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  1. shout park did it to.. But i really hate when that happends to me on every monday.. i mean that soleval's entry sorry for negro, friend pasted this on irc :embarrassed:
  2. sure looks as retarded as you And that haircut really doesn't fit on 70years old! Just kidding, its cool.. just kidding, i wasn't kidding! But the pic is still cool
  3. csharp

    Q4 MP - Yan's Test

    You really took everything off from doom 3 engine.. That looks sweet
  4. csharp


    :edit: And mapcore sure loves banjo.. atleast it loved years ago
  5. csharp


    Like i said in leveldesign.fi, that is great and it sure looks photo realistic.. OHHAI, csharp is back (again)
  6. Method, nice work, it really remind me of bioshock I dont know why, but those wooden clean doors doesnt look like they doesnt fit there
  7. Nice, a bit cartoonish but still looking cool
  8. 7.756981428824998 with overclocked GPU
  9. Shiiit, that looks awsome
  10. I really like your TF2 maps Should buy new computer so that i can do maps for tf2 (Sure i could now, but i dont see any good point to buy game witch doesn't run on my computer )
  11. Jeah, it looks nice, have you made normals to these?
  12. it doesnt look like atztec, even when it uses aztec textures.. Great job!
  13. csharp


    i got same problem, but i dont care.. I started use Editpad Pro instead of notepad, i love that program.. You can save entire sessio with it, it haves a colorcoding etc..
  14. Is that really new enige? It doesnt impress me even a bit.. Actually it looks pretty crab to be published in 2007..
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