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  1. Alright gamers, here's what we're going with into the detailing stage. Thanks for testing.
  2. The layout is definitely still an early WIP, so thanks for your feedback!
  3. Thanks to @ZooL for providing the custom model bases so that we could modify them for Gongji!
  4. Very early sketch of our potential layout. A site being a small outdoor plaza with potentially a small event stage, mid being the actual heart of the night market, and B site being part of the local metro station (with skylights in it). We'll see how it evolves over time.
  5. This bomb defusal map is made in collaboration with @SethTooQuick and @JackT. The primary theme of this map is a Chinese night market and its immediate surrounding areas (obviously taking place during night). Starting off with a few of our potential references so you can get the idea of what we're going for here. More updates to come. Edit: Workshop link is now live: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1764994203
  6. I noticed this map is set in Nevada USA, but the doormat has the UK spelling of 'Neighbor'
  7. Squidski

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    So I recently played a match of de_iris on the Mapcore NA hub. I think I've got some feedback. The first question you might have is am I really qualified to give really critical feedback since I only played one match on the map. And I think normally the answer would be no. However in this case, Iris is one of the first community maps I've ever played a full match on that made me not want to play another match on it. And I'll tell you why. I've left feedback in the medium of Imgur album, so here you go: https://imgur.com/a/jyOuyxf
  8. New update released. Changelog is as follows: *Added a new route between library and the construction underpass*Changed up mid and blocked a lot off*Fixed some textures and props and lighting
  9. The version on the workshop now has all of the textures correctly packed.
  10. Wassup Update here. I've been working a lot on this, and I got some big changes. Screenshots Alright, so the view down mid looks a lot better. It's not near done yet. The roofs are too pointy. I'll fix that sometime. But if you look to the left side, there's a new area And here's that new area. It's the terrorists path between A and B, should they choose to rotate. Still a work in progress, mainly the foliage. Also, this map's first custom texture. This was just a test to see how well this theme fit with the rest of the map. I'd say it does it's job. (There's a queue right here with ropes and posts, but because of r_drawothermodels turned to 0, you can't see it. Also, here's T-Spawn. It's not the greatest, and it's still a work in progress. I'm trying to make it very similar to the entrance to Neuschwanstein, which is what this map is based on. Also, here's CT Spawn! Yeah, the lighting sucks. I'm working on that. Lighting isn't at the top of my priority list, but it is next on the list. On the far right side, there's actually some vents there but you can't see them due to r_drawothermodels. Another view from CT Spawn Library looks slightly less terrible I added some cover onto the B bombsite so that planting isn't completely unfair. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's what I've been working on. The map still has many issues, such as lighting. I need to get that fixed. A lot of the map has terrible and sometimes no lighting, but that will be fixed in the next update. I promise. Also, it's on the workshop, so get in there and try it out for me! plz Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938417293
  11. Yeah. I get what you're saying. However, I wanted to base this map heavily off of Neuschwanstein, which is why I have the layout and design the way I do. I'm gonna hold off on detailing any more on the completed areas so that I could change them if needed. I guess the way I'm going about making this map is the hard way, but it's the way I'm doing it (and I got a couple months so I tihnk I can do it)
  12. Squidski

    WIP cs_spacebase

    I thought I was 100% right after reading the announcement page, and I realized that I was the recipient of some unfortunate text placement
  13. Squidski

    WIP cs_spacebase

    Is this for the mapping contest? Because the contest is just Defuse maps. Edit: I can't read
  14. EDIT : THIS MAP IS NOW ON THE WORKSHOP: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938417293 EDIT 2 : The link is disabled while I try to fix the problems EDIT 3: The link now works again Wassup I'm here to announce my newest CS:GO map that I will be entering in the contest. This map (of which I have spent the most time on) is 1000000x better than my previous maps (de_cantaloupe, de_reserve, de_finalstop, de_openferno, and de_expedited) (not that any of you have played any of these maps). These maps were either a). Made in like a week. b). Use super boring textures and be mostly flat. c). Have absolutely terrible map design with no thought. d). Just be all around terrible. This map is different. I've put about 2 months-ish of on-and-off work into it, and while it's not close to being done, I'm proud enough of what I've done up to now to show some of it off. So without further ado, here's some background: Background de_schlosskrieg is based off of a famous castle in Germany. (Based on, not copied from). I'll let you read the current WIP workshop description: Deep in the Bavarian hills sits Castle Ventilstein, the region's largest tourist attraction. However, the tourism is not appreciated by all nearby residents. Due to the urbanization of the immediate area, many locals wish the castle would cease tourism operations. The current owners of Castle Ventilstein have decided that much of the castle is not in good condition, and needs renovation. Some nearby locals form a plan during this renovation to sabotage (and possibly) destroy the castle in order to prevent urbanization of the area. The potential target of this attack include the west wing where the chapel is, and the east wing where the armory-turned museum is located. If that didn't get you excited, maybe these will. Screenshots w/ Description This is the view down mid from T-Spawn. From here you can see the path to the B-Bombsite on the left, and the path to the A-Bombsite on the right. (T-Spawn is actually on the ground level, I just screenshotted from here in order to capture more of the area. This is right inside that window on the left from the previous picture. This is how a terrorist would get to B. The left staircase that goes down goes into the cellar area, which wraps around to behind the B bombsite. The middle staircase is blocked off, and the right path obviously leads right into B. This is bombsite B. The actual bombsite however is up near the altar. I'm in the process of putting a line on the ground around the bomb area. The terrorists will enter directly from the left, and CT's can either enter from the door near the actual bombsite, or a separate door that is to the right of the boxes on the right side of the picture. The vent on the ceiling is a drop down area, however it is extremely risky and provides little view of what one is jumping into (also there's about 15 fall damage from it, so It's super situational). This is the cellar I was talking about earlier. Terrorists will enter from directly behind the camera, and use this area to run around to the backside of the bombsite. (I know the lighting is screwed up right now, I just started on this area. It's really early in development). Going across the map back to mid, I have chosen a close up shot that also shows the towers that the camera couldn't pick up in the first picture. I'm considering turning the slope on the left into stairs (which I'll probably do eventually, but I'm lazy). Back near T-Spawn, I have the pathway to the A-Bombsite.This is a simple corridor that branches into two paths that terrorists can take into the A-Bombsite. For future reference, I'm gonna call the path "L-Path" and the straight one "S-Path" This is Bombsite A. It is a former armory that is turned into a museum. The L-path comes out directly under the camera, and the S-path comes out on the right side of the picture near the display cases. (The actual bombsite is inside the empty fountain, which I'm still figuring out how to mark). This is a simple closeup of some details of the A-Bombsite. CT's come from the top area either directly through spawn or some connectors from mid. The cubby on the left side is a ladder room that just goes up, and on the right side is a ramp that goes up. (There's actually glass in that window at the top, I just had r_drawothermodels turned to 0). This is a connector that terrorists can take when they go down "L-Path". They will enter the construction area from the ladders at the far side of the room (from "L-Path"). And come out into a small garden area that will have a ladder leading up to the terrorists path to B. (This little garden area is able to be spotted in the first picture, on the left side of the window that goes to B-Bombsite. And those are the screenshots I'm willing to show you. (Really, those are the only areas that aren't orange and gray dev textures. This whole map is still a WIP (even the areas I've shown off). Which leads me into my next point... What Needs Done Basically, I still need to make a good T-Spawn (which right now is just a black box), a good mid area (it's just dev textures), a good CT-Spawn (of which I have an idea for, I just haven't actually started on yet), and some random connectors around the map that need textures and detail. I believe that I'm through the hardest part, which is themeing and just general layout. But it does seem like the most tedious part is ahead, which is finishing touches, and optimization (of which I haven't touched on yet). So that's my map. Leave feedback if you have it. Plz. My maps aren't great so any feedback helps. Also I drew up a map diagram in Photoshop (might as well have been paint). Anyway, Orange is the terrorists paths, Blue is the CT's paths, green means that a path goes above the normal map, and pink means that a path goes under the normal map. (Red is a drop down). (It looks complex but I promise that I'm just bad at drawing).
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