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UDK student project - Execute


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Execute is a final year project by 9 students from the school Digital Arts and Entertainment.


A brilliant professor is being held in a top secret military base where he has to built the greatest war weapons known to mankind against his will. His creations are the perfect soldiers: strong, intelligent and replaceable. The gnawing at his conscience becomes too much for him and he decides to escape. But escaping won't be easy. His weapons are used against him to hold him at the base where he must continue his work day after day. Secretly he designs a new model. A better, faster, stronger model. To give his final creation a human touch, he gives her a human, female appearance. Her intelligence is great since the professor controls her directly unlike the preprogrammed intelligence of the enemy robots. She will have to help him find a way out, solving puzzles, passing dozens of mechanical guards and leading him to freedom.

You are the professor and you must pre program the female robot in a maximum of five steps each time within limited distance from each other. Simply press play and watch. Your goal is to finish the level by solving all the puzzles with as few programmed steps as possible.

Be prepared, for the most unique game you've ever played !








More info : http://www.indiedb.com/games/execute

Digital Architects

Roel Coucke : Team Lead, Lead Leveldesign

Thomas Kinet : Lead Programming

Mathias Kinet : Technical Art, Programming

Sander Vanstaen : Programming, Technical Art

Jyrki Coertjens : Environment Art, Technical Art

Robbert-Jan Brems : Lead Technical Art

Kylie Van de Putte : Character Art

Laurens Seynaeve : Character Art

Frédérick Senesael : Lead Environment Art

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