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  1. We are looking for a Senior Level Designer to join our team here at Probably Monsters, more specifically the Firewalk Team. Firewalk is composed of former devs from Bungie, Respawn, Infinity Ward, and many other incredible studios, with a focus on creating a sustainable game studio with a people-first culture. Come help us build Firewalk's first game! If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me. https://www.probablymonsters.com/job/#oRwYefwj SENIOR LEVEL DESIGNER ABOUT FIREWALK STUDIOS Our mission is to create industry-leading multiplayer games for players around t
  2. atrocity


    Thanks Neptune! I am working on finishing it up as we speak. Distillery does have a bit of that Dunwall vibe huh? I suppose it is possible that Dishonored looked at Edinburgh for reference as well. When walking around Edinburgh I got a Bloodborne (Yharnam) feel from a lot of the buildings. Thanks Anarchy!
  3. atrocity


    As I mentioned above, I thought it would be fun to post some early blockout shots, and then post some final shots and talk about some of the design choices behind them. If people enjoy this, I can post a few more. Bomb A Changes After multiple playtests I identified a few problems with how bombsite A was playing, and how players perceived the spaces they were flowing through. In the old version, players would come down around this bend here, and be presented with option of ducking into this building to take a more protected, but tightly choked route, or they could try and work their
  4. atrocity


    Will do! Thanks I wanted something a little different than the normal crate and barrel so I thought I would theme it as some kegs from the pub they are in front of. I talked with @Jonny Phive and we are going to put together a vmf and model package of the level so other people can use these assets. I'm not sure how much use they will get, but we thought it might be useful to others to share.
  5. atrocity


    Thanks Lizard! I based it off of a bunch of Edinburgh pictures I took during a trip there. A lot of those buildings certainly have that Dishonored vibe to them. Thanks RA7 I appreciate it!
  6. atrocity


    Well it's been a little over a year, but I am happy to announce that de_distillery has been completed. I originally made this thread to document the progress of the level as I built it, but I ended up getting lazy and just worked on the level without forum updates. If you are interested, the level can be downloaded from the workshop at this link. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1843682152 Below are some shots of the level fully arted. I'm going to try and do a write up later tonight of where changes were made from the beginning to the finished version, and what
  7. Solved! thanks to everyone on the discord channel. Soundscapes must now be setup as a soundscapes_mapname.txt file and placed in the scripts folder. Example soundscapes_de_distillery.txt Your level will automagically reach this file now.
  8. Hey Lizard, thanks for the reply, and it's not stupid. I did run Vvis, and have tested my various VSC/TXT file swaps on previous compiled versions of the level as well. No luck. I did read about the VVIS thing on the Source wiki last night though. So good reccomendation!
  9. I am finishing up my CSGO level de_distillery and recently had my soundscapes stop working. I have no idea why and I have tried just about everything I can think of but seem to be getting the same error in game with no soundscapes playing. Setting invalid soundscape, distillery.interior, as the active soundscape. There is probably no script entry matching this name. BUG THIS! This error msg happens for every soundscape you walk into throughout the level. My assumption is that the manifest isn't being read properly? I copied the manifest file out of the Valve PAK files, and edited tha
  10. I dig it. I'm excited to check this out
  11. atrocity


    Update 9/20/19: Fixed various bugs related to sightlines, lighting, and cover from the previous round of testing. Adjusted light and fog settings for gameplay and aesthetics. Adjusted color scheme and height adjustments of minimap.
  12. atrocity


    I got TAR setup and produced a TAR radar. Way cleaner and easier to understand. Good call!
  13. atrocity


    Thanks Roald. I have been running some playtests with friends as I have been building it and you are correct that the open nature of some of the streets/bomb site A does complicate things. We have been doing some smoke grenade tests, and I have made some changes over the previous iterations to help make these more effective. So far, those changes seem to be helping. However, there's always room for improvement. I was checking out the TAR tools the other day. I just downloaded them and will try and have that up and running for the next version.
  14. atrocity


    Hey everybody! It has been a while since I have posted anything, but I thought this would be the best place to share my next personal project de_distillery. Distillery is based around a fictional distillery and is set in a loose version of Edinburgh Scotland. Since a trip I took to Scotland a few years back, I have been dying to build a level that is set there. After being inspired by de_highlands, I knew I needed to start making my idea come to life. I started the blockout a few weeks ago and try to work on it when I am free after work. I've been able to iterate on the level after hostin
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