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  1. text_fish

    I'll Pay to recreate The Specialist on Source properly

    Jesus Christ, I turned my back on Mapcore for 5 minutes and now every thread (I've read two threads and will extrapolate thus) is this Zastels plonker scraping the very bottom of the irony barrel. What happened?
  2. text_fish

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I really liked the splashes of red brick, as if the ancient architecture has been unsympathetically repaired. Careful to be sparing with it though, as I think it's overused in the interior shot (3 up from bottom). What would really help is if you sculpt the rocks with a bit more detail. Right now they look like you just called it a day after subdividing them, which makes them all look a bit bubbly.
  3. text_fish

    awp_natural [CS:GO]

    Looks nice. I'd like to play arms race on it.
  4. text_fish

    [CS:GO][Wingman] De_Quaint

    Wow, there are some terrible drivers in that village! I can't run around in the level at the moment so I'm just going by the screenshots which all seem to be taken from an oddly high vantage point, but I'd say it seems visually a little cluttered. I think this is a problem with your thematic rather than your use of props. There's just too many stories going on, what with the crashed cars, the beached boat, the broken bridge, etc. The 3D skybox is very stark by contrast, and also looks like Italian hills whilst the level itself looks more like an English or French village.
  5. text_fish

    [decompiled] dz_blacksite

    Would it be possible to use this new detail sprite system on a vertical plane to make ivy on a wall, or will the masks only allow for horizontal(ish) detail?
  6. text_fish

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    I was thinking about a city map as well, where every skyscraper would have an additional parachute on the roof for those who land there, whilst at ground level you have 2-3 storeys accessible in some buildings. The only problem I can think with that and the Venice idea is that if you sacrifice horizontal play area for vertical play area (which you would probably need to with only 16 players) it might cause bottle-necking at the beginning of the match when everyone has to be able to select a drop point. A desert theme might be cool, you could even throw a few classic dust elements in to areas of it, and have a large expanse of undulating dunes right in the middle so near the endgame players have to use natural elevation to their advantage.
  7. text_fish

    [decompiled] dz_blacksite

    Thanks T-Rexer. For those who had the first same question as me: 20608 x 20608 It appears optimisation mostly comes down to a shit load of horizontal hint brushes? Unsurprisingly, in game the environment is a lot less detailed (at least on the small scale) than other recent maps such as Dust2 and Nuke. A lot of the interiors are CS:S quality.
  8. text_fish

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    My first thought when I saw the announcement was "Oh god, not another battle royale game", but having played it I think it's actually the best version of BR out there. Due to the smaller scale you get to the intense cat and mouse stuff a lot quicker than in most, and there are fewer instances of being sniped from a billion miles away by somebody you didn't even know existed. I just hope it doesn't spell the end of traditional CS.
  9. text_fish

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    New plan: Massive CSGO Battle Royale map set in Venice, as part of a huge Mapcore collaboration. A shit load of us work on Venetian buildings for a month or so, and then slap them all together with a bunch of canals and bridges. Profit.
  10. It's not quite vertigo per-say, but I've yet to find a game that suggests "height" and general massive scale as well as Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II did. Of course if I go back now I'll probably find it pithy because games are so much bigger now, but at the time I was blown away by the verticality in some of the levels.
  11. Oh yeah, I remember Vice City making me feel like I was playing a movie. The stylish editing of the cut scenes felt so new for video games. This specific Shambler encounter shit me right up when I was 13: I think that was the moment I realised I wanted to make my own levels, so I could terrify people too.
  12. text_fish

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    The fully red wall is silly, and the ageing makes no sense, unless people keep going in and out through the window.
  13. text_fish

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  14. text_fish

    [WIP] Roca

    Valve's stock cliff textures aren't very good so my advice would be to make some of your own. If you're new to texture creation a good way to learn the basics is to download a few images from textures.com (go for the seamless ones if you're not comfortable editing them yourself) and use Yanzl's VMT editor to turn them in to CSGO materials. Once you've got a couple cliff materials you like the look of you can use VMT editor again to make a blend material, then use the Paint Alpha tool to blend the two textures in hammer, which will really help reduce the repetitiveness. You can begin to learn more about materials here, although the VDC isn't kept completely up to date so be wary of using the software they sometimes recommend, and if in doubt google.