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[CSS] de_dyspnoe_b2


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because im not in the country the whole august, im going to release now the first official beta-version of my actual mapping-project "de_dyspnoe".

map: de_dyspnoe_b2

mapper: CoKie

rls-date: 29.07.2006

status: beta


spawnpoints: 64

custom: several sounds/textures, skybox













have fun!

CoKie :D

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But a beta isn't finished, so surely betas should be posted here in WIP?

I quite like this, but there are some things that could be improved. First, those decals look horribly out of place. Its not that they are bad pictures or anything, they just don't sit well in the world and look completely unnatural. I'd lose them or do something to them to make them look less artificial - more wear and tear I guess. Second, the map looks too obviously tiered, particularly outside. Each "layer" of the buildings remains at a constant height all around these outdoor sections. The only outdoor shot that seems to break this is the one with the brick building - it could benefit from more variety like this. Third - well it isn't really my place to question your map's name, but its more than a little awkward sounding. Is it a common, or at least easily pronouncable word in German?

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I love it (decals too ;) ). It looks like a clanmatch map, not a realistic surrounding. So the decals fit in a way ;) Besides that they give the map a kinda unique look inbetween all the depressingly realistic maps most ppl make. You gotta change the name tho

How about an overview?

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i agree to most of the things already said.

you made a quite a good start to a non funmap level. layout seems fine. details are missing. it seems to be an industry themed map? so where is all the production hardware?

i'd rate it with a 6 of 10 points.

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I find it odd how people play official maps, and see how the gameplay works and flows, and then go and make a map better suited to a respawning-deathmatch-type-game.

Have a look at any official map's layout and you'll notice one thing: they're very straightforward, each area has a minimum of two (average maximum of 4) entrances/exits - layouts are timed for rushing, and bombsites are easy to find and generally much larger than the paths that lead to them.

A few simple rules and you've got the data needed to draw up a good layout, then build.

This map looks nice in places (and your creativity has shone through) but you've let yourself down by trying to do too much and stretching the level a bit thin in terms of materials and architecture. It seems very chaotic in places and very organised in others. Try culling things now, get rid of shit that doesn't need to be there, and work on getting your layout to channel the action to certain chokepoints.

[edit] Way too much tbh!


I don't think you use enough textures (or decent props) to pull off such a large area? Plus the decals aren't good at all (sorry), and the general feeling of "what is this place for" needs ramming home a bit more too.

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