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  1. This is insane. I love it. Big leap.
  2. Looking good! I feel like this part could be even better. Maybe the tarp could have some red outer stripes, or the lamps on the right side could be slightly glowing.
  3. i agree, this red brick looks weird
  4. well you have to get lucky with the workshop. 2 maps that are both well done can get 40 or 40000 downloads. i'm surprised you are done with Source, now that you know how everything works. If you are extending the story, reupload the map and advertise on reddit it might get a lot of views. Maybe you could be needed in the police department as a witness, but suddenly you would be suspected, too...
  5. very nice! i still dont know how such maps are done. 2 or 3 more riddles would have been nice. i guess once you have done all this work, it would be relatively easy to extend the story.
  6. baem123

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    I talked about clipping. Mirage is a joke ofc, same at the entry to A. I still think that maps should avoid clipping around corners and big clipping gaps in general. It might look better in some eyes if corners stick out 2 pixels, but its frustrating if you actually want to play the game. If you add clippings to these things it doesnt help much either, because the player cant see these clippings. He doesnt know where he will get stuck, unless he played the map many many times.
  7. baem123

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Its nearly 2 years since my greybox feedback at page one. Time flies! This map seems to be one pinnacle of counterstrike mapping. The artwork is really impressive. Every added detail fits to the scene. It's fun to wander around. There are 2 things which i dont like; both are sadly seen on most maps: - you can't jump to some places which look like you could go there - you can't slide along walls without getting stuck permanently Nevertheless this map has to be in the next operation and it will be. Thanks catfood for this map!
  8. Gl├╝ckwunsch jd40, CargoLifter deserves a little spray
  9. It is risky if you are afraid that old Half Life Fans don't like the new game, but it would never be a risky investment.
  10. Finally! Congrats to all who made operation maps. Yes, it takes 2 minutes to understand this operation, even for operation vets like us :). These kids might take some days... ^^ To be honest I was surprised that "de_lite" was chosen when I first read it some time ago. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice map, I simply like others more. I'm confused about these 2 decisions: They add the game mode scout+knives, but you play it on the map "shoots" and not on the classic "fy_scoutknivez" layout. At least I played it 3 times and it was always on this map. This makes no sense to me because "shoots" doesn't fit into this game mode at all. Despite not caring about the map fitting the game mode scout+knives they write in the changelog: "-Tweaked layouts of the following maps to better fit War Games and Wingman: Safehouse, StMarc, Lake, and Bank." These maps are all still played in their old game modes they were made for. Would have been better to add something new after all these years instead of trying to fit these old maps to 4 game modes. I played "safehouse". You can no longer jump over the wall on one side as a CT. I think this change could hurt the traditional game modes Demolition and Arms Race.
  11. good news! In the last contest, creators of operation maps weren't allowed to enter. I don't see any rule about this here. So, for example, catfood would be allowed to enter his new nearly completed map "Ruby"? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=923515349&searchtext=catfood
  12. baem123

    Random Photo Thread

    2 old unedited photos
  13. Maybe you wont find anybody in this forum, because most people here arent complete newbies - its unlikely that they want to work with you on your map. search here if you dont find a partner: https://www.reddit.com/r/csmapmakers/
  14. I didnt wrote off everyones critique.I wrote my thoughts about the map de_canals. Thats all. If its not helpful for you i have to live with that. Btw there was a question: "I think you're a dummy" Do you mean that im blind, dumb, or both, or something else? Im interested.
  15. Im a dummy? What do you mean with that Vorontsov? Do you mean that im blind, dumb, or both, or something else? Im interested. Well, nobody said that, but ofc we could pretend.
  16. I dont know where all this negativity about de_canals is coming from. In my opinion its a really great map! Cant relate to everybody who already knows after 1 round of casual that this map has bad gameplay. I played 2 deathmatch and 4 matchmakings on this map and in my opinion the gameplay is already working very good. It isnt too small neither. Visually i love it, too. Ive been to Venice and i think the atmosphere is really well catched. Thx Valve for another awesome map to play with my friends and dozens of new models!
  17. im missing a pillar in the first picture, or is your foundation leading to middle-earth? ^^ edit: you should post this in "3D"
  18. why cant there be more than one contest in one year? how about 2 or 3 contests. first contest CS:GO, second contest unreal, third contest source2 VR? do you want to start only 1 contest in a year because you think you need to pay a lot of money to the winners? i would do 3 contests and i would plan the source 2 VR contest as the last one because this stuff could be changing quickly at the moment. if you want to give every contest about 3 months time (while you want some time without a contest in between), its no big deal if the third contest would start in 2017 / end in early 2018.
  19. looking really good. if i would have to find a negative thing i would say that all these yellow steel parts could be somewhat confusing. btw its never too late for a playtest at mapcore
  20. baem123

    POTUS 2016

    Im no longer sure if Talking Heads' song is about a Psycho Killer or about Trump. Its scary! Lyrics:
  21. thank you very much for taking your time, informative answer.
  22. i started to learn 3dsmax with some youtube tuts and installed wallworm. i made a simple custom cube for a first test as you can see in the images below. wall worm is working as expected, collision worked too but my materials were not the same like in 3ds. only the basic diffuse color is added like you see in the picture. what did i do wrong and how can i solve this? i guess this is a dumb question - thanks in advance for any answer and thank you for wallworm!
  23. if i simplify your midless layout its like this circle. i dont think this will lead to good gameplay. (yes i use paint ^^) if you want to stick with this circle id atleast demystify this maze
  24. baem123


    i guess you try to put too many different ideas in one map.
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