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  1. anyone playing any cyberpunk videogames
  2. Nah not even close, got a 2 or 3 levels in I think, that's all.
  3. It's integrated into the design and maybe I didn't think about it as much in 2016 since the game wasn't as hectic, but something about an fps that disincentives you from shooting the shit out of enemies to completion is conterintuitive. Being in constant fear of missing a glory kill opportunity is kind of just fucking annoying. Nightmare exacerbates this since it's basically required to stay alive.
  4. You should be able to uninstall glory kills.
  5. Replaying a bit on Nightmare, I think glory kills were not a good idea. I am available for game design consulting DM me.
  6. I remember when in CS you had one player as a VIP and you would protect him while he tried to escape, was fun as hell. This looks dull as fuck.
  7. Combat can get a bit sloppy, at least on ultra violence, and yeah the upgrade stuff is over done. What is it, 4 different upgrade tokens, I think I only just now after 6 hours got a handle on what each of them is for. It's also lot of marginal situational upgrade stuff that isn't really exciting, just a small bonus attached to some occasional event. I tend to forget about most of the weapon mods too. Levels are also not quite as labyrinthine as Doom 2016 but I could be misremembering. It's good fun otherwise. I'm not crazy about some of the environments that don't really feel "DOOM"ish but I get they probably need to go somewhere else with it. Earth is cool at least.
  8. Hate to say it but the environment stuff is straying a bit for my tastes and there's a lot of fucking colors being thrown around. Also wtf at climbing and swinging on polls. But they got a soldier enemy with a crew cut back so that kinda makes up for it.
  9. Finally something original.
  10. Gotta be one of the most exhausting first couple hours with a game I've had in awhile. Not sure how helpful it is to front load this much of your progression/mission/item menus/systems etc this early. I'm being bombarded with information and now idea as to how it applies to the actual core game. Survivors. Defenders. Schematics. Items from crates. No idea what any of it is for. This is sort of par for the course with F2P but this is some next level shit. Would probably be better off just letting me get into the game itself and not explain all these things that don't seem to have any application yet. Took me 4 missions to figure out there are no loadouts for weapons and you can just equip them during the game, which I remembered being taught to me early on but I forgot about by the time I trudged through the rest of the intro. Just get people in the game. You got me doing homework before I get to have 2 minutes and 30 seconds of gameplay and then it's back to the menus marking off exclamation points for about the same amount of time.
  11. Broad, homogenized approaches to world and character building will tend to net you exactly that.
  12. Rruns bad, lots of visual glitches, impeccable design. 10/10 perfect PC game.
  13. Give people exactly what they want, not what they don't know they want.
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