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  1. Quick test environment scene with HL:A content import in UE4.26 ARTSTATION LINK
  2. Hello everyone! I'm experimenting with unreal engine again. This time, I created a scene using the megascans assets. In fact, I managed to crookedly connect the UE with the Bridge, so I had to set up all the materials manually. But you don't have to worry, I managed to tie UE and Bridge I feel that I am unable to create scale (depth) in my work, and I want to asking with you, where do you get experience in improving your skills in creating an environment? https://www.artstation.com/artwork/R3rGwW
  3. Hello everyone! It`s my first work in UE 4 for environmental scene I would like to know your opinion on this work. I also ask you to give tips that can help me do better in the future. Please do not scroll past, yourfeedb ack is very important. Arstation page work
  4. Episode 17. Kleiner lab with HL:A materials assets. More on artstation profile. ARTSTATION PROFILE I really want to get criticism or approval from you
  5. Greetings friends! I want to share my work on the map with an Episode 17 being developed on Source Engine. It will be very nice if you give me advice or express your opinion. Here I will attach the comparisons screenshots so that you can appreciate the work done by me. Read more about the Episode 17 you can go to the personal page. Thanks all and see u soon!
  6. Hello friends! For the upcoming big media update Episode 17, we released a small teaser trailer. Your opinion is important to us! Subscribe. Thanks. Episode 17 - Teaser trailer https://vk.com/episode17 http://www.moddb.com/mods/episode-17
  7. Hello everyone! I am the main level-designer of the project Episode 17. EP17 is a separate story that builds on the unreleased content of HL2 Beta. And at the moment, I prepare the main platform as game locations, and periodically share my work with the community. Now the team is a hell of a lot of people, and I only work on maps. I want to know your opinion on this project, and I really look forward to your feedback to help create the game. I am always open for communication! Thank you for attention! More information, you can find on the ModDB page. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.moddb.com/mods/episode-17 https://vk.com/episode17 [email protected]
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