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  1. Finally something original.
  2. Gotta be one of the most exhausting first couple hours with a game I've had in awhile. Not sure how helpful it is to front load this much of your progression/mission/item menus/systems etc this early. I'm being bombarded with information and now idea as to how it applies to the actual core game. Survivors. Defenders. Schematics. Items from crates. No idea what any of it is for. This is sort of par for the course with F2P but this is some next level shit. Would probably be better off just letting me get into the game itself and not explain all these things that don't seem to have any application yet. Took me 4 missions to figure out there are no loadouts for weapons and you can just equip them during the game, which I remembered being taught to me early on but I forgot about by the time I trudged through the rest of the intro. Just get people in the game. You got me doing homework before I get to have 2 minutes and 30 seconds of gameplay and then it's back to the menus marking off exclamation points for about the same amount of time.
  3. Broad, homogenized approaches to world and character building will tend to net you exactly that.
  4. Rruns bad, lots of visual glitches, impeccable design. 10/10 perfect PC game.
  5. Give people exactly what they want, not what they don't know they want.
  6. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff but none of it seems out of place.
  7. Jodorowsky describing seeing lynch's dune for the first time is the best part lmao
  8. These things will be changed when there is a monetary incentive to improve them. Otherwise you're right, we should continue to not pay modders anything and expect a very low level of professionalism and effort This is exactly why the mod community was an incredible thing. It wasn't a professional environment, there were no expectations and wtf are you talking about with low levels of effort? What kind of fascist shit is this.
  9. his brand lmao Jack your brand is just all over the place you don't even have a linked in your twitter follower count is mother fuckin lacking bro wordpress is some ancient shit from two thousand and 5, aint no one reading blogs anymore lmaoooooooo goddam you using different usernames for steam and your polycount accounts no one know who the fuck you are man if game dev professionals sees your lackluster internet persona you just ain't gonna get ahead
  10. rip the great frontier of game development the adventure into the unknown is dead. the money is moving in. time to measure your worth by the dollar value. was fun. in some far off land, the fires of thousands of .bsp's still burn bright on the dead servers of fileplanet. I'm glad to have added to the great flame myself. rip
  11. Take an old popular map, remake it, and vaguely give the poor soul you stole it from credit in an attached .txt file like you totally didn't just fucking steal the layout from him or anything.
  12. at least it makes for fun arguments with people who do this since there's that point in the conversation where you reach with them where they can't really say much more because they have no idea what they're talking about and it's glorious and one of those small things I live for.
  13. If you watch games on youtube as a substitute for having played it you are scum
  14. The Last of Us is a better designed game but what I'm saying is structurally they are no different, length aside. Which is what people are primarily taking aim at. Cutscene interruption, QTE's, walk and talk sequences, all of these guide both games through their narrative between the core gameplay segments. It just seems every now and then a game has to be taken to task and it's unfortunate because it means people are basically selective and inconsistent about what they like and when. As for the cover combat and QTE implementation specifically I'm not sure either is done poorly relative to other games. The shooting mechanics are actually pretty refined, if mostly standard. Solid weapon feedback and enemy hit reacts. AI move around the environments nicely and create some decent combat situations. The location specific dialogue call outs are always a nice touch. QTE's are what they are, not sure how they're particularly bad here. If you're going to shit on The Order as 'all the things wrong with the industry' then you need to revisit some previously acclaimed titles. They are no different from each other.
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