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  1. SirSnail

    Layout Feedback

    MASSIVE CHANGE So I decided to rework the layout itself, merging paths while remove others, and shifting the theme around to other parts of the map while still keeping everything simplistic. Currently I understand that it's just a lot of corridors and I plan to break those up somehow, some suggestions for that would be greatly appreciated, as well the bombsites are pretty simplistic but I also don't want to increase the size of the map for some slightly better bombsites.
  2. SirSnail

    Layout Feedback

    Totally understand, it never really got used in playtesting and the routes are actually smaller than they look in the radar I think that room is about 200 units wide? I'm currently reworking the map and making the boring areas less boring and shifting the theme to different areas.
  3. SirSnail

    Layout Feedback

    The map is now on the workshop! Here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1987252369 It's only version 0.2 and doesn't contain the new layout changes I'm currently working on, but more feedback is welcome.
  4. SirSnail

    Layout Feedback

    I understand that, the height's not quite there. The farthest left the CT's have height advantage that T's can rush from afar or sneak up close, CT Mid however is shaky and I need to figure out what I need to make to balance that. The right bombsite is a bit plain and I've been adding to it. The narrow CT entrances are actually decently sized, the map is a bit "thick" i guess because the largest areas you see are very open, especially T Spawn which I'm closing up. I posted v0.2 on my workshop that I'll link when it's been approved by Steam. Thanks for the feedback, there's a lot still being changed and tested!
  5. Looks like the bombsites are too close to T Spawn, while it might be an interesting thing to test in gameplay it doesn't do well competitively. I'd also suggest changing the lines of sight down middle and the main bombsite entrances, they're too simple and while they serve their purpose they don't add anything else. Keep twisting and changing everything until you have many different areas that compliment each other. Also take a look at the other maps here in the forums to get a good idea on how everyone makes their layouts work, mapping is a lot of fun but a ton of brain work. Looking forward to updates!
  6. Totally understand dude I pulled a 14 hour day working on my map as well, not as long as you but you deserve a break my guy, hope to see more updates!
  7. Dang I'm impressed by the hustle, however I feel like there's too many callouts, and bombsite c? how does that work? Otherwise a great looking map!
  8. SirSnail

    Layout Feedback

    WOAH Big Update! I've put another good hour into just adjusting the layout with some of the changes, so here's the layout, will post screenshots later after I run around in the map and make more adjustments. - Changed A entrance - Added A Long sniper alley with connector to A Main and a squeaky door to upper A - Shrunk mid by changing connector to break more LOS - Shortened T Spawn to improve timing - Added ladder for T Mid Upper Other than that, the map might be a little on the larger side, any tips on shrinking areas and stitching from experience?
  9. Looks neat so far, maybe the lights could be toned down a bit and maybe a color change? It sort of blends into the walls a bit since they're all a shade of green/yellow.
  10. This map is damn gorgeous, looks like if Tibet was turned into a defuse map but like had grass, really think that adds more to the map and breaks up the colors a lot more.
  11. SirSnail

    Layout Feedback

    I threw this level together in a couple hours based of an idea, a secret super villain / military style base inside of an ice glacier, let me know what you guys think! I already have ideas to implement and haven't really posted anything for feedback like ever so anything is appreciated. Workshop Link (OLD LAYOUT) VERSION 0.4a I've changed the layout quite considerably, a lot of the change was the theme of the layout being shifted/spread out: - Mushed Middle, B Connector, and CT Mid together into a 3 interconnecting lanes that go to CT Spawn and Bombsite B - Warped A Long and A Main into 2 separate lanes that bring that straighforward feel to the bombsite (like Banana on Inferno) - A Main serves as a connector to Middle with a skill jump and a ladder, which should serve a quick rotate and an alternative if you fail the jump, increasing the rotate times (failure is not an option! mindset) - Tons of over arching 'rock' and 'ice' to block lines of sight to make up for the amount of vertical difference in the map - Added basic cover and indoor lighting
  12. It looks really nice! Love to see more Asian themed maps, I'll check it out and update with my thoughts here!
  13. Really great looking map! I just recorded a video on it with all my thoughts in an amateurish review-type deal I'll update on that too, would love to play a game on this! If i were to rate it I'd give like an 8.8 to 9.2 do to areas looking too similar when transitioning between them and not having played a game on it. Def a 9.5 though! I'm not a great reviewer lol.
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