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Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers!


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Nobody likes it when things like games, films, TV shows, and books are spoilt by someone on the internet revealing an epic plot twist. As such, MapCore is equipped with spoiler tags. Simply highlight the text in question, then click the 'spoiler' button above the post editing area.

Common sense that must be employed when it comes to spoilers. If you think revealing something might lessen someone's enjoyment of whatever it is you're discussing, use spoiler tags. If you can, use them in a way that gives people a clue about what exactly it is you're talking about.

For example, someone who's played Grand Theft Auto 5 for one hour is going to have seen the intro. As such, he knows he can read a spoiler tag like this without problems:

The intro is great when it reveals

Tommy Vercetti is one of the first people you work for!

... and so he can remain involved in the discussion and keep the thread going. This on the other hand is totally useless:

The intro is great when it reveals Tommy Vercetti as one of the first people you work for!

Anyone who hasn't finished the game is going to ignore that post. Of course, if you're ever not sure just wrap the whole thing in spoiler tags. Simples!

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