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  1. de_somnio

    Interesting. Looking at the screenshots, some ideas looks cool some looks way to noisy in term of visibility and readeability for the players. I love the Snooker room and the Twin Peaks reference.
  2. CS_Apollo

    When i see this guyz workin i got the feeling i should go back to mapping for Advance Wars.
  3. [CS:GO] Voodoo (alpha)

    The Feeling is awesome viewing the screenshots. This pinkyBlue sky give a very nice 70's feeling.
  4. [RELEASED] - Studio

    Gymnasium looks darker than before, maybe it's the screenshot from an other angle but i liked the bright light this area had on the other screenshot! Purple place and inside connector with waterfall look a bit too dark as well. For the rest nothing to add, it's awesome, the little workshop is awesome.
  5. [WIP] Pipelines

    Really nice vibes yeah. The sewer got a kind of HL1 feeling that i like
  6. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @WhatGrenadeWhere Thank you ! We are actually changing lot of stuff right now
  7. [WIP] de_Athrom

    Right now your light_environnement must be yellowish like. You could try the de_overpass one or de_nuke that are more blueish maybe.
  8. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Lighting and detailing on some areas of the map with the awesome @shot
  9. [RELEASED] - Studio

    Stop it i'm wet already.
  10. Avalanche

    Looks good, i want to see more of it.
  11. [WIP] de_Athrom

    Too Bright? Are you Guyz crazy ? Having visited a lot of ancient greece and roman ruins, the colors are mostly white/yellow/cream. Inside patios are well represented but this needs to be a lot more whity/brighty for me. Your brushwork is good :), Keep up the good work
  12. [WIP] de_Palace

    Your Lighting feels very weird, you should add more lights everywhere. Check out TopHatWaffle lighting tutorial :). In CounterStrike, people don't like to make the effort to watch in the shadows if a player is here, we are not in Left4Dead. Think about Cache, Nuke, Dust2 ! Keep up the good work
  13. [WIP] de_bali

    Keep up the good work