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Battlefield Bad Company 2

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I'm very excited about the PC multiplayer aspect of this. Looks to be the closest thing to a Battlefield 3 we've had since 2142, and in fact it seems to have most of the central series' hallmarks (unlocks, huge maps, realistic, etc). Seems like there's no commander role though, which is a shame but I guess it doesn't make that much difference.

Not excited as I was about the news of an actual Battlefield 3's development, though. :oops: Dunno if I'll get Bad Company 2 or wait for that — depends on when it's coming.

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Aye, definitely looks like they upped their game after the first Bad Company, the destruction looks gorgeous. If they still have a SP campaign it better be better than the first gamee tho, just felt really slapped together. Wouldn't mind them focusing it all on MP, but I guess everybody demands a SP campaign from their shooters these days :)

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Shoulda left the SP campaign out, no one would have noticed. All DICE needs to do is add an M14 or any other single shot rifle and the games a 10/10, easy. Too many of the assault rifles feel the same, with maybe the exception of the M16.

All the balance changes I've heard so far are pretty much exactly what I had hoped. Regen health for all classes, defribs, consolidating the classes to just 4, weapons being more lethal...it will be glorious.

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What, even if it dramatically makes the gameplay better? I'm as big a Battlefield fan as it gets, but I'm open to things like that if they make it more fun. :???:

I don't see how health regen makes gameplay better in multiplayer, I've always seen it as a tool to keep the top players on a streak in play longer since he can't be wittled down by weaker players who fail to kill him. Basically same effect in single player, I recently played through a Call of Duty game and felt 100% invincible unless 3 or more dudes were all shooting me at once, and even then they weren't so good that I couldn't kill all three before they killed me. And then after absorbing all of those bullets I'm fine again before the next encounter!

I really don't like feeling like a superhero in a ripped from the headlines this-is-like-the-real-world military shooter.

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It's not so much that regen health is the one ultimate solution to player recovery as it is that in BC1 the health system was all over the place with support handing out med packs (which IMO is a pretty weak feature in most MP shooters, for the simple fact its rarely used in public games) and the assault class being able to heal himself. A nice unified system with defribs being brought back into play is pretty much the best solution for the game.

Can't really absolutely say it's better or worse, depends on the game.

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