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  1. Who needs to review great Doom DLC when you can squeeze an article out of every item in Pokemon Sun and Moon.
  2. Whenever there is three of us on we tend to do 3v3 now. It's very enjoyable if people aren't shouting at you for picking objectively stupid line-ups. It's not a mode to take super serious IMO. The map is cool (no puns intended), although almost everyone has jumped on the catwalk railings for some height and slipped off Sombra seems strong in theory. However, as an invisibility hero she's not too scary, her objective is sabotage and harassment rather than assassination (she can do that but it's usually on you). I'm worried she shares a bit too much space with Tracer, and her ultimate rem
  3. The longer the event is the less compelled you are to buy loot boxes.
  4. Soundtrack is by 65daysofstatic who are fucking awesome.
  5. The Souls series reminds me a lot of Ikaruga in the sense everyone knows they're supposed to like it but very few know why. You give most journalists a shmup to review and they will complain that it's too short, too easy and too hard (I die lots credit feeding), has too much memorisation, etc. but you give the same person Ikaruga suddenly these are all blessings. Wow, it's only 20m long you can really iterate those levels, such a brave design decision! Souls is actually pretty mainstream now, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne were all top sellers and not some niche hit for nerds, this is good b
  6. Yeah, take that! Or, rather, don't. Augments seemed off. I had zero power for 99% of the game until I realised I was at the end, ate all my biocells, and walked around invisible dunking dudes with impunity. I did enjoy it a lot, definitely got my moneys worth and some good goose-bump moments (especially the harvester mission), but I think I prefered my time with Human Revolution...
  7. I've just done my placements and achieved a humble gold, which I imagine is the tier immediately above average. I'm locked in for a guaranteed 20% of a gun shader. Come on Season 3.
  8. I'm several hours in now and enjoying it a lot. I like a lot of the decisions I've been making and they feel quite organic. Not shoehorned into very obvious dialogue forks like you would see in, say, Mass Effect. Getting a call on the way to one objective with a conflicting one... stuff like that is cool. I also find myself siding with different people (generally I'm just trying to prevent loss of life even if that means learning less about the conspiracy), which probably means I'll need to speed run it a few times after. Also... eh. Gotta talk about it. The augmented being the opp
  9. Melee it from the table! Works 99% of the time.
  10. Ranked is back... With no word on fixing healers being discriminated against or enemy rage quitters denying your rank up. Can't wait to get incredibly salty.
  11. Maybe I'm a noob who can't play videogames but I had a lot of trouble in the prologue trying to save Simon Singh. In the end I had to switch mouse and keyboard (for some reason I played HR with the controller) and just shoot everyone like it was an FPS rather than trying to go around disabling people using my augs. Was HR this restrictive with power? I can't remember. I also didn't like how this mission worked. It heavily implies you need to get to Singh to save him, when you just need to run to the battery, and it's kind of strange how this saves him. In fiction there's nothing about thi
  12. I guess I don't really understand the end goal. If you're looking to do some hobbyist level design it should be a personal question, really. You're doing this for your own entertainment so your personal investment in a game should trump any kind of measure of popularity. If you want to make Doom WADs or CS:GO knife maps go and do that. If you're looking for a path into The Biz then most of the important skills you learn making levels are transferable. The interface will change, everything has its own quirks, the scripting language will be different, etc. But you can pick this up fast once
  13. I could see how multiplayer would get the chop in development given it was always qualified with "the chances are tiny." If you've a huge feature nobody is going to use and you're pushed for time it's going to be first in line. And again, they also did stress it was not multiplayer before it actually came out, for all the jump cuts of on-the-spot interview questions we get to see on youtube. However, generally speaking there is a mismatch between the promise and what was delivered in a lot of aspects of the game. I think that's fair to say. Will it all be patched in? Maybe. Personall
  14. This is the first game I have refunded on Steam. If I never mine another rock in a videogame it will be too soon. Although what I dislike more is everything surrounding the game. This game was massively over-hyped even from the first trailer, and I don't mean "over-hyped" as in not appropriate to No Man's Sky, but as in not appropriate to anything. Even if this was the most amazing game ever you needed to calm the hell down. And from there the frothing articles only continued and escalated - but now the same outlets and youtube gits are running articles about how it didn't deliver on what
  15. There are reports on PTR that, because supports still get less rank than everyone else and there are now rank restrictions on teams, people who play together exclusively are finding themselves unable to team up anymore after placements.
  16. There was a screening of all the cinematics in London when it released. Roadhog hooking people through walls was always a bit dodgy, but there's other issues with the hook and momentum (at least I believe this is the cause). E.g. it dropping people behind you. If you catch Genji mid-dash all the excitement fades as the slippery bastard ends up in some random position and spams all his keys before you can locate the little git under your left arm pit. As Roadhog is now about 15 hours higher than all my other heroes I've been trying to mix it up recently. I've actually been playing a l
  17. I'm happy active ultimates drain the meter faster. We saw a PotG yesters where Reaper did his ultimate, got instantly hooked, only lost 3% ultimate charge and then just spammed it out. It's kind of weird the optimal strategy is to let him shoot a bit first... Although I understand how it's also frustrating to activate your ultimate and immediately get CC'd/killed and Overwatch is going for more of a midcore experience. That's right. I wrote midcore.
  18. Splitting players up into sticky tiers to solidify progress, stop them focusing on a MMR number, and give them short and long-term goals is the right thing to do. Most of this seems fairly standard. But I hope the team requirements are really loose near the bottom. For all the talk of competitive points the system seems relatively stingy. If 60 represents the top 6% of players then having 65 as the "get this or you wasted months getting annoyed by competitive mode" target seems really steep. 22 of these guns exist and they are the main reason the rank and file are playing.
  19. We're talking high level here, though. Why would these players purposely stand and fight a losing duel? How is Symmetra running through Reinhard shield, and why doesn't D.va know what her defense matrix counters? There will definitely be some competitive game where Symmetra drops her teleporter behind enemy lines and epic levels of cheese occur.
  20. At high level play where McCree is some twitchy teenager on his 10th can of Red Bull I don't think Pharah being able to fly above things is such a great advantage. I don't really see Symmetra hard countering Genji because he can just peace out with his dash. I also think Symmetra is probably the overall weakest hero because she gets dumpstered by people like Winston.
  21. Oh, cool. Well, that is some comfort.
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