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  1. Coachi

    Maginot [Wingman]

    Really nice job with the time you've spent so far on this, it's really impressive. Just be aware about player orientation, closed environments tend to be really unforgiving for players, so you should try to make every area unique and have something memorable on them, like a hero prop. One example of this issue happening on a closed map is Goliath, a wingman map with a really similiar theme. I've played it before and the layout works well with the gamemode, but the main problem with the map is player orientation, besides the central room (bombsite) it's really hard to know where you're at on all of the closed bunker corridors and rooms.
  2. The next and final playtest (i hope) is going to happen this monday, i've already started detailling on t spawn, and it seems promissing, since we have tons of good reference images.
  3. It's been a while since the last update here, so i'll give you guys some news. We have been doing playtests and adjustments this month, and probably in the next week the layout will be finished. I'll post here when the layout is finished and then we will start detailling.
  4. With the help of @WilkyMay I've reworked the middle of the map, adding lots of options to repositioning and so on. the terrorist part of B also got some changes, removing some OP cover for cts and adding options of nades and to ts, with a raised balcony reaching the area. Also some changes were made regarding some minor issues on the map, like the cover adjustments on A site. Middle T part of B
  5. Hey guys, today i announce a new coworker on the project, @WilkyMay, also a brazillian mapper who is the creator of RIO for wingman that is part of season two in the mapcore wingman hub on faceit. He will help mostly at the detailling of the map, creating models and so on. With this addition to the team, the map will be even better.
  6. I don’t know if it’s a huge problem, but I think the last screenshot detailing is a bit repetitive, mostly because of the same 6 lamps there and the flat walls with windows.
  7. The playtest on last tuesday showed that the map was clearly very t-sided and cts didn't have options to defend/retake the sites. i've done all the changes after the playtest, and here's the new radar and some images. workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868182725 Here's some pictures of B site, that was completely remade: And here's some pictures of A site, a place that i didn't have many ideas to work with, so i'll have to wait for another playtest to change more the area.
  8. I've been thinking on a story behind the map and i got some ideas. Since the reference pictures are from a rich neighborhood, i created a short story to explain the bomb targets, here it is: The map is set in rich neighborhood of Curitiba inside and around the condos of the most influential people in the city (corrupt politicians) that control the political scene in the state (paraná). the terrorists, in this case suicidal people that wants justice, have the mission to explode some parts of the condos to get attention and expose the politicians to make justice for the brazillian people.
  9. Next playtest happening Tuesday (15) 12:00 ct time at source engine discord
  10. The detailling is awesome, i just think the visibility is a bit bad in some areas with the pictures you've given.
  11. A map with the collaboration of @WilkyMay and inspired in the modern architecture of my home city (Curitiba, Brazil). The map is on a semi-graybox stage and the layout is still being polished. Here's the workshop link, some pictures and the current radar: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868182725
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