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  1. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Looks promising!!
  2. The random model thread!

    My first 3Ds Max model
  3. Looks really nice!
  4. [CS:GO] SDK bugs and errors

    Same problem here! I was working on a new map and suddently that message appeared.
  5. [CS:GO] Paster

    Hey guys, I just updated my map, hoping it's one of the last updates. It is not as good as the new FMPONE one, but still trying, congrats on you! Vents have been changed for a bigger room, with just one small part connecting mid to A site. Also a new box has been added next to the door for T's to hold mid from A side. And last but not least, stairs from Sniper on CT's heaven on B have been changed for a ladder and the wall has dropped a little bit so you can't see any feet when approaching. Finally a big crate has also been added on CT to cut down these long sights that you could see between A factory and B entrance. Hope you guys like the new update! You can visit my map here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=908405993
  6. Video: From Abstract Layouts to Specifics - Bauer Design Solutions

    Nice videos! They are really great as a starting point
  7. [CS:GO] Paster

    New update guys! I think it will be almost the last one. I have made a lot of changes on A side, mostly on be bomb zone itself, and added more cover. Also on B side I added some glasses on the squeaky room to throw somekes and flashes to the bombsite. Light has also been improved and now its doesn't shine you when you are inside and look outside, or when you are looking down and then look up quickly. Album: http://imgur.com/a/6HUEz Overview:
  8. [CS:GO] DE_Stream (WIP)

    Looks nice so far!
  9. [CS:GO] Paster

    New update! -Overview updated and improved -Fixed (Hopefully) all the trims and places where you could boost and get an unfair advantage to the enemy. -Added more light to B bombsite as it was a bit dark. -Added a smaller crate next to mid's vent so that you can get to the bigger blue crate. -Fixed places where you could get out of the map -Fixed small texture and detail problems -Added more detail -Removed small concrete wall on A bombsite For now I think I won't make more changes to the map as I feel it could be better, but it's good enough being my first map ever. I consider this project as a way to get an introduction to the level design world and I hope to make more and better maps in the future. There are still some things to change and improve and I will try to make a final version soon with a good compile and something I can be proud of. I just want to say thank you for all who helped and playtested my map, and for all the feedback and comments recieved! Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=908405993 This is the new overview, which has been improved: And the new album with the images from this new version:
  10. [CS:GO] Paster

    Yes! I'm so happy to see it and to get a stronger community every day, thank you for all!
  11. [CS:GO] Paster

    1: 37 If you want to test the map on the website 3kliksphilip.com it will be hosted with the other nine maps of the video during all this week, so have fun! I hope to get as much feedback as possible and post a huge update later on.
  12. [CS:GO] de_work (WIP)

    Hey man your overview of the map is not correctly placed. Remember when taking the screenshot of the overview that you game screen must be 1280x1024 (Apsect ratio 4:3) and must be windowed. Also you have to use the command cl_overviewmarker 1024 so that the image will be 1024x1024 when cropped. This is a video from TopHATTwaffle that explains that perfect (About 6:50 minute): You can also put the numbers on the text file for the radar for bombsite A and B, CT and T spawn, so that the icons will appear on the radar when the map is loading. I would recommend you, as also happened to me, to lower the saturation for the Nuke crates, as they look too bright right now. For the rest I think it's a very good map! Keep working.
  13. [CS:GO] Paster

    @NikiOo When I change the skybox a bit more larger to make some places different and more open then it turns all the map black. If I keep the map as it is now the light is ok but if I change some skybox brush then it turns all black.
  14. [CS:GO] Paster

    As I am updating my map, when I compile it now all the textures appear to be black (Which none of the previous happened to me). If I compile on Full compile- HDR Only it appears like this: And if I compile on Fast it appears like this: The map in the previous versions looked like this: http://imgur.com/a/Rs8YL If anyone knows how to fix it please give me a hand. Thank you!
  15. [CS:GO] de_work (WIP)

    It looks nice so far!