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  1. was a productive year A respectful batch of awesome maps and envs Still impressed what you guys are doing with CSGO, pushing the engine to its limits
  2. @Yanzl did a great job with the new version of the logo! looks modern!
  3. the quality of the entries really moves me. Really inspirational :))
  4. Hello Guys, how are you? Today i posted two skins i made as a collaboration with a friend here's a preview: If you like it, here's the workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1316560642 What do you guys think?
  5. Thurnip

    CS:GO Stickers

    Hello fellas how are you.... today i just submitted a new sticker Please take a look, if you like it feel free to vote up for it http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899713518 . Thanks!!
  6. how much of the textures and shaders are custom, and how much are like, CSGO default? this is a general question about CSGO maps
  7. haha you could add those pool tables, snacks machines and slider, from one floor to another (not usable by players), you know, to look a COOL and young office
  8. awesome Mazy! congrats to you and to the team :DD looks gorgeous and the concept is dope 11/10 will buy.
  9. haha totally I think no man's sky is like fuel for our (for my) imagination you see... I just enter the game and my mind travels away... I'm enjoying play on the pc because of mods... Unfortunately the gameplay is not awesome... so and i'm using some mods to improve ship handling, remove the timer to make actions. Also a mod who adds forests and change size of trees (some planets now have gigantic forests) And this dinosaur with severe collision issues :DD
  10. Hey dudes! some already know, i've been working on DOI UI design since May. last week, Early access was released. It's impressive to see how the team is fast to address issues and feedback from community to improve the product itself.
  11. Thurnip

    My Night Job - Dev

    Released!! Last week, My Night Job was released on Steam ! http://store.steampowered.com/app/437100/ After more than a Year, we've been working on MNJ. Thanks for all the support and comments on this thread. Unfortunately i wasn't able to post lots of content here, but i may add more making of stuff here soon, since now i'm a little less busy working on the game itself PS4 Version will be released sometime on may! Oh, and also we have a Steam community Leaderboard :) Cheers!!
  12. Thurnip

    My Night Job - Dev

    whoa, time flies...!! Effects So, i was wondering if it's interesting to post some of sfx i made for the game. Amost (maybe) all of the them i made using after effects, photoshop and illustrator. I believe some techniques could be useful for other people who are doing pixel art or cheating at it. I'm a pixel art "cheater". *There is an illustrator/animator working on My Night job. He's responsible for characters, animations etc. His work os more like pure pixel art and stuff. The cornerstone of most of effects is "HD index painting" technic, by this amazing pixel artist, Dan Fessler: http://
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