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  1. Congratulations to you guys for seeing the project through. I'm at the Dam right now and have enjoyed it greatly so far.
  2. Zeta

    [TF2] cp_tidal

    Nice and clean, I like it.
  3. Looks really nice marnamai, good job.
  4. Zeta

    procedural FPS

    Just keeps getting better
  5. Great update, love you style and work.
  6. Still love this concept and execution. Found a double ramp
  7. What's the current level editor you can use to make QL compatible levels?
  8. I love the clean look and the vibrant colours. Look forward to seeing more
  9. I would definitely play a multiplayer quake style game that looked like Peris. A quick jump in / jump out interface along the lines of quakelive or even simpler so players can jump straight into a game - win.
  10. These look really nice. Congratulations on your internship! Love the old school look and the colours, great project!
  11. Really looking forward to this.
  12. Great looking content and a nice, easy to use website design. My suggestion would be to sign up to LinkedIn and make sure you have a link to your profile on your Resume / Contact page.
  13. I would personally recommend getting a domain name and using it's email address. You can then even have it forward to another account, such as Gmail, If you would like to keep using your personal email address. If your personal website happens to be your portfolio then this method has the benefit of informing your potential employer that you have a website they can visit every time they email you.
  14. Including the steam software on retail games and requiring it's use are very similar tactics to those that got Microsoft in a lot of legal trouble.
  15. Looks fantastic, going to check it out tonight.
  16. Congratulations on finishing, it looks fantastic. I'll definitely pick up the demo
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