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  1. Nah, maybe if the PC killed the corp agent? But just going "yeah I ain't gonna be a bitch like u!!!" is just angsty teen shit, might as well be Night in the Woods lmao
  2. Not about what it's worth. My issue is what I can pay.
  3. It's frustrating me that Dark Souls 3's DLC isn't on sale in the steam thanksgiving sale. It's currently a dollar more expensive than the base game. I figured waiting a few months would net me a deal. I was really disappointed with DS3's mechanics and world design, but I still want to experience the DLC for the lore.
  4. Yes, and you would think those are just "for noobs" but you still get people complaining about composition based on them.
  5. Surprised he isn't a Defensive hero, since that's the only category they haven't added to since launch. He reminds me a lot of Roadhog, actually: short range, high damage, very attention grabbing because of the threat of his combos.
  6. "punk" in the "cyberpunk" sense is a reclaimed slur. It originally meant "prostitute", and became a term for any untouchable poor person. This is why Capitalism is the villain in nearly all cyberpunk stories, it's the system of oppression that creates and then demonizes prostitutes and other impoverished people. Class struggle and the essentially physical consumption of the bodies of the underclasses at the core of the genre. If a setting is about "feminism took over the world and now you can't be politically incorrect", that's a completely different thing. For a comparison using 90s action movies, which might be more approachable than book references, look at Robocop vs Demolition Man. In Robocop, Megacorps are buying up the entire city of Detroit, including the police force, and are fueling the conflict of the plot in order to further expand their control. Robocop is cyberpunk. Demolition Man is set in an overly politically correct future where you get fined for swearing and toilet paper is illegal. The conflict is driven by a future liberalized society's inability to deal with a 90s era terrorist. Demolition Man? Not cyberpunk. (it's still a pretty good movie though)
  7. idk if you saw the recent news out of Portland, Oregon, but a Nazi slashed three men's throats on a public train recently, killing two, for confronting him for harassing a teenager. At the resulting protests and counter protests, the cops openly sided with the fascist militias that marched into town from rural Oregon, and even worked together to arrest people. There were pictures of militia members literally grabbing the handcuffs off of the belts of cops to arrest protesters. The story people thought Ubi was going to be telling can be set anywhere in the US, and doesn't require claiming a "cult" has "forcibly taken over" a town to do it.
  8. That's my impression of it as well, hence setting it in the least populated state, with a fantasy bad guy with equal "alt right" and "hipster" flavoring to his imagery. How are companies still not getting that, rather than this kind of shit being "inoffensive to everyone", it ends up offensive to most people by diluting a dozen real issues into a deliberately pointless mess? If you can't be straight with us, if you can't handle the topics you're using, set your game in fucking Middle Earth. I had a lot of problems with how Watch Dogs 2 handled its social issues (mostly in how they made things like gentrification and police brutality all the fault of one single guy, rather than systemic issues that have been going on for multiple generations), but at least they TRIED. And that game was super well received, which makes this cowardice baffling.
  9. Wow, okay. So, far from the original implications of the cover and first trailer, rather than addressing the real growing fascism in America, this is using those aesthetics for a Christian cult that also has black members? They even show the white protag siccing his dog on the black guy in the trailer??? Could Ubi be any more fucking cowardly with this production? Goddamn. How is Wolfenstein 2, a sci-fi game made in Sweden, a more realistic assessment of America than this modern 'realistic' game made just across the border in Toronto?
  10. Yeah, the real alt-right doesn't say "miscegenation", they say "cuck" now
  11. (late game monster spoilers) Goddamn this is so satisfying to do, though. https://gfycat.com/ImpassionedLimpingCowrie edit: awww, it cut off the ending where I killed the baddie with a recycler grenade. I guess gfycat has a 20 second limit or something, I edited for 30 seconds
  12. Those skins look pretty cool. Funny that you like the Bastion and Soldier ones the most, bc I really love those Pharah and Zarya skins, especially the Pharah skin.
  13. The Recycler grenades are the single best weapon idea in a video game since the Gravity Gun IMO, and they solve this problem (at least in my experience). If you can move an object around (even if only theoretically bc you don't have enough leverage), a Recycler grenade can eat it and turn it into resources for you. You can also use them on whole alien corpses (or live aliens!) to get extra Exotic material, too.
  14. Currently playing through this on hard, about four hours in. All the "???" enemies are bullet (/glue/wrench whack/stun gun zap) sponges so far, unless I get a good toss of an explosive can at them, but it definitely keeps me on my toes when even the common mimicks can sometimes kick my ass. Also pretty interested in the story and its mystery so far. I tried exploring the outside of the station during the Zero G bit, as part of the second story quest, and got the shit kicked out of me by not one, not two, but three different weird aliens I'd never seen anything remotely like. Space is scary.
  15. I still haven't really gotten solid on the Oasis map, yet, though.
  16. Fun fact: A fully charged orb of discord volley, when headshot on a discorded target, does 598 damage. Body shot is half that, still more than enough to kill most people outright. Fun fact: The orb of discord gives you a free three seconds of wallhax. Fun fact: Combining these to instantly wipe out somebody trying to flank you, thinking they're clever for dropping behind a wall, is by far the best thing in all of Overwatch.
  17. I have not experienced this to be true. I play a lot of different classes, filling as needed based on other people's picks (because I figure my team will be more reliable if they pick who they're best at), and while SR scales with winning streaks and stuff like that, I find my average SR gain playing Zenyatta, Ana, Soldier, Mei, or Reinhardt (my go-to heroes per category) is about the same, 20-30 SR depending on matchup and streak.
  18. I know people who yell at everyone for their picks are assholes, but also there's gotta a middle ground between that and "I'm going to bash my head into a team running Reinhardt and Orisa as Genji, uselessly throwing shurikens into their dual shields as they steamroll us, and then brag about my gold damage medal". ...my competitive experience today has been negative.
  19. The mimics reminded me of the traps in Sen's Fortress, and the floor switches that activate arrow traps that can be used to your advantage to kill bad guys. That also which got me thinking of other, similar traps. Traps that don't activate when you touch them, but give a warning click or something, and then activate when you leave are interesting, since you get that "o shit" moment and then can plan a desperate, unlikely plan of escape to avoid damage. Also, the boxes you find rarely in the 3d fallout games that have a grenade wired to the side, and explode if you open the box without noticing and taking the grenade first. It's a very simplistic version of the standard trapped chest idea from RPGs, but without needing any kind of game mechanic other than the player noticing and frobbing a thing. edit: The STALKER example reminds me of the land mines that are in Call of Pripyat. You similar to the anomalies, you feel them out by throwing bolts, but instead of a big dramatic effect, you get a little *clink!* noise. On the other hand, if you step on one yourself, instead of getting sucked into something you might possibly escape... you just fucking die with a loud noise. Very stressful, and thankfully only in the one spot, but as a novel challenge it was cool.
  20. The plot of this event is really fucked up. Overwatch is invading a sovereign country, explicitly against the wishes of its government, to kill "extremists". It's basically robo-Yemen. And sure, they've addressed this stuff in retrospect previously, in that it's why Overwatch was shut down, and present characters sympathize with that decision, but in the event there's no negativity shined on this at all. It's just gross. I'd much rather fun Frankenstein type stories, or sci-fi stuff, than ripped-from-the-headlines Team America World Police type shit. The fact that the enemies are robots doesn't help, because how the hell are a bunch of robots that clearly aren't even sapient "extremist"? The framing around this event is borrowing from REALLY gross stuff.
  21. Ever since I upgraded my graphics card to a gtx1050 ti, and started being able to afford running Vsync in most cases, I can no longer stand to have it turned off.
  22. Tried the demo. It's pretty fun, but reminds me of Deus Ex: Human Revolution a lot, in that it's a good game with some really frustrating fiddly bits. Probably the worst for me is the menu design: The text field constantly pivots back and forth when reading books and letters, which is migraine inducing (please tell me there's some way to turn this off?), and there's no extra keys for different menu screens, so if you want to check your map, for example, you have to hit J to open the mission objectives, click the Notes and Lore tab, click the Maps sub-tab, and THEN click the map you want. edit: Also I found multiple visual bugs where you can see outside the world in Mission 2, like boardwalk planks with white nothingness between the boards, or a crack between two bookshelves with the same white void peaking through. Feels weird for a game that's been out for months and received multiple patches.
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