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  1. Map "The Crusher" for project "Doom 2 - Hell Unleashed" in collab with MikeyScoots. Doom 2, GZDoom, OTEX
  2. Hello! I am ready to present my work. I ended my strength test, which was almost 40 days long. I am extremely glad that I made it to the deadline by completing this creative marathon. The map is a linear industrial complex, lost somewhere in the mountains. I sincerely hope that I managed to create good gameplay, because this is not the strong side of my past maps. Anyway, good luck there! Map ID: m-RB2FeofUWk
  3. First attempt in Prodeus map editor:
  4. This is Doom 2 (GZDoom) with sprites from Doom 64 and textures from OTEX. I plan to take a look at the Quake mapping scene in coming years when I'll done all my Doom maps.
  5. Map for Deadtech project (Doom 2, GZDoom):
  6. Oh, god, really wrong thread... Thanks.
  7. Shots of "Coma Moonlight". My map for Refracted Reality CP (Doom 2, GZDoom):
  8. You have a great site, not overloaded with details. It was interesting to look at the samples of your design. From year to year I promise myself to start exploring the mapping for HL2 and Portal, but I’m always busy with other projects. Your works is very inspiring to finally do something ...
  9. @Minos Thanks! I'm do not using lightmaps in GZDoom yet.Can't find time to see how to work with that. Here only classical dynamic lighting... Sorry for late posting.
  10. Screenshots of my GZDoom map for Verse Hopper project on DW:
  11. I recently start a map in the project "The Joy of Mapping 5 - Winter Weekend" First shots (GZDoom):
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