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Hawaii State (apparently with other States) is looking at introducing legislation to declare lootcrates gambling as soon as next year


a "gambling" rating for games doesn't look too improbable now. I just wonder how they will enforce a forbid to sale - I don't know if retailers would sell an underage person a game labelled "M", but at least in Italy I think they just might be.

PS: like people in the comments of that tweet, I'm not so sure how happy we should be about governments stepping in to regulate video-games. I want the blood in video games to stay red, so to speak.

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Star War themed online casino. That phrase probably had Disney going crazy. They're not even calling it a game they're calling it a casino! This is probably going to have some knock on effects for everyone in the gaming world. Maybe we'll see the end of loot boxes and we'll just be able to buy what we want in the future?

I doubt we'll see the end of microtransactions though. Devs/publishers will just find another way to package it. I saw a good comment somewhere saying we should stop calling them microtransactions, it's not a microtransaction when you're dropping tens or even hundreds of £/$ on keys to open crates to hopefully get an item you want. Those are some big transactions!

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I don’t have a problem with micro transactions, if they complement a cheap game… putting them on top of a full priced game is dirty.

I guess EA needs to recoup the money of the license…

I  wonder, Disney must be getting a cut on sales? Is it really get the license and then hands-off? :?

I mean we are talking about EA as the greedy entity but let’s not forget Disney is on a full-on campaign to maximise profits: they have announced they’re creating their own streaming service for example, so we should expect all Disney/Marvel/Star Wars contenta to disappear from everywhere else. Apparently a Star Wars TV show is being discussed, and we know they’ve made this ginormous deal with EA for games.

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