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  1. There's pretty much zero chance the project will be any good if you consider the scope. Good luck tho!
  2. This is how I read it and thought it was just hilarious
  3. No, it's the same one! I think it's two guys and they've been at it for years - it's almost done tho!
  4. Meanwhile passionate modders go the extra length: https://www.re4hd.com/
  5. This Shadow Man soundtrack is pretty sick!
  6. I need two more points to progress :*( OMG, it happened a minute later. I am now a Contributor just as the respected @Bunglo.
  7. I stand by this still, I wonder what the numbers are. Steam reviews are not so good so far, Mixed (695)
  8. @ThunderKeil You're right, my bad. Still, I think the term remaster doesn't apply very well here.
  9. Hmm, should be labelled as a next gen console Re-Release and not a Remaster since not much seems to have been done there, visually at least. Compare this with the Mafia 1 Remaster, lol.
  10. Judging by the teaser trailers I think it's a guaranteed. Same exact beats. DO YOU REMEMBER NEO??
  11. I'm amazed this isn't called 'Far Cry', seems about time for a confusing reset to the original title.
  12. I agree with fellow Arnold. I skipped a lot of these movies, probably like 10 considering their release schedule
  13. Post a gldsrc map screenshot - i bet they got an achievement for that. edit: preferably using SH2 textures
  14. I was just saying to HP the other day that I've been here for 20 years and only now I got a Rookie badge lol serious disrespek
  15. I know this was posted as a link but all of these games proper exposure:
  16. Also, they will censor the shit out of it like they did with steam releases.
  17. Shame fuck all was finished except for Rob's map. The japan level was basically two rooms they used for the screenshots Please make one for Nightwatch!
  18. I thought SS3 was canned but I misremembered. Cool, looking forward to that!
  19. It would make sense if they outsourced it to some other studio.
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