly. I can confidently say that 99% of the time it came down to a misinterpretation of the original rules, by somebody who didn't take the necessary time to fully comprehend the job of the judges. The sad thing is, this usually results in well-meaning volunteers choosing not to run future competitions.
  13. Correction: Wait until the very end of the deadline (to the second, because obviously somebody will complain if they start early or late) Open every WIP post that had a recent update to see if they declared themselves finished before the deadline. Subscribe to those 100ish submissions and download them all. Backup the map files and send them out to the rest of the judges. Hope that in the meantime, nobody decided to upload a new version of their map because hey, what's the difference between a minute and an hour? You're right, that wouldn't have been impossible, but what lunatic would decide to do that when they and all the rest of the judges can just subscribe to the winning maps and launch them for testing straight from csgo's inbuilt UI? That's a fair point. Sadly MikeGon's assumption cost him a lot more than mine did.
  14. Hopefully you can work with the organisers to set this system up before the next competition then, because I'm sure it would be appreciated. Hang on, are you saying they're clear or unclear? Look clearly everything's open to interpretation, especially on the internet where there are language barriers to negotiate for some people. We can agree on that and it's unfortunate that your interpretation was wrong, but I think considering 100 entrants managed to follow the rules without a problem there isn't really much wrong with how they were written. Personally I didn't get even close to making the deadline, but in my mind there was no doubt whatsoever about the meaning of the rules when I read them. It just makes sense to me that they would ask us not to update our workshop files after the deadline, and I don't know why anybody would assume that they have a system in place to download the submissions in one go.
  15. text_fish

    Portal 2

    My brain tells me this is a cynical cashgrab, but my heart tells me it's at least a sign of life in one of Valve's beloved IP's. My brain is winning at the moment, especially in light of the "Pre-order" announcement.