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  1. Tried your way and loaded it into blender. Also tried my way with noclip and lower FOV. Ultimaly I've decieded just to screencap from radiant and draw up shapes in PS Will probably be the quickest way for me to fix this.
  2. Thanks for the tip. Will look into that. Will first see if it's maybe possible to noclip out of level and set the fov to lowest and look down and render a screenshot. Might get an ok result. Will just need to build versions of the map without ceilings and for different floors.
  3. Hi it's been a while since I visited this forums last and also a bit rusty when it comes to GTK Radiant as well. Wanted to touch up some things on Quake 3 level as well as making a good top down view map of it for my portfolio. Is there a good way to get a textured orthographic top down view in editor? Can't find any view or setting for it. If not, any other good tips on how to make a good top down view map for presentation reasons? Thanks in advance! Will probably return more to the forums, may have been re-bitten by the mapping bug! /Daniel
  4. Hi! Been a while since I visited Mapcore (Been busy with my new workplace, game design for a small start-up) But I'd like some help from some kind (Quake 3 and Radiant experienced)soul out there. I recently accepted a little side gig to re-texture some maps for an old Quake 3 Mod/Game. And the people behind it haven't worked on it for years so they only had the .bsp files. I managed to decompile it into a .map w/ Q2map2 and loaded it into gtkradiant. So far so good. But now, of course all the surfaces says shader image missing and makes it a bit hard to navigate and see what should be replaced with what. So I loaded the directory with textures but no difference. Maybe I'm just a bit gtk-rusty but I feel a bit stomped. How do I get them to load?
  5. Oh and if someone wonders how those flowcharts looked, here they are: Q1 E1M3: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1lPHmn_1_Rlz5vTO-E6TY1KO0lfCKd5aL2NlZ4TtNxfQ/edit?usp=sharing And my level: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/13x3ajXGaR3W_jUfFR5rT3aCmccObrv88wNZA4i0ZNUM/edit?usp=sharing I during production I strayed a bit from the plan...
  6. Thanks! I've used Trenchbroom, a modern Quake Ed. where you build in 3D view. Found here: http://kristianduske.com/trenchbroom/ Kind of hard to estimate how much time it's taken so far. Took a break from it a couple a months ago and that break continued until I was finished with Bloodborne... As for pre-production I tested a, for me, new approach. I didn't do a top-down as I have done with levels in the past. Instead I played one of my favorite levels in Q1 E1M3 - the necropolis and made a flowchart of it where I identified the purpose/challenge/items of each room/corridor and how they were connected. Later I did my own flowchart and Incorporated some of the things I found. That way I saved the design-part of the ideas until the mapping. So a rectangle could read: "Traproom, nailgun" or "Medium intense fight, puzzle to continue". It was an experiment and I'm not really sure about if I'll do it that way again. I think I will return to making some top-down planning as well as a flowchart. And @Sprony Yes I'm aware about Func Will post there soon. But I've got some great feedback recently and I'm in the process of changing somethings and adding others. So I'm waiting to post there until my next update.
  7. Hi! I've started working on a Quake(yup, the old original classic) level. I think it's got a good flow and that Q1 feel, but would love some more feedback. Graphically it's a bit barren at the moment but I'll work on it, lighting haven't really got any love yet either. But as it says in the title, it's a WiP. Here's a link to the current build (2015-04-28): https://www.dropbox.com/s/4usbs213q99egv3/daniel.bsp?dl=0 And here's a quick playthrough: As for engine/sourceport, I would suggest playing it in Quakespasm (link: http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/download.htm)
  8. While lurking on twitter after level design jobs I came over this, as I'm only looking for work in Europe, mostly in the vicinity of Sweden I thought I'd post it here! So not in any way affiliated with Digital Extremes. LEVEL DESIGNER Department: GameLevel Design Job Type: Full Time Location: Ontario Min Exp: 2+ years Main Responsibilities: • Follow the level design pipeline from “pen & paper” game designs to implement spectacular character based levels and ultra-fun gameplay mechanics. • Work closely with level layout artists to identify level assets and gameplay direction to ensure visual and technical quality for the levels. • Follow direction of Lead Level Designer to maintain gameplay vision consistency. • Contribute to level concept, layout, implementation (camera, entity, etc.), prototype modeling, scenario creation, event scripting, game balancing, pacing, and gameplay tuning. • Contribute to general game design, as well as cooperate with all other facets of game production (programming, environment/world art and animation). • Place and trigger entities (such as enemies, movers, and objects) to create fun, absorbing gameplay. • Master internal tools for modeling environments and integrating game play. • Rough out world geometry, camera paths, and lighting using 3D world-building tools. • Assist with the scripting of gameplay entities and events. • Creatively resolve gameplay and production issues. • Meet production schedules and deadlines. • Collaborate with Design team to define and refine gameplay mechanics. • Multitask effectively, prioritize competing demands, and follow through on details Qualifications: • Solid knowledge of game editors. • Previous experience working on AAA titles • Demonstrated ability to work self-directed when necessary. • Ability to meet tight deadlines in our fast-paced environment. • Aptitude for learning new software tools. • Possess exemplary oral and written communication skills. • Willing to relocate to Canada Preferred Extras: • Knowledge of LUA or other scripting languages. Source: http://www.digitalextremes.com/careers/postings/gamelevel-design/level-designer
  9. When I first heard about how the guy whom was promised to be a god in godus got "forgotten" by 22 Cans, I got a bit mad at Molyneux. Feeling like it was the peak of many broken, or at least underachieved, promises from him. But when I started reading the RPS article I can't help to sympathize with him, that article comes in way too hot, even though I too feel that he has done wrong I don't think it's okay to treat someone like that.
  10. Some pics load a bit slow I would consider using JPEG instead of PNG. (I really shouldn't be the one to talk, I have some unnecessary PNGs on my own site as well ) Edit: Btw no expert on the subject, but I think that JPEG should be better suited for photos (or photo-like images) but you could probably save smaller PNGs as well, instead of ~600kb
  11. What I can see TrenchBroom 2 isn't out to the public yet. Do you think it will be out by the contests start date? Will probably not participate, have never played much Q2 MP but got curious cause at the moment I'm sitting with Trenchbroom (v1) and doing a Q1 SP map. Look forward to following the contest though!
  12. The func train method worked wonders! Thanks!
  13. Ah thanks! Will try out the func_train thing tomorrow, the starts open spawn flag will probably not help as that end position will cover the other side of the wall. Mapping in Q1 is a bit crazy So many haxx. I already have unreachable boxes in space with enemies to teleport into the level as, to my knowledge, there isn't a way to spawn enemies
  14. So I'm messing around with the original Quake (with the Trenchbroom editor) and I'm planning to do a single player map, will soon start a WiP thread here I think. But as I were experimenting with a trap room I ran into some troubles. I have a wall that starts to move in to crush the player. There's a hole in the wall so the player needs to fit into to avoid being crushed, after that there's a second wall and finally the roof also comes down. The moving wall starts next to a not moving wall so no light hits it backside. As the player makes it through she/he the wall will appear completely black is there a way around this? I suspect the same problem can happen with the underside of elevators and moving platforms. A bit surprised that light is baked onto non-static objects. But I guess the advantage is more consistent light.
  15. I'd like to be featured. Might update some things if I got time.
  16. Hehe I guess I'm not the only one hitting f5 more often then I care to admit today?
  17. I guess you'll want it to look as good as possible on default settings, so I would set gamma to 1.0 and look at it on a screen that's pretty standard. Or if you know that the monitor is brighter then standard lower the brightness.
  18. The Karoshi games http://www.karoshigame.com/
  19. To answer that question statistically correct I used this website: https://www.spotify-yearinmusic.com/ and here's my 100 most played songs 2014 generated from the site: 100 most played 2014
  20. Had some missing textures while playing, some details on the walls and stuff below the weapons. Downloaded pk3. from the collected zip file in the play submissions thread.
  21. It appears as the sounds to the elevator didn't make it to the .pk3. Also I would consider using weapon clip or missle clip on the wooden platforms, got a bit surprised when trying to rocket jump to another platform and the rocket went through between the planks. Really cool to play such a highly detailed Q3 map though. How does it work when using imported models instead of brushes, do you use the same model as collision or do you need to clip it with brushes?
  22. For me it looked a bit darker in game then on those shots, but not too dark. But then again my monitor might be brighter then others so can't swear that it's not too dark. I really liked the level though! And some brave texturing Some textures that I wouldn't guess mixed good but somehow works great.
  23. Just played it, it has a really cool atmosphere to it! Good design and item placement too. But I think it look even more interesting if it were to have more colored lights to it, either if different areas inside the "thing" had different light colors lighting it from below or if you were to have some large point lights matching colors from the sky box. So that the platform by the planet had blue light hitting it and then orange light from the nebula. Also some weapons were in shadows and a bit hard to see, if you didn't want more lights in the area maybe a light_junior would be good? But overall I liked it very much!
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