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  1. It's difficult to tell without a player model for reference, but your scales look a bit funny, and not just in a 1.6 way. If that tiny little door at the back is big enough for a player to walk through, everything else is going to feel giant. Either way, it's giving me nostalgic feels, so good work!
  2. I think the flags would probably just confuse people more, personally. If there's a really good reason to set a map in a Venetian themed hotel in California then by all means go for it, but I can't really see why you would choose that over a simple Venetian setting. If you do decide to keep the Cali Hotel thing, I would suggest creating some new assets that look "mock-Venetian", such as cardboard cutouts of Gondoliers or a much more scaled down plasticy looking version of St Mark's Campanile. Valve's Venice assets were designed to look game-real rather than game-fake-real.
  3. Interesting design choice! You've pulled it off well as I assumed it was a picture from 1.6 that you were using to illustrate cs_thunder. I have to ask though, did you make this choice because you feel there's a place for a 1.6 thematic in CS:GO, or because you don't feel confident using the comparatively modern CS:GO engine? Either's fine, but if it's the latter, you may want to consider that this sort of competition could provide the perfect impetus to catch up with the curve. With regards to gameplay, my only concern with the screen above is that if the balcony area at the back is accessible, players are going to get very annoyed shooting through those trusses. Welcome to the competition and good luck!
  4. This has always been my biggest gripe about CS in general, so many of the players are thicker than pond scum. The whole "clutch or kick" meme is so fucking retarded, and it's almost always started by someone who spends 90% of their time spectating because they have 0 game-sense of their own and end up dead within seconds of the round beginning. I feel your frustration.
  5. Hello! Looks like you've made some good progress so far. I can't comment much on game-play, but I have a few thoughts on the aesthetics: "Venetian-themed hotel on the southern coast of California" is a bit of a weird theme. I'm sure there are Venetian-themed hotels all over the world, but it's never going to be immediately identifiable for the very reason that it's something pretending to be something it's not -- that's getting way too meta when you factor in that a cs:go version would be something pretending to be something pretending to be something it's not. The majority of players aren't going to read the story or map description, so they'll just end up thinking "Hey, this mapper doesn't really know where he wants to set his map". Judging by the video it doesn't look like it would be too difficult to just run with the Venetian theme -- all you'd really need to do is turn the sewer area in to a small canal and change up some of the texturing on a few buildings. There are too many doors. Hotels have a lot of doors yes, but hotels are boring, repetitive places and you don't want your map to be boring and repetitive. There are too many crates and they were clearly stacked by an insane person who never took any health and safety training. If you're just trying to full up empty space, consider some fenced off garden areas or just extending the surrounding architecture out a bit. A lot of it looks quite narrow. This is immediately obvious at the beginning of the video, where the player is bouncing off of the surrounding geometry, but it seems to be a problem throughout. Narrow areas of a map can be useful, but they should be carefully designed in contrast to more open areas, so that players don't feel like they have to bounce off each other and the environment, and also to mix up gameplay styles.
  6. Ahaha, this reminds me my all-time top post on Reddit is literally "Source2". This map looks coolio.
  7. Yeah I guess. I think I'm just stuck in the past, when you could buy software and get free updates until they change the number at the end. I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time.
  8. I don't really understand why this is a thing. Or are they planning on releasing a new installment every 12 months, so they won't be updating old ones anyway? Or are they just milking us? Either way, think I'll wait and see if it drops down any further in the next sale, I can't currently justify spending the best part of a hundred quid on something that might be irrelevant in 12 months.
  9. Ah I see, I thought that was just a dark alley! I just had a run through with bots and I agree with JimWood that the routes need simplifying. A team of 5 CTs have to split their forces to hedge their bets as to where T's are going to attack, and once T's do attack they need to be able to hold their site for long enough that reinforcements can rotate. At the moment both bombsites need probably 3 CT's to defend well because there are multiple entrances and a whooooole lot of quite complex cover, which leaves the other two to take a random roll of the dice on defending mid and/or the other site. Speaking of mid, I don't really see how it offers any tactical opportunities. T's can easily smoke it off, but that doesn't really give them any more options than they already had from T spawn, especially as the CT can just fall back a bit to still cover the main mid-route. Once T's have used one of the connectors off mid, it doesn't really seem to offer them much more of an advantage over the bombsite than their standard route. It's great to give players options, but the more you give them, the less control you as the level designer have over encounters and the more your players will depend on luck rather than strategy. Games that require luck are generally frustrating or just not fun. Simplify simplify simplify.
  10. You should try to remove non-playable areas from the overview, either by erasing them from the image completely or or reducing brightness/saturation. It only takes five minutes, but it makes the overview so much more useful both in game and here.
  11. Your prop work is definitely top notch! What are you plans re layout? Does the layout from the show lend itself to a de_ map, or are you having to take some liberties there?
  12. Thanks for the reply Lep, I had thought that was the case as well but it stopped the expensive water from rendering correctly and when I looked in to it on the VDC I found out that expensive and cheap water can't be used within the same PVS. As a temporary workaround I've placed a brush with a semi-transparent watery-looking texture at the height I want the non-playable water and I've got an expensive water volume underneath at the same height as the playable water, which sort of gives some movement to the area. It's still far from ideal, but I think I'll move on to another part of the map for now and hopefully in time I'll come up with a better solution.
  13. I need water at different heights within the same PVS. As far as I understand it this is very illegal in Source, however the higher body of water is not in the playable area and is only a visual thing, so I think I should be able to hack something together. My current thinking is to create an animated refract texture to sit on a brush face just above a fairly plain opaque texture, though I've no idea how costly this would be performance wise or whether it would even look any good. Any ideas?
  14. I finally got around to finishing season 1 of Mr.Robot. So refreshing to see hacking done well, without a bunch of hokey visual crap! Looking forward to seeing where they go with S2, and I'm definitely going to download the soundtrack for running.
  15. I get together with friends or family from time to time to play board/card games. Haven't dared touch anything as involved as Warhammer yet. About the most involved we got was playing Risk Legacy which was fantastic, though now that it's over I doubt we'll be organised enough to go through it again from start to finish. More recently I've been enjoying Ticket to Ride and Exploding Kittens. I bought Five Tribes the other day but I've yet to organize a night to play it. It looks exciting though!