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  1. @spronyvanjohnson You might try asking Tig from ..::LvL He did a lot of videos for lvlworld.
  2. I want to withdraw my submission to the mappack. I won't be able to come up with a version of my map that will meet my standards to be included in this pack. Good luck. And best wishes for 2015
  3. I'd like to be in it too. I'll post an updated map prob. this weekend in my map thread.
  4. Congtats to all 16 winners Tanks to the judges for their input and feedback i highly appreciate it. And Sprony thanks for being such an elegant host!
  5. I think the chart is a good way for us mappers to recieve feedback and to keep it in check for further mapping. It also gives an insight for non-participants how the ranking of the maps came together. For judging i think the judges can come to correct ranking without any chart... The chart just makes it transparent for non-judges.
  6. Thanks Sprony! I'll be sure to stick around. This contest and getting back to Gtk really brought back the mapping bug. It was a bit of a rush job and i wish i had more time to share my progress on my map on this forum. After the judging i'll do some repolishing on the map, tidy it up and release a final version. I'll be sure to post it here. It is great to see Q3 is still so much alive! And now good luck to all judges Cheers
  7. Ok, picked up on a teleporter issue, on of my tele-exits should be turned 90 degrees. You'll end up facing a wall now. I'll fix this in a after-comp version
  8. Download: http://members.quicknet.nl/j.slee/maps/jas3dm5c.zip I'm suprised i got something build in the time that i had...
  9. Name: Johann Slee Nick Name: Takkie Map Name: Firesplinter Download Link: http://members.quicknet.nl/j.slee/maps/jas3dm5c.zip
  10. Don't you hte it when you added a last piece of design to your map and it really adds to the gameplay but when you compile the .aas file it quits during the calculation of the splits... I'm closing in on the bug, reduced the fault to one of 5 brushes... but now i need to get rid of it. And time is ticking... It is nice to realise that i really like mapping.
  11. Ha, ja, hoi! Leuk. Gaat goed komen
  12. Keywords: vertical, minimal 3 main battle areas no models Simple, functional architecture Low on details High on connectivity Textured in stillness Psychedelica for the dead q3map2 fadeness Working title: calkx (caulk texture and aphex twin)
  13. I'm in. Hope to finish it in time... Love to get back into mapping. btw. Real name: Johann Slee
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