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  1. That looks better than the original game lol
  2. Because we know that how long the game is linearly correlates with the amount of fun you will have!
  3. They want to release it with the UE5 1.0
  4. Sooo looks like this is not even worth discussing? What did you guys think?
  5. I decorate the xmas tree with the lights on!
  6. A friend of mine is on mental pills and his doctors apparently didn't even do blood work on him... meds should be the last resort.
  7. I agree with this notion as well though it seems that had they decided to reimagine it beyond these limitations the project would balloon out of control (and it was already troubled enough as it is).
  8. Hopefully entities can move around with higher precision than 1 meter Looks cool tho and respect for building your own tech in 2021.
  9. Dude, install the thing and see if it works! lmao
  10. Buddy

    Goals for 2021?

    Yeah either that or haul that bench into the squat rack... you're always one failed rep from death so it's worth it lol
  11. That second screenshot gives me hope that it won't be just one samey looking thing for the entire game.
  12. Buddy

    Goals for 2021?

  13. If you wait long enough you'll be able to play Half-Life 7 on your neuralink.
  14. These shots are clearly kitbashed visual target type images, if GSC had a stock I would short it 100%.
  15. He's morphing into john wick
  16. Then I think the Index is the headset for you, tracking is basically perfect.
  17. Had a laugh at the flip-off bit, shows how little they cared about the source material.
  18. No boost clocks, that's interesting.
  19. HP is talking about the middle ground between teams of <5 and the AAA teams with 100/1000+ employees. That is where the scope can be decent and the project itself not muddled down by corporate politics.
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