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  1. This update is about simplifying areas, or what I called in the patchnote 1.6ify them. After an overhaul of the routes, to fit the map into a more classic layout, I thought I had made it simple enough but a guy gave me the feedback I've been having for months on all the version, so it wasn't enough. So while keeping the areas to work as they are already, I started removing cover, simplifying walls, removing small stuff here and there. I also did a big rework to how T approach the B site to make is less messy. They now have two very clear entrances, a lower one and one from a balcony that they have to make noise to get into. I'm pretty proud of the "saloon doors" because they work almost as real ones and they add sound cue of people's position. The entire area leading to A is now a big one way gameplay loop where people can go from A long to A short with a skill jump but not the other way around. There are still issues and potential improvements that are probably obvious to more experienced mappers out there that I'm unaware and completely clueless about right now. I've iterated so much on this level that it's hard for me to take a step back and have a fresh view on things. I'm still having a lot of fun doing this, but seeing other people's map evolve (refering fewseb's Turbine here) made me realise how far I was from a correct layout yet. I still think it's decent enough that I could start doing art now, maybe a playtest will help me take that decision. Anyway here's some screenshots Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900
  2. Huge update again. A : - long and short drastically changed. - the high/low path is gone - there is now one entrance for each path - new path that goes from A long to CT spawn allowing attacking flanks and defensive options B : - entrance is now only the café, there's not only a window and a door to go out on B as T. - site changed a lot, oven is in the middle of the site to be blown up - B long is gone, now links into the café Mid : - connector from mid to A is gone - bakery has been closed to simplify mid layout - lower part is now without a drop allowing CTs to go for aggressive peeks CT spawn is has now more cover. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900 I still need feedback. If anyone has comments about the map I'd gladly read it.
  3. Quite big update again. Most important thing is I widened the whole map to make rotations longer. It didn't make the rotations that longer but still a bit, I also got the B connector closer to the T side so they can sneak in and it delays the fast CT rotate. Patchnote : - move t spawn to change timing - changed lower A to dissuade CTs from pushing - added a corner A long for CTs to peek bridge - added a window to flash mid - added beer tap for cover in B apps - cleared thosed stupid stairs B apps - removed sniper angle - new cover B main I'm really needing feedback, I feel like the layout is getting better and better but there's so much new stuff I might completely misreading it. A lot of things are still pretty connected but more on T side of things. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900
  4. BIG UPDATE : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900 - Moved a lot of things - Map should be better - Moved the A apps to B - Remade A routes - Changed mid secondary path - Opened B connector to CT - Closed T spawn A entrance to mid - Temporary version uploaded for feedback purposes If anyone has feedback of any sort I'd gladly take it. I'm still focused on layout. I know both spawns are pretty bland for now and the multiple stairs leading to the B apps are stupid, if you have any suggestions to fix that pls go ahead.
  5. Hey you can self boost on A https://clips.twitch.tv/TrappedEnchantingJellyfishTwitchRaid
  6. Big update. Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900 Here's a list of changes that happenned in chronological order. - added a catwalk from A to A short - changed wall to wood on B long - changed sniper visibility on B - added cover for cts in mid - narrowed mid - added cover in lower mid - changed A long to require a boost to peek from a second angle - changed A long - removed a path in B site - reworked CT backup and cover on A - made it longer for ts to go A long - added an oven in B - reworked the back of B site - revamped T spawn - added chickens - radar color changed to match real bread more closely - new path for t in B - removed A short - new opening in A long - added a catwalk topmid for ts - removed new B long but added some cover for Ts to control - added a balcony T spawn - changed the navigation at A long in the garage - widened catwalk on A - changed the big cover on A - removed the underpass on CT to make it an "upperpass" - removed quick CT to B connector route - added a door + hallway that goes from B to B con as a way to go around the B con smoke Thanks Marloncha for the suggestions. - re-added second B route but as the main route this time - short B route will require some jumping - moved back T spawn by quite a lot - removed ability to boost Ts on the platfort A long - reworked A long so then angles changed, it's now longer, takes a part of the site itself - added an mini-catwalk along the whole A long
  7. Yes a playtest is planned tonight
  8. - changed A long - made it longer for ts to go A long - removed a ct path in B - reworked CT backup and cover on A - added an oven in B - reworked the back of B site - revamped T spawn - added chickens - radar color changed to match real bread more closely And a few new screenshots for the workshop page Sorry for spamming with regular updates that nobody cares about but seeing the process and making everything seriously even tho it's my first map is part of the fun for me. Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900
  9. - added a catwalk from A to A short - changed wall to wood on B long - changed sniper visibility on B - added cover for cts in mid - narrowed mid - added cover in lower mid - changed A long to require a boost to peek from a second angle https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900 If anyone has any advice, I think it's getting close to being the final layout before I go to texturing so if you have any though about that please share. Still need to give love to spawns but I don't really know what to do because they're pretty useless areas as for just now. What if I deleted the top and bottom part of the map just to shrink it all and make every part of it be played?
  10. GG everyone ! I had the same top4, not in the same order, but these maps really are the overall bests. Huge congratz to all the mappers involved in the top11 tho, it's been a real pleasure playing such high quality maps for a month.
  11. Updated to make path feel more like areas A paths changed, one's gonna be short range, the other one long range B connector changed Changed the radar https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900
  12. updaterino time - added a bakery in mid - new route for A long - revamped A short - overall minor adjustments
  13. Went for a shrinking of A and B routes to make it feel more like neutral zones that can be held by both teams. Made timings more T favorable, I want to see the action happen close to the bombsites. Haven't touched mid because I don't have any ideas on how to fix it, not sure if there is a problem with it though. Pretty sure the connectors to A and B should be changed in a way but I think I've fixed what made mid broken in the previous iterations already. Need to see how it plays out with real players, also now that A timings can be exploited by Ts to drop down it gives a new flank to mid that was not exploitable before.
  14. Tbh I feel like the whole map needs to be shrinked because there is not much close encounters anywhere really... Also I want to rework how Ts get around A.
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