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  1. Yeah a lot of the lighting needs to be changed in general. There's still quite a bit that isn't set in stone. Glad you like it though!
  2. TopHattWaffle and I have been working on this map for a long time, and I wanted to start getting some of our work out there. I don't want to post the whole map yet but this will give you a taste of what we are working on. This is obviously a WIP, but I hope you guys like what you see. We're always open to suggestions. The map takes place in a partially decommissioned Titan II missile silo, and a lot of the things you see are (semi accurate) recreations of what you would find if you actually visited one.
  3. Pretty sure custom particles aren't recognized either.
  4. It truly wasn't my intention to show off. I simply wanted to let NiHil know in a friendly, non competitive way that we are fairly far along with a map that has a stylistic similarity. I hadn't even considered sending a PM. I thought that a screenshot was the clearest way to communicate how committed we are to the theme at this point. At worst this would be a crappy advert because as I said, I haven't mentioned the title, and there is no place that the map can be found to download. This wasn't a promotion. I would have opened my own thread if it were, and it's silly to accuse me of being obtuse for giving a direct answer to a question. I'm sorry if I caused an issue. I was honestly just trying to be nice, and avoid any conflict down the road. I'd hate to be in a situation like pharaoh and thrill.
  5. Nah I didn't mention the name or anything, and it's not currently available anywhere. It seems like he's going in a pretty different direction anyway. Don't worry though I'll pimp plenty when we're ready to release.
  6. I certainly won't tell you what kind of map to make or anything like that, but I want to let you know that TopHattWaffle and I are also building a map with a missile silo in it. Here is a Wip shot of the silo. Removed screenshot, PM'd OP