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  2. Hahaha! Well the risk if half of the game. That's what I like about games with perma-death / destructive features. Just knowing that if we make the wrong jump we'll lose the equivalent of weeks of playtime.
  3. Today I spent 4 hours on making a spread sheet for an Eve online project my friends have tricked me into. Building a capital ship called Rorqual Edit: Here's a link to the sheet if you're curious:
  4. Whaaat! Life-time achievement coming up @Puddy ?
  5. Niiice, is it in english? ;D
  6. And a late thank you!
  7. Thanks guys!
  8. So I have to tell you guys something. Roughly two weeks ago we got the message that we were accepted to the first game company incubator here in Malmö (Sweden). Today we spent our first day in the office and we got our first studio-for-hire contract signed as well. Our contract is with the Swedish Aircraft Agency for which we will be modelling airports for their flight control tower simulator and while it's not exactly games it's very different from the consulting work we've done earlier, because this contract means that we can work on it as a studio and not split up our entire team on different projects. I also dropped down to 70% with my teaching job so I can finally work day-time with our own stuff and I'll most probably drop down even more before the end of this year. This is it, almost three years later and I now see us as a serious indie studio, we got a project that's coming out the door this year (Spellsworn) and are starting the pre-production for the next one this summer, we got an office and well.. I'm just so happy and grateful to be where I am! Walking on clouds right now but I'm so scared there'll be a hole somewhere! Gotta keep my cool. Here's me in our office! (To be pimped)
  9. I actually got to talk to him a little bit when he was chilling in the lobby. I told him I was very much looking forward to see what he'll do with his next game and asked if we'll see something coming out soon he said that 'first I have to make the language, then the game, so there's quite a lot of work to do'. So I'm guessing it's still anything from one to several years from now. Will probably be really cool though. Yeah, I loved the talks I went too but some of them really wasn't prepared at all and gave a lot of interesting thoughts but off-topic. Chris Avallone, Tim Cain and Alex Kennedy (Sunless Sea) and they were supposed to talk about Geography in relation to World Building which is something I'd love to hear more about but they had more of a talk regarding writing and building worlds in general. What's the point of having a topic if it's not being followed? And yeah you are right, parties where really nice! Some friends hired this villa up in the mountains, was really sweet. Will post some pics later to tease you guys. Insofar best and most relaxed conference and I also got a lot out of it. Maybe even a publisher for our game, Spellsworn, but it's too soon to say.
  10. Heya! Anyone here attending Reboot Game Conference in Dubrovnik this week? Hit me up if you want to grab a beer or something!
  11. Maybe I should have kids some day after all.
  12. Hopefully they've done improvements since then. I might just try it out, not that big cost and it's a one-time fee.
  13. Anyone worked with Filter Forge? Experiences? I haven't tried it myself but I'm really curious about it
  14. I feel positive after this interview! All these abilities might actually work. Let's just hope all those cheesy voicelines aren't actually used that much.
  15. They could also go Blizzard-Overwatch-Style all over the game and just double all hitboxes and AoEs.