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The contest has ended, now what?

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Hello everyone,


The contest has officially ended. I'm very pleased with the number of entries. I keep repeating myself but I would never have imagined such an great turn out. It feels good that the love is still there. I want to thank everybody for participating, even if you didn't finish, I hope you'll continue your map and eventually share it with the rest of us. We know Idtech communities have splintered throughout the years but I sincerely hope you'll stick around.


Having said that, I'll start collecting all the maps and then send them to our judges. They will do their best to finish this process in a reasonable time. However, I cannot yet give a date so check back regularly. In the mean time I'll upload all the release candidates to the server so we all can play on them. I'll also try and organize a play session in due time. For now, kick back, poor yourself a nice drink and have a breather. You all deserved it.





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It was really fun! Thanks all and specially Sprony for organizing!


Damn what will I do now? Pick up development on my puzzle game, rework the UE4 Whitebox to a finished level or make that Quake 1 SP level I've always wanted to do? Probably nothing until at least Monday though. :) 

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Best of luck to all participants! I enjoyed watching how these maps evolved and seeing some really impressive stuff being built. For now, you guys get to sit back and relax for a bit while the other judges and I have to start biting our nails and try to make up our minds on how to score each map.


Currently, I'm working on a scorecard that the judges will use to score each map. It will contain a breakdown of judging criteria, points to be awarded, and definitions on how each category should be judged. I think it'll make judging easier and participants can see how they were scored and what they could improve upon.

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Talk about stressful, but fun as hell. Seems I can't build a map nowadays without some kind of impending deadline :)


Great work on the contest Sprony!. I have organized a few contests for work before and I have to say you did an impressive job. Very well organized and thought out. Thumbs up!


Good luck to everyone. I can't wait to check out these maps :D

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Thanks Sprony!

I'll be sure to stick around.

This contest and getting back to Gtk really brought back the mapping bug.


It was a bit of a rush job and i wish i had more time to share my progress on my map on this forum.

After the judging i'll do some repolishing on the map, tidy it up and release a final version.

I'll be sure to post it here.


It is great to see Q3 is still so much alive!

And now good luck to all judges ;)



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