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  1. I have changed this maps name from FishingLodge to Lure, as this name is just much more better. I'd like to thank @SethTooQuick for the name suggestion and a few others who helped me decide a better name. Here is the workshop link feel free to play the map and feedback is always appreciated. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=907404190 Currently I believe this map is complete layout-wise. Now its time to get on with the art. Here is the current layout view for anyone wondering.
  2. Looks nice, but i'm concerned with the amount of tight corridors.
  3. You can at least post in-game screenshots. Anyways mapcore and source engine discord/tophattwaffle.com both have testing services. In the latter one there are also community playtests which I highly recommend for the early phases of a map like this. Also try to avoid oranges dev textures they can be a real pain to the eyes, use dev/reflectivity.
  4. Avoid horseshoes and zig-zags in your map they are not fun to play around.
  5. Map looks a little too small and simple. I would expand it out a lot more.
  6. This is gonna be fun. I love tight corridors with no space, no cover and long sightlines. This map is pretty unique as it shifts away from the typical standard corridor maps we see a lot now days.
  7. I really dislike that colour scheme, seems a like there really isn't enough contrast in colour.
  8. I have decided to change my location a little bit and also made a reference thing. Now it will be in the Thai fishing villages.
  9. I'd love to see that. It would be a cool idea displaying the abundance of bodies. I am also hoping to see snow effects like in text_fish's post.
  10. A Long has been updated and so has the radar, but it is harder to spot the difference on the radar. So I'm posting a screenshot instead.
  11. I'm not sure about this idea. I can try to implement it in some areas, but overall this feels like it would be a bad move.
  12. New updated radar. There might be a playtest coming soon on Source Engine Discord.
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