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  1. some screenshots from my latest project, on which im working on in free time! It still needs some improvements, but it looks good in current state I think dz_Arctic!
  2. The whole map took about 4-5 months with some breaks first 1,5 month - getting assets, making collision meshes for models, planning, learning dz entities in editor etc rest is map making in hammer Thank you!
  3. Yes, now I want to focus on Jungle, so don't worry! maps takes me about few months (with brakes), few hours of work per day
  4. Project is pre-released! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1939985059
  5. Thank you for such a big feedback, it means a lot to me I will take all this into my heart when do feature updates. Some things you mentioned are already fixed in update Thanks!
  6. Hey, I'm working on my new Danger Zone map. It's called Severo Map is still W.I.P ABOUT Action takes places on a fictional desert island somewhere in America. There's a lot of america's houses, gas station, motel, and more to explore for equipment to fight! Every feedback is appreciated Some ss: Also I made animations for some models, to make map more "alive"
  7. Map is released! Every feedback would be appreciated! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1813326589
  8. Map Overviews for deployment section and tablet!
  9. UPDATE Started working on map undergrounds, caves with some new assets
  10. Update: New Industry region to make map less boring! Also Some new models!
  11. Yeah, seagulls are part of in-game soundscapes, but in game they are much much quieter. I just made them louder for video purposes . Thanks for feedback and advices!
  12. Update I made a short showcase video, map is almost done!
  13. Map is released! Every feedback will be appreciated! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1813326589 Hey, I'm working alone on one of the biggest projects in my life! I'm trying to make danger zone map. I want to show you some my work! My idea is tropical style, I haven't seen similar style in CS:GO yet. On the map you will be able to explore a lot of regions: beaches, tropical villages, bamboo platform, cliffs, and planning also some caves and more! I realize, that there probably will be a lot of bugs, because It's very hard to make huge danger zone map without bugs, so I'm really looking for testers, if someone is interested in, just invite me on steam. Models and textures some are self-made, and some I Have bought on sites with models Here's some screenshots from some map regions PS: I don't know if Valve support this mode already, but I love making open worlds! and I wanted to try myself.
  14. Danger zone I will create new topic with this project soon
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