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  1. Hey guys, do you remember, 7 month ago I posted a picture of a finished landscape created in Unreal Engine 4. I decided to do a huge optimisation pass and shifted the art direction of the project to something more personal: Here is a comparison screenshot : If you want to see more pictures: follow this link : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/QvlyE
  2. Created a helmet for my Dunkirk scene : More screenshots here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dwJ5A
  3. New scene in the progress. Inspired by last Nolan film : Dunkirk All rendered inside Ue4 - All textures done in substance designer.
  4. For the crispness of the grass, i guess it's the sharpen filter in photoshop. All you see is dynamic except the very far far object but i guess we can't see them from the screenshot, i'm using the cascade shadow map in the near distance and the distance field shadow map for the far away object and then i switch to static lighting (but can't really be seen). The far object (trees and foliage) don't move otherwise i will get artifacts with the distace field lighting. For The Gi i'm using the indirect lighting cache calculated by lightmass, but have it fails to give proper quality with the grass(
  5. Hey guys, been a long time i didn't post anything i have been working on : Here is my recent work : Yorkshire Dales vista, All rendered in UE4 dynamically (foliage is using volume light sample to receive GI, but still not perfect in dark area,caused by the way the foliage tool work... ) More Screenshots on my artstation ! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0VAd4
  6. Lots of new stuff in my rts project : I have create a little "behind the scene" to share the way i placed all my blueprints trees in the level :
  7. Dangerous adventures await you in theses caverns... ! Still a lot to do with this project ! I'm continuously adding new content to my work. I can now easily create random map for my project. I added some new elements to get more differents zone. =) Feel free to critics, you can also follow my progress on homarttaco facebook page (link down here)
  8. Hey Guys don't forget to follow my Work here : 

    Added some new elements to my cartoon rts scene :) 



  9. Working on my cartoon rts scene, inspired by ageonline (two shots day and night) You can also cut the trees See that here Feel Free to give me a lots of comments and feedback
  10. @rosk is it normal that the tree looks not shaded ?! Nice work !
  11. A map i was doing for warsow videogame using Netradiant editor , sadly i never finished it
  12. HoMaRt

    Games W.I.P Thread

    Yeah we did that trailer in only one day (time restriction), so there are many points which need a lot of work (we know it). Here is a build of the game. We don't think we will continue this project, but maybe... Who knows. But your comments will be of good use Revenge of Trishna Demo Build https://mega.co.nz/#!GZQTHBIT!8Je2MipJJsIgyz01LvKRXNt9lCmDj9tFqzvv-eXSt0U See you later guys !
  13. Our student project gameplay video is here : 


  14. HoMaRt

    Games W.I.P Thread

    Here is the trailer and the playthrought of our student project "Revenge of Trishna" Demo coming to you in a few day Comments welcome !
  15. Last screenshot teasing for our student project . Trailer will come tomorrow and playable demo next day. Stay tuned guys ! Revenge of Trishna old school FPS
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