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  1. Looks nice, but i'm concerned with the amount of tight corridors.
  2. You can at least post in-game screenshots. Anyways mapcore and source engine discord/tophattwaffle.com both have testing services. In the latter one there are also community playtests which I highly recommend for the early phases of a map like this. Also try to avoid oranges dev textures they can be a real pain to the eyes, use dev/reflectivity.
  3. Avoid horseshoes and zig-zags in your map they are not fun to play around.
  4. Map looks a little too small and simple. I would expand it out a lot more.
  5. This is gonna be fun. I love tight corridors with no space, no cover and long sightlines. This map is pretty unique as it shifts away from the typical standard corridor maps we see a lot now days.
  6. I really dislike that colour scheme, seems a like there really isn't enough contrast in colour.
  7. I'd love to see that. It would be a cool idea displaying the abundance of bodies. I am also hoping to see snow effects like in text_fish's post.
  8. I disagree with most of these changes they seem very weird, but I do agree with a faster route to middle for both teams, just not something so straight.
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