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  1. Looks great. I think some green glass on the scope would look nice.
  2. Yeah but the _radar is never specified in the text file. There is always a _radar_spectate as well.
  3. I try to get a radar showing up for my map but I can't get it done. I think my dds file is correct, but for the sake of safety I try to use the one of train right now. My map is called de_metro_rm_06 I have a file de_metro_rm_06.txt in the overview folder. This is the content: I also don't see a radar image when I fly around with noclip. It should at least show an image when loading the map. Anyone an idea?
  4. I think 1 topic to post the wip screenshots is better then opening 109 tabs So feel free to post here your WIP's. I will start with my so far unnamed map.
  5. What I mean is people don't like clicking to see images. (Correct me if i'm wrong). It's better to include them in a post. Less friction.
  6. No pics no clicks
  7. Well you made a great map, so don't beat yourself to hard over it.
  8. I just made a video of the map, as you requested ;)


  9. I have made this pure white image in photoshop (the skills on me...). I want to bring it to csgo / hammer but it's a bit glitched. There it looks like: This are the options I used in VTFEdit: (I just noticed it's on animated texture, but I doubt that is the problem, but I will try later when I'm at home). Do I have a setting wrong? And could someone try it with the same png? I used the newest photoshop. Then another thing. Now I have this for the vmt file: And I make it give light using lights.rad. In game it looks like this. So it does give light. But I would like for the texture to light up as well. How can that be accomplished?
  10. Please post a video
  11. Putting it before game fixed it, thx!
  12. Source Engine. I tried: -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights de_metro -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights de_metro.rad -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights D:\mapping\maps\de_metro\other\de_metro -game $gamedir $path\$file -lights D:\mapping\maps\de_metro\other\de_metro.rad I made a file in both D:\mapping\maps\de_metro\other\de_metro.rad and C:\My Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo (there is where lights.rad). I prefer to have it on another dir then the cs dir for backup purposes. But for now, getting it to work would already be great. Is there someone that can get it to work? And if so any idea what I do wrong?
  13. Uplink is still my favourite half-life 1 part. Damn I played the demo so many times. I still can remember it as yesterday. My heart would beat crazy at some parts, the little kid I was .