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  1. -I want to be featured in the map pack. -No updates Thank you.
  2. I understand you, Pat, This table is very sophisticated. So much, that person, who never played this game can easy judge maps. But for well experienced judge (we have) it may be too binding. Maybe they would like to have more "free hand". On the other hand, now it is very easy to watch judge's thinking and compare different maps in different elements. So, I am ok with both ways of rating. But If I was a judge, I would like to have rating system suggested by Pat.
  3. So, it is finished. I hope you will like it. You can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkw7mn5mv02sf9j/rota3dm5.rar?dl=0 I wanted to create something with funny and crazy gameplay. And after few games with my friends I can say, that I am satisfied. Playing with bots is much more boring, as always.. Thank you to everyone who participated in this competition,.. And the last thing I want to say is that I will probably finish my dm4 (large tdm map) in next few weeks.
  4. Name: Jan Žáček Nick: ROTA Map Name: Kora Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkw7mn5mv02sf9j/rota3dm5.rar?dl=0
  5. I would like to ask where I should upload finished map. Just send download link to my thread? Or should I upload it to some special place for finished maps? Thanks.
  6. And here are some ingame shots: -Originaly it was much more detailed, but after some discussions with my cousin (debtorr) it was changed to something more simple to increase gameplay. I also checked how the map looks, when you set high picmip, because all players play with picmip 10... And they want to see nice simply shapes with no useless stuff.. So, here you can compare same views with picmip 0 and 10..:
  7. So, as I promised, here are some screenshots from progress of designing my map. I would like to add also some screens of my very first sketches, but I lost them . So, here is oldest one I could found. Everything is created with simply brushes, only one texture is used. My only goal in this phase was a gameplay... Later, part of the map was detailed, and other side was still heavily edited: And now, almost everything is detailed, items are placed,.. and it looks like this:
  8. Well, I am quite busy in these days.. But good thing is, that I have begun about 2 weeks back and I am sure I will finish it in time. I will try to add some screens here in next days. Meantime I can say about map this: -size: 4-6 players (smaller, that I would like to have it, but smaller map could save some time) -levels: 3 -main items: 1 powerup - quad, 2ya, 1mh -textures: custom mostly based on stuff from cgtextures. Some of them are inspired from my rota3dm4. I wanted to create atmosphere that reminds something between old factory and communist cafeteria which I remember from my elementary school As I said, I will add screens soon..
  9. First of all I would like to congratulate on the anniversary. 15 years is really long time. And it looks like during this time quake has became something special for all of us. At least for me definitely yes. Therefore I am happy for joining this "festive event" . And now something about my map: For now, I have no specific idea about how the map will look like. I will try to create something functional, original and beautiful . Bad thing is, that there is possibility that I will go to business trip. And in that case can be deadline problem for me :/.
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