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  1. FWI I have stopped working on this map for the competition. Its a a lot of work to do before the March deadline that I cant simply do, being in school and everything. I will be working on this map and others outside of the competition though on my own time when I feel like it. Being here was fun till it lasted.
  2. New Radar for V2. Minus the B Bombsite. Coming Soon! Last Min feedback would be nice before V2! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1799933732
  3. Redone the night club part of the map or the B site entrance Tunnels. Has a glass roof that lets light in!
  4. Been gone for a while but now Im back to working. Huge Layout change to middle and B side of the map. Also some custom textures
  5. The map Im creating for the contest is inspired by one of the DLC maps for Infinite Warfare called Neon, which takes place in a Virtual Realm. Honestly the COD games especially the future ones have very creative map themes.
  6. FIRST VERSION OF DE_DIGITAL RELEASED! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1799933732 THIS IS MY ENTRY FOR THE CONTEST! FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! LEAVING FEEDBACK HERE WOULD ALSO BE COOL! https://www.reddit.com/r/csmapmakers/comments/cbsxkx/de_digital_layout_test_version_released/ FYI: This is definetly not the final map. This map is broken with many holes and places to boost out of. The only purpose for this version is layout feedback, so feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Yes it looks blank on the mini map, but the idea with mid is that it will take place on a glass bridge that connects to the two parts of the map together.
  8. Final Version of the Radar for the First version of De_Digital! What do you guys think? This first version will serve as my Contest Entry! NO BOMBSITES NOR SPAWN ICONS ARE ON THE MAP.
  9. Been a while, but I'm extremely hard at work at creating a playable first version of Digital! FWI I've completely redone everything because I was unsatisfied with the thing I had created on top ^. I hope to get the playable version and my entry for the contest at around Mid July :))
  10. Takes place in a Virtual Reality Simulation City. Counter Terrorists must intercept a threat of a group of Terrorists that plan to blow up blocks of code! -Futuristic Virtual Exotic City -Inspired by Neon from Cod: Infinite Warfare
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