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  1. CoKie


    aloha, my mapping project cp_broma for team fortress 2 has accomplished the final status.. download: http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/53436 greets! CoKie screenshots:
  2. CoKie

    [tf2] cp_broma_beta4

    hi guys, today ive finished beta4 of my actual mapping project called "cp_broma". download: http://cokielores.net/projects-cp_broma.html please bring me feedback! ------------------------- [email protected] ------------------------- greets! CoKie screenshots:
  3. CoKie

    [css] cs_atafaris

    aloha! just wanted to expose my latest mapping-project for css, called "cs_atafaris". the map just passed the beta-status so this is the final version. inspired by the theme of de_dust and de_prodigy i tried to realise a map idea that circulated since a little while in my brain, thats the result. some facts: map: cs_atafaris mapper: CoKie releasedate: 28.october.2007 spawnpoints: 64 hdr-support: yes ambientsounds: yes nav-file: yes radar/overview: yes bspzipped: yes screenshots: download http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/37242 have fun! CoKie
  4. CoKie

    [css] cs_bog

    hi, the last weeks i worked in my rare freetime on a cs-hostage rescue-map, called "cs_bog". the map is full bot-compatible, all map-relevant files are inside the bsp-file, as usual. download: http://cokiedelic.net/projects/cs_bog.html have fun! CoKie
  5. CoKie

    [CSS] de_dyspnoe_b2

    oioi, because im not in the country the whole august, im going to release now the first official beta-version of my actual mapping-project "de_dyspnoe". map: de_dyspnoe_b2 mapper: CoKie rls-date: 29.07.2006 status: beta -------------------- spawnpoints: 64 custom: several sounds/textures, skybox DOWNLOAD: http://www.deadlyrevenge.de/cokie/de_dyspnoe_b2.zip SCREENSHOTS: have fun! CoKie
  6. any news about the progress of this great looking map?
  7. CoKie

    [CSS] de_iceberg

    aloha friends of the sun! heres my latest de_map for CSS, called "de_iceberg", just made it to the final-status. motto is " cold, gameplay and FPS!" optical facts included... so the theme is some kind of hideout in a snowy rocky landscape, let your mind tell you what it definately is... PLAYERSPAWNS: 48! customcontent: several textures & skybox download: ------------------ http://www.deadlyrevenge.de/cokie/de_iceberg.rar ------------------ screenshots: ------------------ have fun! greets! CoKie
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